Sunday, August 28, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day26

Lots of hobbies go well with RPGs.   Everything from the love of board games, the passion for comic books, love for movies and television shows, and even the desire for exploring theater can go well with role-playing games.  I've seen friends who played chess with the intensity of the Dragonlance saga.  I know friends who used role-playing games to help them map out the stories and characters of their ongoing comic books.   There have been articles showing some of our loved shows were created by people who were inspired by their own games or by game-related experiences.

There are also people whose love of miniatures can be seen in how they work on their figures, some even using them to personalize game sessions with their groups.  I really feel practically MOST of the hobbies out there can be wonderfully matched with RPGs.

The best thing that goes well with RPGs?
Creative people who can channel their imagination to anything they get into.

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