Monday, April 3, 2017

The Dark Journal - Part 1 now available

7th Sea 2nd Edition has launched the Explorer's Society, which invites the community to create supplements and works for the 7th Sea setting.  My initial contribution to this is The Dark Journal, which I wrote as an attempt to give Eisen a touch of horror befitting a swashbuckling story line.  This is part one of what is to be a series of supplements detailing new monsters and additional Monstrous Traits that you can add to spice up your exploration of Theah and the many dark shadows of Eisen.

I am tremendously proud to see the book has become a Best Copper Seller!  Thank you so much for the support.  I'm currently working on Parts 2 and 3 and hope to release them soon.

Grab The Dark Journal - Part I today at Drivethrurpg:

And why not submit your own stuff to the Explorer's Society!
Guidelines are here:

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