Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Weekly Affirmations plays A Single Moment!

I was so sad to have missed the twitch broadcast of this episode.  Strix contacted me to let me knw they were planning to play my game and I so wanted to catch it and give my support.  Sadly, the session would happen to be around 6a.m. in my timezone, which also meant it was to happen while I was running a one-shot game with Che, Dave, Nap, and Rocky (the game was called Stranger Things Too, inspired by the tv show).  So all I could post back then was this post.

Thankfully, they also post the video on youtube!  So here's a chance to see it in play.
I am deeply grateful that they chose to try my humble little game.
Thank you so much, Weekly Affirmations!



This week Strix and Ajit play an emotional game about dueling samurai called A Single Moment.

Host: Strix


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