Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 2nd Update: 12 New Games

For this year, I've played the following:

Twelve New Games for 2017
1) Pugmire
2) Monster of the Week
3) An RPG Musical, using Scion
4) Black Stars Rise

I'm definitely running behind on my 12 new games each year so I'm hoping to catch up in the coming months. Maybe I can convince my friend Flip to finally run a oneshot of the Mistborn rpg.  Or maybe I can convince some groups to take a stab at an actual Mouseguard game (using the Burning Wheel) or even some of the other game systems we have such as Protocol, Praxis, and even Pendragon soon.  I wonder if I should even offer one-shot games or short campaigns in other venues to help more people get exposed to new systems as well.

Anyway, been super busy with a lot of things, least of which writing for different game lines. But life is great and despite all the bumps in the road, Rocky and I have begun to feel the wheel turning and moving in an upswing once again.   Here's to more games, folks!

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