Sunday, April 15, 2018

Staying Active, Running Games - First Quarter Report

Had another successful TAG Bites session with Rocky, Micko, and Seven getting a chance to try Gallant Knight Games' Tiny Dungeons second edition! There were two more players who were expected to join up but one suddenly had an unexpected onset of shingles while the other found real-life work blocking up his day.

Still, we made the most of it and were able to play a quick four-hour game session. In this story, a Treefolk alchemist named Maximus Prime, a Noble Polar Karhu named Aex, and a Spell-touched Salimar named Kasai accompanied the Goblin loremaster Kotku in uncovering the hidden secret of how the Ferrex have gained control of the Goletia. In the end, they defeated the massive terror by liberating it from its horrible dominating parasite.

Some weeks back, on the 7th of April, the first RetroCon 2018 was held! What started out as a forum thread where a group of us old timers were reminiscing about old 80s-90s rpgs lead to an improptu planning of a minor gaming event. Suddenly, we had six GMs ready to rock out and run classic rpgs. I offered to run an old favorite, Marvel Superheroes FASERIP system.

Had a good group of five players to join me in this retrospective journey. Was hoping Rocky could try playing too but he had to man the registration booth. God bless him, he helped a lot of the first timers feel more at home in trying games.


Mon even raffled off some awesome stuff from for all the attendees! I suddenly wish I had thought to offer a free copy of A Single Moment to offer out as well. But alas, that didn't cross my mind in time.

But yeah, here's to another min-convention from this group of awesome people again soon (sorry, Karl, you had left before we took the picture! But rest assured you're part of the awesome people).

Then there was the previous TAG Bites session where we played a horror game called Dead Things in the Walls, which is a Protocol game by jim pinto. Had Seven and Raf and for that game (plus Rocky, of course) and we had a great time scaring ourselves silly.

It has been a busy first quarter, but all in all things have been going very well. Writing my ass off to finish the upcoming wuxia PbtA game, Once Upon a Time in Jianghu and to release the Studio Ghibli inspired game, Neko no Yume.

For the 12 New Games Each Year, for the 2018 challenge, we're doing pretty okay.

1) Pasion de las Pasiones
2) Protocol: Virtuax
3) Protocol: Dead Things in the Walls
4) Tiny Dungeon 2e - Legacy: War of the Widows

The gaming journey continues!

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