Saturday, July 1, 2017

2017's 12 New Games is done! More than done!

After a bit of fear of not being able to complete this year's promise to try 12 new game experiences, I'm surprised to realize I've gone over the requisite 12 just before July rolled in. Part of me was even wondering if I should try to avoid new game systems for now and save them for next year, but then I realized there will always be new games to try so why hold back?

I've got a lot of other games I want to play in the pipeline and with Tagbites starting this month, I can already see some of them having a toss on the table this year.  I love seeing how design elements, character types, and other systems subtly shift the experience to deliver a desired game mood or genre. Maybe it is just me as a game designer seeing the the games with a focus beyond just the fun of it all which makes this exercise so fulfilling for me.

I do hope more embrace a similar commitment to trying new things.

2017 New Games
1) Pugmire
2) Monster of the Week
3) An RPG Musical, using Scion
4) Black Stars Rise
5) jim pinto's soon to be announced game
6) Carcass: Exodus
7) Praxis: The Black Monk - Chapter 4
8) Forget Me Not: Florida
9) "Microscope": Star Wars
10) The Quiet Year
11) Forget Me Not: Murderhobos
12) Praxis: The Black Monk - Chapter 1
13) Praxis: Odin's Eye

I'll do my best to have the transcriptions of these games up and readable within the year. I have my doubts though. I have a backlog of around 80 game sessions to transcribe, with most being around 4-5 hours long. Time spent on transcription is time lost in writing new games, so the need to balance both is important.

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