Thursday, November 24, 2016

Sunlight now Available at DriveThruRpg

My Game chef 2016 entry, Sunlight, is now available on DrivethruRpg in both Pay What You Want and full-color formats.  Written for the contest, and dedicated to our beloved dog, Yoshi, the game is a real-time webcam based role-playing game where one player is Command, who has to try to rescue the other players within a single hour.  The game uses innovative new systems, including blind tracing and resource allocation, and was greatly inspired by games such as Space Alert and Rafael Chandler's Viewscream.

Everyone who supported the original book is now able to download the full-colored version for free.

Hope you like it!

Retails at $3.00 at DrivethruRPG

Pay What You Want version available too.

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