Monday, August 29, 2016

#RPGaDay - Day30

First and foremost, it would be comfortable and spacious, allowing each player to have personal space that won't be trampled on by other players who aren't as space-conscious or sensitive.

It would have a beautiful octagon table (we currently use an old Poker Table) which really nicely allows each player to be seated with their own area, and still be facing all the players and GM.  The table would have a nice central area which has just enough a depression for dice to be rolled at the center to keep them from bouncing off.    There would also be side panels that can be opened and moved into position to hold drinks, side boards, and laptops, so players who prefer to use computers (to actually play the game the group has gathered together to play, and not - as some selfishly do  - play other computer games or surf the net while the game is running) in tracking the plot and updating their character sheet.

It would have variable adjustable lighting, whose controls are just within the GM's reach.  This allows the GM to make shifts to the room's illumination in order for her to have even light as a tool in running the game.  There would also be a sound system which nicely surrounds the whole area with mood music, without being overwhelming or distracting.

There would be a nearby side table for refreshments and snacks, so players who aren't having a scene can easily slip away from the table to get something to munch on or drink.

The room would be nicely conditioned so players aren't feeling too warm or cold.  It would be well maintained so there aren't any allergens like dust.  And there would be wonderfully comfortable seats that allow everyone to stay focused and yet relaxed, but not too relaxed that people shut down and fall asleep.

And finally, for those who want to have it, there can be hidden projectors that project to the walls, or the table, which allow the GM to have added scenic imagery, maps, and the like when desired.  I've turned away from looking for Virtual Reality and the like because I realize I feel those pull away from table top role-playing games and move them more towards LARP, which I am not against but is not as much my cup of tea as table top rpgs are.  So I designed my room to still celebrate table top games instead of Live Action role-playing.  Likewise, I've avoided Augmented Reality, which could be fun (like a 3D model of the character's likeness wrapping over the players) I feel they pull away the focus of the game on working one's imagination and instead lean closer too easily towards more passive entertainment like watching television.  

Let's throw in a teleportation chamber as well for players to easily show up and leave from the game without having to journey the torturous trip of traffic in Manila.

So there, that's my gaming den if finances were virtually unlimited.

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