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JAMS ep03 : Inspectres

Javier's Armed Men Squad

Episode Three

As the last episode of our Inspectres game, the format of this session was to be slightly different than the usual sessions.  But it felt necessary to give the game an appropriate ending to the story.

Opening Scene
All four are standing in a room.  Javier is wearing an armored suit and asks the others to double check if the suit is working well.  Pylons have been set up on the ground, and within the metal rods, an open doorway of light beckons.  The Spirit of Sherlock Holmes hovers nearby, watching as the group prepares. Stepping through, they see the almost perpetual night encompasses the area.   Holmes mutters about how this place is also known as, "The Upside Down."

Getting the Call, A Flashback #1

An old phone rings.   A ghostly hand reaches for it and answers.  The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes receives a call from Javier, who reminds the great detective that his parents once rescued the ghost from an inescapable trap.  Javier is now calling to "collect" on the favor.  Holmes admits he is a man of his word.

Javier tells the others that Holmes is willing to help them but admits he isn't sure if Holmes is lying as, "He is a ghost. Not a man. So he could be lying since he is no longer a man of his word." Gary shakes his head and reminds Javier, "He can hear you. He is still on the other side."  Javier corrects Gary, though, explaining Holmes is still on, "This side. Not the other side."  Gary rolls his eyes.  Holmes turns to the volleyball with a face painted on it and tells him, "Watson.  Finally I have something to do."

Gary preps Jessie, his Bazooka, as Javier wheels nearby in his wheelchair. Javier apologizes to Gary for the news of his friend having been abducted and for the weapon as it had never been perfected.  Gary admits he is aware of the leak, which erupts as a mooing sound.  The leak, however, is from the coolant system, so it has been expelling radiated gas which means Gary will never have children.  Gary stares at the weapon and sighs realizing its probably too late to stop using it.  Gary looks for Jalfredo and finds him prepping sandwiches for the long trip.  He asks Jalfredo to include some donuts. Jalfredo slaps Gary's hand when he realizes for it, reminding him that the food is only for the journey as they should never accept any food or drink from the other side.  Their discussion digresses towards movies and television shows, with Jalfredo claiming he was in Bad Boys and not realizing there was more than one black person in the movie.  Gary ignores his ignorant racism and presses about the rules of not accepting things from the faerie world or you will give them ownership over oneself.  He explains that Javier's parents, which the group has always only seen the lower half of their body, remains partly trapped in the other side. "The less obvious is the more important thing in the other side."

Jalfredo has prepared also dried tobacco leaves, and a stick of wax used for surfboards. Not having time to prepare more things, Gary realizes the team will have to rely on what he's prepared. Jalfredo even informs him that of everything, one of them is a poisoned one - a contingency in case the faerie folk attempted to trick them. When asked how to know which one is which, however, Jalfredo is unable to answer as he rushes off to answer a call from Javier. He begins to notice the differences in the items, like how one donut has a square hole instead of a round one.

Aiden visits Jato at the garage, who seems frustrated with the fact there are no new vehicles to use. Instead there are the pylons that Javier has instructed him to prep for the Mission. Jato harshly tells Aiden off, reminding him they are not friends as they didn't speak up against Javier when he got first fired.  Aiden asks about the Faerie folk and Jato shares how some mythologies think the Fair folk were the fallen angels.. the angels who did not support heaven nor hell. Aiden wonders if the crucifix will work against them, but Jato doesn't think the fair folk go to Church.  He does share that the Europeans believe in a different kind of fair folk (who are beautiful and artful and musical) while other countries believe in black dwarfs that curse people and live in mounds of earth and curse people who piss on them.  Jato however is a religious man and does not believe in such a thing.  Aiden wonders if there's a way to distract them.  Jato suggests beauty or riddles for European fae.  Non-European ones like food.  Milk, for instance.  Jato doesn't understand though why the milk is given in a saucer instead of a glass or a cup, "Who drinks from a saucer? And why not just drink from the cows?"  Aiden muses maybe its cause the cows never gave it willingly?  They wonder now if that's the root of it: It has to be willingly given.

Sherlock taps old friends long dead and from Mister William Shakespeare and asks him about the time he wrote Midsummer Night's Dream and encountered the fair folk. Shakespeare visits Sherlock and shows him his new fascination, a game where one dances and moves to match the images on the screen.   Sherlock and Shakespeare play Let's Dance as they talk about the faerie world of dreams and deception. He asks about how to find their way around the lands and William admits he thought he was visiting the lands but later he learned it was just a dream.  Visiting is a matter of invitation, calling for them because one has a present for them.  He talks of the beautiful guests who shined like the stars as they performed before them.  The trick of visiting through key places is to be there at the right time.  Another way is to create a new work of beauty so inspiring that the work itself draws them.  "A once in a generation work of masterful artwork.  The last one to invoke it was this young man... his name was two syllables. A man of color who went on stage to upset some blonde woman who was accepting an award."  Sherlock admits he does not know who that is either.  The last was to invoke the Lord of the Lesser Beings who can be invoked if one offers him a child. William waves to stop the game, and admits he is astonished at how despite not having physical bodies, their devices can detect them.  He offers to send Sherlock an e-mail, which he explains is the modern way people send each other letters now.  William sends the incantation to make to summon the Lord of the Lesser Beings and then offers Sherlock to join him for one more dance before he leaves.  They dance off to These Boots Are Made For Walking.

Suiting UpJavier explains the pylons are to hold the gate open as long as they can.  They will go inside to find their missing friend, Lucius. Javier admits they are going in for a second mission - the very reason Javier's Armed Men Squad was first created in the first place.  His parents were the original founders of the Inspectres, and they used to deal with all these supernatural things while he was left at home. Gary passes some popcorn to the others as they listen.  Javier shares how his parents eventually faced against creatures craftier than them and now remain imprisoned there.  Javier explains to rescue them is the only way to get them... completely. Javier shows them a small piece of string with a metal thing spinning on its end, "They told me if I was near them, this would begin to point in their direction." Aiden asks how they gave it to him if they were imprisoned. Javier admits it was on his 13th birthday that they made a deal to be allowed to be half here and half there. In exchanged, they would never actively find a way to escape. Javier introduces them to Sherlock, and is aghast none of them has seen the movie yet.   Aiden preps a milk-charged rifle for the mission, thinking it may be useful. Sherlock, of course, has his magnifying glass. Sherlock shares with them his conversation with Shakespeare and the group is decided they will not try offering a baby.  Gary wonders if Sherlock can write something smart and cool.  But he watches as Aiden starts scribbling on the walls with a pen, wondering if he can create a work of art.  Aiden calls out, "Guys, what about this?"

They all turn, then gasp, as they see something they have never seen before.  Even Jato, who just arrives, freezes upon seeing the wall.  They all gasp in unison, "Keep drawing."   Aiden grabs colors and continues to keep drawing.  Javier begins to weep profusely.  Jalferdo, who just arrives, gets weak-kneed as he calls it a modern Mona Lisa.  Sherlock claims to have seen better, but cannot look away. A glow erupts from one of the walls, erupting into a cross-like shape that opens into a door.  A woman emerges. Her skin is golden and white. Her body moves as if underwater. Her hair is like a forest, with things leering and gasping from within.  The whole room smells of freshly cut grass and wildflowers.  She moves past them soundlessly and stops behind Aiden.   When she speaks, that is only the time they realize she had arrived.  She calls Aiden a master of this era, and Javier motions at the others to hold the door open with the pylons! Aiden claims to be adding finishing touches now that her muse is here.  They all feel the whole room go warm when she blushes.  One figure emerges from her hair and informs them they are before the Queen Tatianna.  Somethings in her hair grow at Javier who has not bowed (being on a wheelchair). Aiden explains he cannot bow because... Gary slips in and explains, "of your beauty."  They explain he has "Cancer of the Back," and cannot move properly. A figure in the Queen's hair whispers to him and he asks them to show her this "knight," this "Sir Oftabak of the land of Can." Aiden successfully defuses the situation, however, explaining he has an ailment.  The Queen mutters about not having any ailment disrupt her honor and she waves at Javier, who leaps to his feet as the wheelchair shoves him off.  Javier is cured!  Aiden is offered a gift for his masterpiece, and the Queen asks what he wants.  Gary whispers to Aiden to ask for their missing friend. But Aiden doesn't get their whispers and asks for her friendship and for one of their companions who is in their world.  The Queen misunderstands and asks which one of his friends to send to her world.  When Aiden tries to explain that the Queen misunderstood, she flares up claiming to never misunderstand things!  Aiden explains he mispoke and explains that a friend of theirs accidentally slipped into her world.  She agrees that friend must be punished.  But Aiden explains the best punishment is to send him back into this world.  

Gary steps in, asking if they should be given access to her world instead. The Queen asks who the speaker is, and when he gives his name, she smiles and tells him, "Therefore, you are mine."  Gary disappears.  Aiden looks at Javier and Sherlock, shocked to see him just vanish. Sherlock however realizes his ghost nature might help in the situation and he attempts to walk to the door without the others noticing.  Sherlock slips inside and vanishes.

Aiden asks if he can present to the Queen a gift, but only in her realm for inspiration. She agrees and pulls out a flower from her hair. She offers it to him, but he remembers Jato's warnings and does not take it claiming his hands would soil it. She offers instead her hand to walk with him into her realm.  Javier, at the background, opens his hands to show a guy and a girl drawn in his palms to remind him to find his parents.  Aiden and the Queen walk through the door.  Javier and Jato then ignite the pylons to keep it open - hopefully long enough for the others to return.

Gary realizes he is in a long corridor.  Both directions seem endless. Gary trains the bazooka at the wall, hearing the mooing rise as it charges.  But before he can fire it, he sees a face staring at him.  He pulls away from the targeting scope and sees the purple and yellow worm on the wall talking to him. The worm asks what he wants given he is standing in front of their door. Gary is told he is at the entrance of the Labyrinth.  Mister Worm however admits he doesn't know the way out, although there are always ways into the labyrinth. There are lots of dangers and scary things in the Labyrinth although he does not know if it would be wrong to go atop the wall. He offers him to step inside to have a cup of tea.  "Usually a woman does. A Sarah. It is always a different sort. Always a Sarah looking for a Toby." Gary claims he probably won't fit inside, but the worm instructs him to walk straight forward with his hands stretched forward.  Gary shuts down the mooing bazooka and tries stepping forward.  To his amazement, he steps forward and now he sees the previously invisible passageways to the left and right.  Mister Worm invites him for some tea, but when asked, denies he is one of the fae folk. Gary claims to be a regular of the Labyrinth and he follows the Worm. To his surprise he reaches a room with a chair and table and now he's the same size as the worm.  Or are they now all big.  Another worm arrives and offers them tea.  Gary sits down, pulls out a thermos filled with coffee, and sits down to join them.  The worms admit it is so nice to see a whole new face, since they're so tired of all the Sarahs they keep receiving.  They have never seen the Tobys though.

Sherlock  sees the snow all around, the trees, pathways, and a sole standing lamp post. Footfalls nearby alert Sherlock to a figure who has arrived: half-human, half... something. Bare-chested with cloven feet. The thing addresses Sherlock, claiming he does not look like the children. Sherlock asks if the goatman has seen an older man, and asks if a Lucius has been here.  He suggests asking the Lion for information.  The goatman, however, cannot take him to the Lion as he is at odds with the former ruler of this place.  Sherlock realizes the goatman is speaking through his thoughts and not through actual words.  He is given the route to the Lion, however is warned to stick to the northern path to avoid the strange wheel like things that move about there. The goatman is shocked that Sherlock leaves no marks as he moves across the snow.  Sherlock admits he has been long dead.  

The room Aiden finds himself is a great white chamber - a domed greenhouse with statues of dancers who are all dressed in finery and masks - who come to life the moment Queen Tatianna comes to the base of the tree at the center of the room.  Aiden realizes the statues were not statues and most likely were people from different eras that had been abducted before. Wisely, Aiden turns down any gifts she offers time and time again, claiming to have strange diets and the need to maintain his low body fat average.  He asks her to dance, but she claims she cannot for the King cannot approve.  When asked where the King is, she explains he is busy "With another Sarah."  When asked who Sarah is, Tatianna merely mutters, "There is always a Sarah."

Back with Mister Worm, Gary hears the music playing in the background and asks where it is coming from.  The Worms explain it is the Queen with guests and that they are never invited to the dance.  They do share whoever dances gets entranced and never wishes to leave again. Gary offers to take the worms with him to visit the Queen.  They worms warn him the lands are dangerous, especially to those who don't know where they are going. Gary admits he is looking for a friend but the worms admit here in the King's domain it is mostly just the Sarahs.  Gary wonders why the Queen sent him here to the land of Sarahs. The Worms claims that means the Queen sent him here to be punished. Had it been one of the Dwarfs he would have been sent to the Oubliette. "You'll never find your way out." Gary insists he would like to visit the Queen, but they explains there's no way to leave this place without the Lord Jareth's position.  They offer to show him the path straight to the castle, despite the Goblin King preferring people take the path through the Labyrinth.  In the distance, Gary can hear a frustrated woman complaining and kicking the walls about them going on and on and how they are not fair.  "Oh, that would be a Sarah. Best you do not get involved," Mister Worm mutters. Gary realizes he needs to leave and he takes the path that leads straight to the castle.  He does not see the Worm head to the wall to say hello to the woman.

Sherlock has been walking for quite sometime, that the landscape seems to have begun changing. What was once a frozen river, is now a bubbling stream with the remains of a melting ice castle.  A melting carriage can be found as well, but a man still partly frozen in the ice is visible.  Taking his magnifying glass, Sherlock holds it against the ice and the sun thankfully does magnify and begin to heat the ice up.  One of the bushes shakes nearby, and Sherlock turns to call out, "Who is there!"  But no one answers.  He focuses on melting the ice near the man's face.  The animal that emerges however from the bushes is a great moose, with antlers that spread far and wide.  With enough ice melted, the man's face is now visible and he thanks Sherlock for his help. Sherlock just asks for how to get to the Lion, but the man doesn't know anything of the Lion.  "That's not until the other ridge." Sherlock claims to just be a passerby. The man asks how long he has been frozen and wonders where his friends are.  Sherlock immediately deduces that the man has been frozen a few years, and suggests his friends probably had left long since then.  He suggests this magical place could be why he's still alive. Unable to grab the branches, Sherlock realizes he cannot rig the branches to hold the magnifying glass up.  Sherlock turns and sees the moose nearby, and tries to have it come closer.  The man asks if it is "his moose" which turns out it is.   With the man's help, Sherlock gets Sven - the moose - to start helping break the man free.  "I have an idea, but it might hurt," Sherlock grins.  "Just trust me... maybe." Sherlock leads Sven far away and directs him to charge towards the man to break him free.  Sven charges, and shatters his companion, Kristoff, free from the ice prison. Sherlock admits he couldn't have broken the ice himself, but asks for a ride to the Lion.  Kristoff admits its all the way at the other country, but Sherlock reminds him he saved his life.  They let Sherlock hop on and ride to the next country - talking about the sisters whom Kristoff is friends with, and of the friend Sherlock had lost in this land as well - covering a lot of ground very quickly thanks to Sven. "It's always magic that makes things weird... like those trolls in the mountain.  Encased in ice right?  Guess she was mad at me."  Sherlock sighs, "Good thing the cold never bothered you anyway." When he asks for Kristoff's name, however, they cross the border before Kristoff can ask and Sherlock finds himself in another land with a castle.

Aiden asks for more information about the King. Tatianna explains how once there was a young woman who caught his eye - a woman named Sarah. They danced and fell in love.  He invited her to stay forever and she agreed.  The King and Queen were married, but as the years and years passed, she missed her son.  So he spread to all his Goblins the words that would be said to call him, and had them whisper it to all the women in the world with her name.  In hopes of finding Sarah again.  Aiden asks why she'd never confront him about it, but she reminds him she is Tatianna and such matters are beneath her. As they talk, Aiden realizes he can see Lucius as part of the tree behind her.  As he studies the tree, he can see more people entombed within it.  Hoping to distract her, Aiden asks more questions about Sarah and why she didn't do anything given she is being treated as an afterthought by the King.  Tatianna claims she does not believe she is on the side. Aiden however implies she shouldn't be okay with him having someone on the side.  Tatianna claims they all have someone that entertains them.  The servants come in, bringing in paints for him to use, as Tatianna asks Aiden to paint her image on the tree.  Aiden asks her to get comfortable, while he takes some time to visualize how to portray her beauty upon the tree. Tatianna nods, stands, and drops her clothing, "As you wish to see my beauty..." Aiden feels his Cool fading upon seeing her naked body.  He tries to stay calm but is failing.   Asking if he needs conditions different to work, she causes the dancers to disappear into woodland animals that run away and even dismisses the cold winter to let sunlight shine down. Aidan moves up to the tree.

Gary emerges and finds himself in a small town, with every house far smaller than expected. He looks back and finds he had emerged from a jar on its side.  Chickens occasionally hurry past him as he walks towards the castle up ahead. He catches sigh of what looks like a dwarf on a fountain.  The dwarf has a bunch of things hanging on his belt and holds a fruit between his fingers.  The dwarf mutters to himself about having to stop doing "this", whatever this means, but catches sight of Gary and asks who he is. Gary introduces himself and the dwarf says he looks lost, especially since he does not look like a Sarah. The dwarf wonders if "she" changed the rules this time and brought a friend. Gary admits he finds the dwarf rude and shows off his bazooka, "Jessie."  The dwarf admits he doesn't think Jareth will like seeing someone like him here.  The dwarf grabs the fish, and the trap door hidden on the ground swivels open beneath Gary! Gary leaps, landing away from the trap, and he smells a whiff of some horrible stench coming from down below.  "We're you trying to throw me into the Yubeleeh?" The dwarf reaches for the other fish, but Gary takes aim and shoots the dwarf on the shoulder.  The dwarf hits the floor, clutching his shoulder, admitting he tried to send Gary into the Bog. Gary demands to know the fastest way to King Jareth, but Gary warns him he's using modern man's technology.  The sound of a coin rattling nearby catches their attention.  A flamboyantly dressed figure emerges with a long beaklike nose.  A massive hat covers his head.  The figure walks with a wooden box held in one hand.  "Now you're going to get it," the dwarf hisses.

Gary calls out to the figure, demanding the hat wearing man bring him to King Jareth. "You look like a guard.. can you bring me to the castle?" The long nosed man shakes the box in front of Gary, as if asking for a gift. Gary drops one of the bullets inside and the nose man tells him he can ask. Gary asks to head for the castle, and the long nose man admits, "Well, if that's what really what you want.."

Sherlock realizes he's walking through a massive field now with all these tall standing flowers.  He finds so many other people sleeping in the fields.   Sherlock bends down and shouts to try to wake the closest one.  But stops when he realizes the figure looks like some kind of scarecrow on the floor.  The next figure is a metal statue on the floor.  Sherlock raises an eyebrow, and again calls out to try to wake anyone who will.  The metal figure looks up at Sherlock and asks what he is.  Sherlock dismisses the question as unimportant and realizes the metal man is very sleepy. Fluttering sounds fill the sky. Sherlock looks up and sees the dark flying shapes.  He rushes forward to head for the castle before the fliers get to him.  He ends up running past the massive lion sleeping beside the girl with the red slippers.  As he reaches the castle, however, the border shifts once more the terrain and now he's in a place with green pools of water.  The castle is barely standing, with statues surrounding it. All the statues are broken in some way.  Sherlock makes his way into the castle, hearing the voice of Aiden as he talks to a woman about her beauty. Peering through the glass window, Sherlock sees Tatianna drop her clothes and hold a pose.  She moves to beside the window.  Aiden tries to draw her, but as he tries to touch the tree, Tatianna warns him NOT to touch the tree. The Queen offers the palette of colors and Aiden, unthinkingly reaches for it.  Sherlock realizes Aiden is about to receive a gift from the Queen and forces himself through the Castle's glass walls.  He feels his ghostly form tear slightly from the effort, and he calls out, "No!" before Aiden grabs hold of it. Terror tears through them all as the Queen shows her displeasure.  Sherlock loses his cool and he begins to turn into a statue despite being a ghost! Aiden drops to his knees, as he tries to distract Tatianna with flattery, calling the intruder's interruption an unfortunate event.  He tries to have her turn around to paint her back, and thankfully, she agrees to.

The Goblin King reveals himself before Gary, as he pulls away his hat and massive nose. The Goblin King throws the disguise, which has now become a goblin, at Gary. He demands Gary explain his presence here given he's not a "Sarah."  With his horse crop, he whips Gary, and demands an answer. Gary explains he is here because of "some woman."

Confessional #1
It was around this moment that Jareth realized why Gary looked familiar.  Gary, for some odd coincidence, looked like the Queen Tatianna's former lover!

"Auberon," Jareth mutters, surprised to see him still around despite having been dealt with in the past.  He stalks around Gary like a shark, demanding an explanation how he survived the murder. Gary decides to ride along and claims he is the all powerful Auberon.  Jareth admits he does not know how Auberon broke free from the tree, but his being here proves he is sly and capable.  A crash alerts them both to the new arrivals, a woman, a thing riding a dog, and a hulking horned figure.  Jareth realizes he has no time and so with his magics, he sends Gary into a glass bubble and into some tiered chamber filled with goblins.  The goblins mutter and gasp as Jareth confronts Gary in here.  "Explain yourself! How did you escape the White Tree? How did you get a virgin to touch you?"  When Gary struggles to keep a straight face, Jareth sees through the lie and begins whipping him with the crop, "You are not Auberon!"

Back by the tree, Sherlock realizes the curse fails and he remains solid but of flesh instead of stone!  Aiden motions to the tree, pointing at the face of Lucius.  Sherlock approaches the tree, and studies it - hoping to discern something useful. He realizes that if someone who is a virgin touches the tree, it will collapse and free all the people trapped within. Sherlock turns to Aiden, wondering if he's "ever been touched down there." Aiden grumbles that he has already been touched down there... by himself... every night!  When Tatianna wonders if Aiden is asking to someone, Aiden claims he is merely thinking the thought process of the artistic pursuit.  Aiden then reaches to touch the tree.

Confessional #2
Sherlock remembers that day well.  He remembers how when Aiden touched the White Tree, despite claiming to have been touched "down there" many time before, the tree did collapse and the bodies all emerged from within, falling on top of them!

With the bodies scattered all around the area, with many atop Aiden and Sherlock, the only person who remains standing is a single man who.. looks like an Ivory-Skinned Gary?

Because Gary looks like Auberon.

Javier's parents are nearby, as well, their upper body torsos the only visible part on their body.  Lucius rises from the pile as well.  Auberon mutters that somehow, "That man.. his Purity has some how freed me..."  Sherlock explains that self-pleasure does not cause the loss of virginity, especially in the world of symbols that the faerie folk thrive in.

Jareth commands his goblins to delay Tatianna and anything she is up to.  He snarls at Gary that only babies are allowed in his castle, and that on the thirteenth hour the babies become his forever. He tells Gary, however, to offer him a gift and he will send Jareth off his way.  Gary digs into his pocket and pulls out a flashlight, claiming it to be a "Weird magical torch."  But Jareth rolls his eyes, claiming to know what it is, but anxious to be rid of him, sends him to his companions.  "Turn to the right and stick your lips out," he mutters, telling Gary he reminds him of a certain international male model, "Fine, turn to the left if you can't turn that way either." Gary does so, and he vanishes.  Jareth shakes his head, "About time.  I was afraid I was going to tell him to have a walk off.."

Gary appears in the other room and sees the commotion inside, as well as his lookalike who speaks to Tatianna about the bet being over.  Freed from the tree, Auberon can take Tatianna back with her to be the queen of the elves once again.  Gary calls out to them, and admits he looks like the man. Auberon and Tatianna look at Gary realizing there is truth in that statement. "Why is it your face resembles mine," Auberon wonders. Gary claims he cannot tell him. He explains to them however that the Goblin King hates him. Auberon asks for who freed him and Aiden admits it was him. Auberon explains it is common among their kind to make bets to amuse themselves, and asks about his presence in the area. Aiden tries throwing them a bet that he cannot be beaten in a dance off. Tatianna smiles at the idea and admits he has the Artist's Soul.  Auberon offers them a parting gift. "Name it."

Sherlock asks if everyone is free to leave with them. Auberon admits he sees no reason not to let them go. Tatianna admits she took them only because she missed him.   Aiden asks that they all leave safely, and Tatianna grants it.  The whole group then walks the path they are shown, which leads to a doorway, and through the doorway, they find the pylons and Javier in his power armor.  They all finally step through and return home.

Javier sees his parents.  He exclaims they've all done it... and brought so many other people back. Javier embraces Lucius, and after asking if he is well, admits he's docking two weeks of pay from his salary for being absent.  Lucius finally utters his first word, "Whaaat!?!?"   The doorway begins to pulse and close.  Jalfredo and Jato screams at everyone to run for it before it collapses.  Aiden and Gary leap forward, trusting in their gym training to get out.  They leap. The pylons explode.  Sherlock alone fails to get across in time.

Javier asks if they're all complete. Hearing an all clear, Javier then tells Jalfredo to approach each one who has been rescued and tells them to hand them the bill for "A Rescue".  Javier thanks Gary and Aiden and Lucius for the rescue of his parents.  Javier admits he is now closing J.A.M.S. as there is no reason now for the group to exist given his family is now complete. Gary, however, claims it has to remain open since there are still so many monsters out there.  Gary is bequeathed the remnants of Javier's workshop to take and use as he will see fit.  This includes the vehicles and armory.  To Aiden, he bequeaths the rights to the Inspectres license as the sole owner of the company. He is even to claim all the money from today's rescue.  Finally, Lucius is handed a bill.  For being rescued.

"WHAAAT?!" Lucius screams again.

Javier joins his parents and asks what happens now.  Javier's parents recommend they go watch The Mask of Zorro this time.  Javier even recommends his mother wear the pearl necklace he got her before.   The three leave.

Gary watches them leave, suspecting something may happen to them.  But decides all is right in the world for now.

Watch the whole episode here:

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