Monday, April 23, 2018

#AprilTTRPGMaker 19: Game that's most essential to your design?

#19: Game that's most essential to your design?
I must admit this will once again be that one game by John Wick that has truly given me such a huge paradigm shift towards how role-playing games should be:

Houses of the Blooded.

A lot of people give Houses of the Blooded a bad review, calling it confusing or talking about how it doesn't have good balance and all that jazz. But a lot of these negative views, in my opinion, are born from the fact the reader didn't quite grasp the key point that is required for games like Houses of the Blooded to work: a truly brave trust in each other.  Unless this exists between players and Game Masters, games will be bogged down with players who don't allow the drama and tragedy to happen, or GMs who don't understand where the players are trying to bring the plot instead.


I challenge ye, my dear fellow game makers, to answer my questions, on the corresponding day, this burgeoning April, and verily it shall be that ye shall be inspired by all makers around you and in this beautiful world henceforth. #AprilTTRPGMaker

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