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The Syrneth Codex

Warren Cassaday, Archæologist from Avalon, has been traveling around Théah for the last fifteen years, in search of Syrneth Ruins. This Codex is the first collection of the items and places he has found.

keywords: Syrneth Artifacts, Explorer’s Society, Invisible College

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Young Heroics

In the tradition of movies such as The Wizard of Oz, The Goonies, Harry Potter, Spy Kids, Young Indiana Jones, The Hunger Games and television series such as Stranger Things, this supplement offers 30 New Advantages, 3 Arcana, and 6 Stories for 7th Sea Heroes to happen to be younger than usual.

Sometimes, the big heroes are just too busy to notice the things the kids do.

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7th Sea Explorer's Society:  Red, Red Winter

Winter is a season of cheer and joy, with families sharing the warmth of the fire. But when the children have gone missing in a small town in the Highland Marches, is there any hope for the year to end with peace and goodwill for all?

A 7th Sea Winter Horror Adventure

keywords: Children, Implied Abuse, Suicide, Cannibalism, The Goodly Folk, Winter, Transfiguration

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Prince Valiant Episodes Book

A companion book to the Prince Valiant Storytelling Game, this scenario book features short scenarios that can be used by Storytellers to run adventures or inspire new and exciting stories of their own!
Some of the exceptional authors and scenarios included within this tome are: 
  • The Lost Library by Shannon Appelcline
  • The Dán of Glenshire by Emily Care Boss
  • Too Many Tentacles by Ed Greenwood
  • The Mare’s Lamp, by Jeff Grubb
  • First Flower of Spring by B.J. Hensley
  • Fort Seahawk by Robin Laws
  • Treachery is the Deepest Cut by Monica Valentinelli
  • Nimue’s Song: A Lady’s Adventure by John Wick
  • & many more!
Many brave adventures await your knights inside these pages! 
You will need the Prince Valiant Storytelling Game corebook to use this book!

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Tiny Dungeon 2e

Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition is the newest iteration of the minimalist fantasy roleplaying game!

Powered by the TinyD6 engine, with streamlined mechanics that utilize only one to three single six-sided dice on every action, characters that can be written 3x5 notecard, and easy to understand and teach rules, Tiny Dungeon 2e is great for all groups, ages, and experience levels!

Included are over a dozen lightly detailed settings, written by some of the best authors out there. These “micro-settings” are light-weight, open-ended and designed to be inspirational for your games and provide a fast, easy jumping point for your campaign! Covering a wide selection of fantasy genres and ideas, there's something for everyone in Tiny Dungeon 2e!

With micro-settings by: Tobie Abad, Marie Brennan, Shawn Carmen, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul, Steve Diamond, Miguel Espinoza, Dianna Gunn, John Kennedy, Melanie Meadors, Mari Murdock, Darren Pearce, jim pinto, Steve Radabaugh, Wendelyn Reischel, Ryan Schoon, Howard Tayler, Randy Tayler, Sandra Tayler, and Ben Woerner

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A SINGLE MOMENT: Ten More Playsets

Ten all-new playsets for Tobie Abad's A Single Moment (link). From gods to gladiators, mecha aces to photographers, starship captains to spies, professional wrestlers to politicians, wuxia warriors and detective stories, this single expansion book offers you ten new playsets to frame your dramatic finales.

Even better, Detective Stories offers a new alternative take on the A Single Moment system! Grab this book now and share online your stories of tragedy and shattered promises.

Ten More Playsets
A supplement for A SINGLE MOMENT
Requires A SINGLE MOMENT rules to play.

Written by Adrian Martinez and Tobie Abad

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7th Sea Explorer's Society:  Seven, See?

Seven tasks are asked of the Heroes to save the life of Losejas who lies in her deathbed. With each task, however, a terrible truth begins to unfold which forces the Heroes to consider the ramifications of their actions. When forced to choose between hope and security, how does one decide? And what if this is just another lie, created by the Dievai themselves to lure more to their doom?

A 7th Sea Dievai Mystery Adventure

keywords: Dievai, Deathbed, World-travelling, Betrayal

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7th Sea Explorer's Society:  The Widow's Secret

There is an undocumented island in the Widows Sea, west of La Motte, Montaigne which is mentioned in songs sung by the old fishermen who sell wares at Les Falaises. The song claims the island appears only when the Widow hungers for company. — Warren Cassaday, Archæologist and Syrneth Collector

A 7th Sea Treasure Hunting Adventure

An artificial island rises from the Widow’s Sea and reveals its hidden Syrneth ruins. Are you ready to plumb its depths to uncover the Widow’s Secret?

keywords: Syrneth, Traps, Pirates
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7th Sea Explorer's Society:  The Children Cry

Children are disappearing on the island nation of La Bucca, victims of a being they call the Bogeyman, the subject of nursery rhymes and fairy tales. They need Heroes to venture out into the night and battle the monster who preys on them, but is that monster really a slavering beast haunting the island's coasts... or does it roam somewhere much closer to home?

Keywords: La Bucca, Hexenwerk, Monster

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7th Sea Explorer's Society:  A Twisted Mirror

The Imperatrice invites you and a few others for a special night. But when the entertainment goes awry, the night's memorable events are the kind even the dead will never forget.

A Twisted Mirror is a 7th Sea Adventure.

Keywords: Porte, Violence, Spirit
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Itras By: Menagerie

Itras By: The Menagerie is a cabinet of curiosities for the surreal roleplaying game Itras By. New scenarios, setting elements, short games, tools, cards, articles to help your group fine-tune the game for your purposes.

The Menagerie is brought to you by Vagrant Workshop and an international team of 40 creators. They are quite the ”menagerie” themselves, representing larp and OSR, professionals and hobbyists, scholars and artists. All share a passion for roleplaying and the strange.

Though primarily a companion to Itras By, The Menagerie may provide tools for players of other games.

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7th Sea Explorer's Society: The Dark Journal - 3

Excerpts from the personal journal of Blenda Linda Guda, a monster hunter from Eisen and folk hero for the small towns that stood near the boundaries of the Walder.

These pages are but a few of the many others collectively referred to as “The Dark Journal,” an unofficial dossier of creatures and Horrors that exist within the dark corners of Eisen. This journal, the first of many, speaks of things the author refers to as Predators. Also here are retrieved letters and articles which may suggest a conspiracy at the heart of the terrors inhabiting the woods.
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    7th Sea Explorer's Society: The Dark Journal - 2

    Excerpts from the personal journal of Blenda Linda Guda, a monster hunter and folk hero from Eisen. She collected pages about different horrors and bound them into what others collectively refer to as “The Dark Journal,” an unofficial dossier of creatures and Horrors that exist.

    This journal is the second of many, with pages originally written by a Kristoff Reichart, and speaks of things the author refers to as the Breeders.
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      7th Sea Explorer's Society: The Dark Journal - 1

      Excerpts from the personal journal of Blenda Linda Guda, a monster hunter from Eisen and folk hero for the small towns that stood near the boundaries of the Walder.

      These pages are but a few of the many others collectively referred to as “The Dark Journal,” an unofficial dossier of creatures and Horrors that exist within the dark corners of Eisen. This journal, the first of many, speaks of things the author refers to as Viscera Suckers.
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        Fiasco Playset: Sickening Queens

        RuPaul put it perfectly when she said, “We’re born naked, and the rest is just drag.” This game is intended to be a celebration of the fabulous world of drag and all the drama, insanity, and hilarity that can be part of it. When everyone in the room is a queen, drama is sure to follow.

        When playing this game, embrace this chance to redefine yourself. Take this chance to be totally someone else, to not feel limited by gender roles and societal demands. To be beautiful and glamorous in a way no one can deny. And to stand on that stage and know you are not alone.

        For every piece of glitter that you wear, there are a million more sparkling stars out there celebrating life with you.

        Keywords: Fabulous, Dramatic, Musical, Shimmering, Mature, LGBT
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          7th Sea: Pirate Nations

          This book contains material for 7th Sea: Second Edition including new Backgrounds, Advantages, Stories and Sorceries. It also includes five new Pirate Nations:

          • Numa, the land where legends were born and never left
          • La Bucca, the once-prison island turned headquarters for international intrigue
          • The Atabean Islands, where the ghosts of Rahuri ancestors sail alongside native peoples
          • Aragosta, home of the Brotherhood of the Coast and a pirate paradise
          • Jaragua, self-liberated slave colony and home of a new Sorcery called Kap Sevi
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          Doll, Italian Edition

          Doll - La Bambola è un gioco di narrazione per due. Un giocatore impersona un bambino cui è appena morto l'animale prediletto. L'altro giocatore impersona la bambola, il pupazzo o un altro gioco del bambino. La bambola conosce tutto, ma non sempre dice la verità. Durante il gioco il bambino proverà a scoprire la verità sui propri genitori: saranno buoni o cattivi?

          Bambola Avanzata è un supplemento per Doll - La Bambola. Questo supplemento aggiunge regole per giocatori aggiuntivi, ulteriori eventi per guiidare la vostra storia attraverso altri 20 minuti di gioco, e tante regole addizionali quante il co-autore, Tobie Abad, è riuscito a infilarci.

          Potete scaricare il gioco direttamente nella sezione Downloads, qui sopra.
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          :2nd edition

          Command. We are off-course. We don’t know where we are. Can you hear us?

          Updated and fully colored edition of the PWYW edition game.  Includes a few additional refinements.

          Keywords: Made for Webcam/Online play, Experimental, d6, Narrative, Real-Time
          Number of players: 2+
          Sunlight was a Game Chef 2016 entry.

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          :Pay What You Want edition

          Command. We are off-course. We don’t know where we are. Can you hear us?

          The year is Tomorrow.
          Interplanetary transit has been achieved through a unique form of transportation. Professor Yoshi has designed a machine that transmutes people sitting in a personal vessel into pulses of light, which are then transmitted across huge distances by riding on the rays of sunlight. Many say it is the safest method of travel, so long as one pays attention to the dance of the celestial bodies in space.

          But it is not without its flaws.

          You are Command. Alarms flash informing you that a transit has gone awry. It is up to you to help the lost find their way back to their destination.

          Keywords: Made for Webcam/Online play, Experimental, d6, Narrative, Real-Time
          Number of players: 2+
          Sunlight was a Game Chef 2016 entry.
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          That Night Out

          Out with friends for the night.
          But suddenly, a siren blares out of nowhere.
          And deep down, you all realize your lives are in danger.
          Somehow, deep in the bottom of your souls, you all realize something is out there to kill you.
          Can you survive the night?

          Keywords: Horror, Self-Mutilation, Violence, Occult, Survival Horror, GMless, Cards

          2-5 players
          1 standard deck of playing cards, jokers included
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          Queer Gaymers 

          An anthology of analog games (tabletop role-playing games and live action role-playing games) written by queer people about queer experiences. What's inside by Jacqueline Bryk A fantastic essay on disability and queerness by Brie Sheldon "Out," by Tobi Abad, a narrative, scene-based game where players deal with their sexuality in terms of other life events. "Becoming Ourselves" by Willow Palecek, a two -person game about transitioning and cisgendered allies. It's also unique in that it encourages cis players to play a transgendered protagonist character, and trans players to take the role of the cis ally. Julia Ellingboe's phenomenal essay on beauty standards "Glitter Pits" by Kat Jones, a card based game about actively challenging and changing western beauty standards "Comfort and Warmth" by Adam McConnaughey, in which queer youth and vampires go camping together. Sometimes they're the same people. "The Kiss of Walt Whitman Still On My Lips" by Taylor LaBresh. A game about magical artifacts and queer romance in the Reconstruction Era. Scout Munroe's brilliant essay on the nonbinary experience. "Mx. Universe" by Stephanie Bryant and Tobias Strauss. A LARP about gender presentation, beauty, and nonstandard fashion.

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          A Single Moment

          The two samurai stared at each other.
          Once they were friends. Brothers. But time has come for honor to be regained, and vengeance to be unleashed.
          Footing adjusted. Grips tightened. Eyes narrowed.
          A single moment and it was over.

          Keywords: Narrative, Two-Player, Multiple Genres, Cards, No Character Sheet

          Runner Up for Best System in the Indie Groundbreaker's Awards 2017.
          Written by Tobie Abad
          Published by Gallant Knight Games

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          Fiasco Playset:Bad Timing

          You find who might just be the one true love you are meant to have. But finding that person and living the rest of your life with that person might not be as easy as you think, given this is all a huge case of bad timing.

          Keywords: Comedy, Romance, Quirky, Mature, Unpredictable

          Read the romantic comedy script that inspired the game.
          Written by Tobie Abad
          Published by Gallant Knight Games

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          The Sky is Gray and you are Distressed

          Frank and Meg are close but their relationship is in trouble. The sky is gray, and you are distressed is a 2-player freeform game that uses randomized secrets and semi-scripted questions to have a serious conversation about honesty and identity.

          Written by Josh Jordan
          Published by Ginger Goat

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          Monster Works

          A head that controls minds. A crazed man out to hurt the beautiful. A monster trying to help. Do you think you can take them on? You better, because they're after you.

          Monsterworks contains 7 monsters accompanied by beautiful illustrations meant to be shown to players.
          For use with Dungeon World.

          Written by Mira Guanio and Chris "Fabs" Fabon
          Published by Kembot Games

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          Indie Mixtape

          The Indie Mixtape Megamix (2015) is a compilation of the first three volumes of the Indie Mixtape zine series, including 30+ different short games inspired by some of our favorite songs.

          The contributors represent a mixture of veteran and up-and-coming indie game designers: Tobie Abad, Vivian Abraham, Stras Acimovic and John LeBoeuf-Little, Meera Barry, Orion Canning, Nick Golding, Liz Gorinsky, Graypawn, GremlinLegions, Lisa and Christian Griffen, Josh T. Jordan, Hannah Madrone, Kira Magrann, Marc Majcher, Jason Morningstar, Brad Murray, Eric Nieudan, Dylan Nix, Ryan Ó Laoithe, Noam Rosen, Brie Sheldon, Scott Slomiany, Tayler Stokes, Jackson Tegu, Moyra Turkington, J.Walton, Nick Wedig, Christopher Weeks, Sara Williamson, and Nicole Winchester

          Published by Corvid Sun

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          A World of Dew companion:
          Sound of Water

          Expand your World of Dew with the Sound of Water. This is the companion to a World of Dew, a samurai noir roleplaying game set in Old Japan the same world as John Wick’s Blood & Honor. A World of Dew is inspired by Japanese and Noir films and literature like Yojimbo, the Maltese Falcon, and the Sano Ichiro novels. This book contains new material, rules and conversions to Fate and Protocol. Each chapter is written by a different author and each chapter is titled with new art by different artists.
          Written by Ben Woerner, Tobie Abad, John Kennedy, Ryan Macklin, jim pinto, Steve Radabaugh, Josh Roby, Brie Sheldon and John Wick.
          Published by Gallant Knight Games

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          Alphabet Soup: Gaming advice one bowl at a time 
          (unusual) Magic Rings and 1d100 of them

          Alphabet Soup is a comprehensive guide to words commonly (and uncommonly) found in games or used by gamers. It provides quick, easy definitions in lexicon form: gaming terms, definitions, historical context, mythological terms. It even gives gamemasters advice on how they can use them in their games. It works like an encyclopedia of random bits, only these random bits are things I think are interesting for gamemasters.

          In this particular edition, I've provided a 1d100 chart of magic rings (and their side effects) that will flesh out any fantasy game.

          Written by jim pinto
          Additional writing by Anthony Moro and Tobie Abad
          Published by postworldgames

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          The Carcass

          The Carcass is a roleplaying story game where players take on the roles of the last members of a dying post-apocalyptic tribe. The tribal leader is dead, the community in tatters, and the future a mystery. What will become of you in this barren wasteland?

          Written by jim pinto
          Proofreader: Tobie Abad, Diana Kwolkoski Stoll, and Martijn Tolsma.
          Published by postworldgames

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          Inspired by Enter the Avenger by Raffaele Manzo, Cash'n'Guns by Ludovic Maublanc and by the movie, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sergio Leone.

          Truel is a freeform role-playing game of Skill, Bluff and Strategy for 3 to 6 Six Player (also for Kids)! One game takes about 40 minutes!

          Written by Giovanni Micolucci
          Translator: Francesco Zani.
          Proofreader: Josh T Jordan and Tobie Abad.
          Published by Vas Quas Editrice

          Now available in English and Italian!
          Uses 4 Poker Cards: Ace, King, Queen and Jack.

          Purchase the game:

          The Last One

          The Last One is a game about fear, hope, and love. The end has come and two people live out their strange journey between salvation and death.

          Written by Alberto Tronchi
          Published by LuceOmbra

          Now available in English and Italian!
          Uses a deck of cards.

          Purchase the game:


          You are in a coma. And you find yourself visited by an ethereal being who appears as someone you loved. Is it here to guide you? Or to damn you? Will you follow it up the light? Trapped is a two-player story game with live-action role-playing elements. Flashlights and music required.

          Also includes, Imprisoned, an expansion book with four variants of play. Variant by Tobie Abad.

          Written by Giovanni Micolucci and Tobie Abad
          Published by Vas Quas Editrice

          Now available in English and Italian!

          Purchase the game:

          Trust Me - A doll anthology

          What if your favorite toy could talk? What if it didn't always tell you the truth?

          Trust Me is an anthology of nine short stories inspired by the storytelling game Doll. Each story features a beloved toy that can speak to its child. But when they speak, they might be lying.

          Inspired by the game, Doll.

          Written by Tobie Abad, Jared Axelrod, TL Bodine, Shoshana Kessock, Ryan McSwain, Jeremy Morgan, Allegra Selzer, PK Sullivan, and Filamena Young.
          Published by Ginger Goat

          Purchase the game:

          Advanced Doll

          This is a supplement for Doll. This supplement adds rules for additional players, additional events to drive your story through additional twenty-minute sessions, and as many other rules as the author, Tobie Abad, could fit.
          For use with the game, Doll.

          Written by Tobie Abad
          Published by Ginger Goat

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          New Identities: Witness Protection Program

          An introspective role-playing game about people who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and now must start a new life shrouded by nostalgia and fear.

          Players: 3-5 players
          Special Thanks: Dario Delfino and Raffaele Manzo
          Translator: Claudio Freda
          Proofreader: Tobie Abad
          Published by Vas Quas Editrice

          Now available in English and Italian!

          Purchase the game:

          Girl Elsewhere

          Girls Elsewhere is an anthology of settings for the storytelling game, Heroine. Seven game designers contributed to this anthology in order to enable you to tell a broader variety of stories about a more diverse selection of heroic girls. From a dark urban setting incorporating Filipino mythology to a time-travel setting about a Native American forest, this book will stretch your imagination and diversify your definition of a heroic girl.

          For use with the game, Heroine.

          Written by Josh Jordan, Emily Care Boss, Filamena Young, Fraser Ronald, Julia Ellingboe, Nora Last, and Tobie Abad
          Published by Ginger Goat

          Purchase the game:


          Play as your favorite toon in Cartooner, a game about creating your own animated cartoon!

          Players: 4 to 6
          Requires: 2 six-sided dice
          A Carrot
          40 or so minutes

          Written by Giovanni Micolucci
          Illustrations by Chiara Pedrini
          Published by Vas Quas Editrice

          Now available in English and Italian!

          Purchase the game:

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