Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Shaping the Indie Gaming Scene : A Thank You

TAG Sessions sends its appreciation for being mentioned in an article on how the Philippines has a steadily growing and evolving indie game development scene. It is not often that the Philippine mainstream media and online journalists give tabletop role-playing games as much love as they do the mobile game development industry, so this article was a true breath of fresh air.

Article quote:
"Right now, the Philippines has a lot of anticipated indie games in production, such as Shots Fired by Chryse, Garrison Archangel by Indigo Entertainment, and Tabletop RPGs being developed by Tobie Abad. The indie board game scene is also getting a foothold locally."

It really is nice to have such visibility, especially with the local tabletop role-playing community growing larger once more.  Seeing the increase in gamers is one thing.  Hopefully, with more people taking the creative leap of faith in releasing their own games, more gamers will be inspired to also take a stab at creating games to offer the world RPG market.

Article excerpt:
"How many indie game developers are in the Philippines right now? Please mention some of the most popular Indie game studios in the Philippines and their creation.
There are some of the most popular indie game studio and their creation now, such as:
  1. A Single Moment by Tobie Abad
  2. Academia: School Simulator by Squeaky Wheel Studios
  3. Dream Defense by Altitude Games
  4. Flippy Bottle Extreme by Most Played Games
  5. Garrison Archangel by Indigo Entertainment
  6. Mayari by Ingenuity Games
  7. Nightfall: Escape by Zeenoh Games
  8. Pets Race by Kooapps
  9. Project Xandata by Secret 6
  10. Shots Fired by Chryse
  11. The Letter by Yang Yang Mobile"
Our country is such a rich nation when it comes to creativity and cultural touchstones, I wonder if we will someday reach the point where international gamers begin to clamour for more games that will allow them to explore our mythos.

Thank you so much, Gwen Foster, Gabby Dizon, and to Febrianto Nur Anwari of Game Prime for giving local game development (both analog and digital) more coverage!  It is truly appreciated!

Read the full article here:

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