Monday, October 17, 2011

Wayfarers : d20

August 2005

Wayfarers are a short series of game sessions using Dungeons and Dragons 3.0

I wonder if any of my players then wrote about the exploits of Kestral, Tsirk Su Sej, Torgar Waraxe, Taltos and Shel Malador for others to read. Incredibly, two of the players would drive quite a distance just to show up for the game sessions.  Amusingly, we would rent a hotel/motel room just for the game, which makes me wonder what the other people next door would be thinking of.  Can you imagine being in a motel and hearing around six distinct voices of boys and girls all screaming and yelling for blood?

Ah, the joys of gaming.

I don't normally like d20 games, but I have to admit, when there are larger groups of players, a d20 game rocks pretty well.  Without the need for deep characterization and mood building, a d20 game to challenge your tactics and group strategies is definitely fun.

Oh yeah, this was the game where I had an elf get impregnated by a monstrous plant.   Good times.

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