Monday, May 22, 2017

Forty Year Old Fanboy Update#1

So yeah, I'm prepping for the upcoming trip to Los Angeles and I hope I didn't forget anything. It has been quite a while since I traveled alone and I've been very used to traveling with Rocky to Singapore. My last trip to the United States was many years ago and so I'm kinda excited and nervous about this trip.

 I've spent the whole weekend prepping for the trip, from getting some clothes, considering new luggage, and the usual other preparations.  For the convention, I mapped out pre-generated characters for the 7th Sea game, printed out cards for A Single Moment, as well as character sheets for Lacuna. I decided to create "title" pages for each game just to give them a bit more character when the games finally happen. This trip will offer a lot of opportunities for me to meet other game designers and creators, including Ben Lehman (these are our games: Bliss Stage), Ben Woerner (WunderWerks: A World of Dew), Jim Pinto (post world games: King For a Day), and even John Wick himself (John Wick Presents: 7th Sea 2nd edition, Houses of the Blooded). I'm thrilled at this opportunity and I am absolutely agog to trade game chatter with them and who knows, maybe even run something for them?

I sorely wish Rocky could be with me on this trip, but that's probably a goal to aim for in the future. Given the family plans that come the week after Memorial Day Weekend, it wasn't feasible to fly with Rocky for this journey.  Maybe some time in the coming years. Maybe even to attend some other major RPG convention in the future.  Anyway, online check it complete. Just have to head for the airport in the next few minutes. Here's hoping it won't be long line purgatorio today.  *crosses fingers*

Here's to a safe flight!

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