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The Century Club ep03 : Spirit of the Century


The Century Club
Spirit of the Century

Episode Three
"Parallels and Perpendiculars"

It began as a normal day for each of the Centurions.  Victor Knightfellow is looking at apartments in hopes of finding a new place to move into now that they are based in Paris.  He hoped to find a good location to have his books stored.  Victor used his reputation to suggest his need for a place to stay but most of the government people just stared back at him given the Centurions own a Mansion in Paris.  He had hoped to find a two-storey apartment with a basement which he had hoped to create a dungeon.    The woman showing him around was selling the property quite well, but Victor realized the place was way beyond his budget range.  Something shatters down below.  The two hurry downstairs to check what caused the sound.  The demon asks Victor if its possible the Centurions themselves are who are luring all these criminals to the city.  The two reach the ground level and they see a guy at the table with the small scones and food.  The man stares at the two and asks for their forgiveness, admitting he was not aware of others being present.

"Which one must I be addressing with regards to this estate?"

The woman tries to explain someone is already getting the place, but the man motions his hand and the woman immediately shifts her tone and now asks him instead if he'd like to look around. Victor plays dumb for now, embracing the element of surprise.  The man has the woman tell Victor he can inquire at a later date.  But as she brushes him off to leave, Victor decides to step in and calls out "Hold on a minute there" in an attempt to mesmerize him. Their eyes lock, but to his surprise the man does not fall under his control.  The man stares back and ignores his command to reconsider his actions.  In the man's eyes, Victor can see his own reflection and the Demon panickedly mimes for him to run away.

"Did you just.. attempt what I think you did?"

The man reaches into his jacket as Victor turns his attentions to the woman.  The man slides a ring on as Victor glances out the window for a nearby animal and all he sees is a pigeon.  The man confronts Victor, asking which "Magical Circle" he is part of given there are only four existing in the world.  Victor tries to get the woman's side, talking about how weird the man is but in response the man simply suggests the woman rest and she falls to the ground, asleep!   Victor breaks for the door and runs out into the street.  He starts rushing down the street for the Centurion Club but the moment he turns a corner, the man is standing infront of him.  "Not Morgan," he mutters as he peers into Victor's eyes.  Victor struggles to recall how to call for the cops in France.  "Too skittish to be one of Merlin's," the man adds.  Victor notices a man walking three dogs.  He acts scared and as he collapses in fear, he actually projects himself into one of the dogs.  The stranger catches Victor's body before it hits the ground and mutters, "Definitely not of the White Circle.  Could you be one of Glorianna's?" as he turns his attention to the dog Victor is possessing.  Victor realizes his Talisman of the Wylde is visible from his clothes and the man had recognized it!

That moment, Victor wakes up in a bit to catch the man by surprise.  He once again tries to lock eyes with the man and hopes to the Devil's Luck it works this time.  The man asks him how many times he will keep trying until he realizes it isn't going to work.  The man asks Victor to identify himself but Victor deflects the question and says no one special trained him.  The man commends Victor for knowing the power behind names.  The man starts explaining that he thinks that Victor is either a Student of Glorianna Sheeda like himself, or a remaining servant of Merlin.  He asks Victor directly if he is a student of Crowley's and Victor admits he is.  The man then apologizes and adds, "His demise will be tremendously regretted."  Victor gets explosive as he asks what the man means that Crowley is dead.  Victor turns to a reflection to ask the demon if its true and the demon admits Crowley died two nights ago.  He never told Victor since he never asked.  The man admits he tried to keep it painless, and that moment he glances away to look at the ground and ask it if he should tell Victor the details.  Victor realizes the man's demon is in the ground.. or something.  He tells Victor he attempted Sympathy to find someone close to Crowley since any Man of Mystery who dies has only nine nights to set things right before being irrevocably sent into Hell.  Victor asks why the man killed him and the man corrects him that he did not kill Crowley.  The man explains he was sent back from the future, as Glorianna Sheeda rules the world in the tomorrow.  "My Order exists because your Order creates it in time.  Your mentor called out to me.  He was imprisoned by a Castle of Illusions.  It was in the Bermuda Triangle.  He was the last to die among with his allies."  Crowley summoned the man from the future to do two things; Ensure his soul finds rest, and to ensure their line's propagation to ensure their Order to be born as well.  When Victor asks if he knows of Cosmo, the man admits that is not a good sign.  They are at a junction when the Order of Merlin can be halted and that allies are needed to help stop them.  He also admits there are no records of Victor and his friends in the future, other than the fact they form the Order of Glorianna Sheeda in time.  The man shows he has silver coins, which he had thought to use to pay for the property.  He reveals his name is Percy.

Victor worries though given Glorianna Sheeda means Glory to the Faerie.  The Order of Merlin, in his knowledge, is meant to prepare the world for the return of the one True King.  But supposedly the faerie stand against them in fear of the great weapon: Caliburn.   Could Percy be... Percival?

The man asks Victor for his name.  The Demon implores him not to give it.  Victor tells him, "Commissar Victor."  The man shares also knowledge that they have bound spirits to them.  Victor's is of the Water, hence it appears in mirrors.  His is of the Earth, which exists and whispers through cracks.  The final order supposedly would be of the Air, allowing them to be free and ever present.

Elsewhere, Walter Le Frogge is quietly under a bridge near a river.  He found himself enjoying his free time away from the celebrity of the mansion.  He still returns to the mansion to sleep.  He can overhear many of the people worriedly talking on the bridge above of Germany taking actions that the rest of the world do not like.  Walter catches the sound of heavier footfalls, and he turns to see Svetlana with a satchel approaching him.  She admits she was looking for him and had gone here thinking she would find him here.  Walter asks if she is leaving and she admits she brought with her camping things because she wanted to join him in the camp.  Walter's memories shoot back to Elijah's warning of her not taking break ups well.  And her falling for leaders.  She sets camp at the opposite side of the river.

She asks Walter if he is uncomfortable with her presence in the area, but Walter just deflects and offers to help her set up camp.  Svetlana worries about the coming signs of war and if this would lead to them being on opposite sides of the battlefield.  She even asks Walter if they should leave people to handle the fight on their own in the trenches while special ones like them avoid the battle?  

At the park, Kenji Katana and Cosmo are playing fetch.  Kenji would throw the ball a distance of three fields while Cosmo would telekinetically chase after it.  "That's at least three fields," a red-haired woman tells Kenji and he recalls her to be the reporter for the Tribute.  She identifiers herself as Miss Wheeler and Kenji remembers she was also present when the Normalists attacked some weeks back.  To his surprise, she executes a perfect Japanese bow then greets him in fluent conversational Japanese.  She tells him how as a reporter she has learned to handle stress and cultural differences.  "I am a Woman of the World.  I am fluent in 12 languages," she smiles.   She asks to join the two and Cosmo seems pretty happy to play a bit more.  She tells Kenji she's been struggling to get an interview and that she's happy Kenji has been willing to have this interview.  She even honors his family and his role in the heroic group given the bombings that happened and what separated him from his family. Cosmo returns and to their surprise, Wheeler bows to the ground level in front of him, a way to tell Cosmo that she "bows to him as the alpha".  Cosmo telepathically asks Kenji why she knows so many things about them.  Wheeler, however, answers the question even if was never asked, and admits she has been observing conversations and wonders what the term Cosmonaut means.  "As a reporter, it is my job to be in the know. And I guess I am quite Superb when it comes to that."
 Throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*throw*Cosmo starts telepathically and excitedly asks Kenji to play.  Kenji learns from Wheeler that his body matches the Steam-Powered Japanese Soldiers and that Cosmo's clothing has markings which match top secret soviet research papers.  She finally does admit she is aware of how many of them have connections to Count Baron von Duke.  Kenji asks if she is willing to help them, since she seems to know so much about them, but she does not answer.  Instead, her eyes glaze over and remains unmoving.  Kenji turns to ask Cosmo what happened but learns the cosmonaut too is frozen in that way.  Kenji looks around and terrifyingly learns everyone else in the part is frozen that way as well.


Victor tries asking Percy more about the future and he admits it is bleak.  He mentions of the Faceless Ones, people who have devoted themselves to the darker powers and sacrificed all sense of identity to join the organization.  Victor feels they sound like the Normalists.  The Faceless Ones serve the King Emperor of the World, and his symbol is that of a five fingered hand, with three fingers closed and an eye at the base of the palm.  The group had conquered countries and the Order of Glorianna Sheeda alone stands against them.

And that's when it hits Victor: a dark hand grabbing his cortex and pulling him into a coma.

Svetlana understands that Walter does not plan to have dinner with her.  Walter tries to explain that's not it, but Svetlana admits she is fine that he prefers men, perhaps Victor?  But Walter invites her to have dinner with him later in the evening, but when she doesn't answer he confuses it at first to be because she is hurt. But then he realizes it is because of an intense pain that attempts to grab hold of his brain.  Walter fights against the pain and recovers but he learns Svetlana is lost within herself.  Above the bridge, cars smash into each other as their drivers slip into a coma.  One of the injured drivers crawls out of the damaged vehicle, calling for help.  Besides him, however, no one else seems to be alive.  When Walter tries to help him, the man panics upon seeing Walter's visage.    But Walter's focus is more on the sky.  He sees a plane losing altitude fast.

Kenji tries to snap Cosmo out of the coma by shaking him but it does not wake the telepathic dog.  He sees  a guy coming out of the lake with a wet bike.  A gash on his face suggests the man must have fallen into the lake when he went comatose while biking.  While carrying Cosmo, Kenji approaches the man and warns him to be careful and try to find safety.  He admits he does not know what is happening.  Kenji notes the wound has helped the man regain consciousness.

Victor feels the cold as he loses control of his body.  But then, he's back.  He sees Percy with a hand on Victor's chest and his eyes rolled back to white.  The Demon tries to convince Victor to just kill Percy. It tells him this is his chance.  Victor stares at his chest and finds nothing save for blood stains on his clothes.  On Percy's palm, however, he can see Victor's name was scratched on his skin.  He must have twisted their fates around.  Victor rushes to the nearby restaurant and grabs a knife.  The Demon however continues to tell him to kill Percy.  It even insists that it knows Victor will be his in the end, but Percy is a threat that has to be stopped.  Victor, realizing this is the first time the Demon ever offered something for free, decides not to listen to it. "Let me do my things my own way.  I have to find my friends first."  He slices Percy's name onto his own palm and sticks it to Percy's chest as well.  "Percy, come back.  I summon you."

Percy's eyes open and Victor once again is frozen.  He bemoans to his demon how his "forefathers" didn't seem to know how to properly use magic.  *Well if there is anything, they are fast learners.*   Percy then stares at Victor's reflection and scolds the Demon for not teaching him well. The Demon, as it turns out, can address him too!

Back at the bridge, Walter hears what sound like air raid sirens.  A voice projects from the speakers addressing all who can still hear:

Citizens of New York City.  
If my Super Science device has functioned correctly, you are now all under my thrall.  

But then he adds, almost off-mike, "This doesn't make sense... I can still see them all moving around.. Why are you moving?  You... you are supposed to be frozen... Why is this not working?"  The voice is that of Count Baron von Duke but it sounds like he lost control of his own device in New York and affected Paris instead.

Both Kenji and Walter rush back to the nearest outpost hoping to find allies to help them.

And elsewhere, in a distorted realm, Victor finds himself face to face with his Demon.  The Demon had pulled him out of his body for a more personal discussion.   It tells him that Victor has to understand the rituals he is performing in the future.  Percy converses with him, being able to peer into the spirit world, and he quickly gathers things to match the friends.  He gets a doll with a gemstone for Kenji.  He then takes the animal amulet and summons a frog to match Walter.  Percy asks for their names.   When Victor tries to move, he slams against the edge of the mirror.  He learns he cannot "leave" the confines of the mirror.  He asks Percy to have his friends brought over to his location.  As he holds the ringed hand up, Victor notices it has a hidden needle.  He uses it to scratch upon his own skin to write their names.

Kenji and Walter begin to witness strange things unfolding all around the city.  Rain falls in half the city.  Clouds part to reveal plans, and jet fighters.  A tank rumbles nearby.  A ship sails down the boulevard.    Suddenly an earthquake erupts and both Kenji and Walter are plunged into the earth and emerge in front of Percy.  The two see Percy, bloody and all, with a paralyzed Victor standing nearby.  He addresses them and asks if they are friends of "Commissar Victor" and asks them to help.  They learn he summoned them both here because they do not have enough time.  He tells them that Victor's mentor, Aliester Crowley is dead and they have to help him save his soul.  When Victor asks if there's really time for this given other things seem more pressing, he explains that when the man died, the terms of his condition had the phrase: Let the Greatest of All Histories be tied to his Life and his Death.  "With his death, all histories are coming together."
A B-52 bomber emerges from the clouds, approaching them.    On the side street, a Porsche had smashed into the older vehicles of the era.    Victor asks if the Demon can reverse his terms, and the Demon admits they can... for a price.

Percy explains that they must bring back from the dead.  When Walter asks how, Percy explains all magic follows one single rule: "The Rule of Three.  I need three lives to replace his.  Since I am not of this time, I cannot choose.  You two must choose three lives to replace his and allow him back from the dead."

Victor says no.  He tells the Demon that Aliester died because it is his time to die.  The Demon agrees and tells him the man clearly wants his future to exist, and will do everything to make sure it does.  Victor realizes the Demon was right, Percy was tricking them!  But the two do not know that.  "The Order only forms when Aliester Crowley learns that Merlin is truly devoted to the one True King.  Crowley calls upon the Faerie folk to stop the Order and thus gives birth to its existence."  The Demon admits it would be a simple matter for it to rewrite Crowley's Final Terms, but the price would be for the Demon to freely rewrite Victor's own Final Terms.

Walter and Kenji weigh the decision Percy asks them to make.  Around them, all histories are falling into each other.  The world is falling apart.  But Walter does not trust Percy.  He asks for Victor and Percy explains most minds were unable to cope with the destruction of Time and Space, and they shut down to await til things become normal again.  Those that are awake, however, will bear witness and possible be driven mad by the process.  They alone will remember what happened once time is flowing back in its proper motion.  The two are uncertain. Walter admits to Kenji he does not trust Percy at all.  "What do we do, Kenji?"

Percy admits he does not need their trust. He only needs them to know the truth.  The Count Baron von Duke has killed Aleister Crowley and has gained all the powers of the ones he had killed.  Walter asks if Victor can be brought back, and Percy admits he merely have to condemn him to the insanity and make him bleed.  Walter lands on Percy and points his blade upon the stranger, "Bring him back!"  Percy slashes Victor's skin to force him back.

"Persuaded to what!" Victor calls out as he wakes up.  The Demon was about to offer him an alternative to change Crowley's final words but the actions of the others had pulled him away from the dimension before the Demon could finish his statement.   Victor quickly explains to the others that he can try to change things, but Percy tells them they are down to the final minute to make their choices.  In the sky, a bomber plane approaches.  Its side says, Enola Gay.

Victor offers the Demon his Final Words to change the terms of Crowley.  Percy tries to stop him but Walter keeps Percy back.  "Dead people should stay dead!"  the three are in agreement.  Percy screams.  The world's first atomic bomb falls from the sky.  "Victor," Kenji tells his friend, "Do it."  Percy glares at them,  "The three of you could have offered your own lives to stop this.  Instead you have given the Demon the whole world."   The Demon however sneers at Percival, "Too late Percy.. he's already given it to me."


The world seems to be back to normal.

The people awaken without memory of the events.  Any damage that happened in the streets are gone.  Nothing seems amiss.  Kenji, Victor and Walter see a golden orb lock upon each of their heads and immediately they hear Cosmo's telepathic voice as he asks why he is in a house he does not recognize.   Kenji explains he had left the dog in a command center.  "Everyone is well?"  Cosmo asks.  Even Svetlana responds in the link that she was just in front of Walter earlier but now he is missing.  Victor tries to explain that things happened. Things that none of them could control.

The three turn to Percival.  The man has slowly begun to turn translucent.  Victor apologizes that if his future was not meant to be, it was not meant to be.  Percival mutters, "Then neither shall you have one."   He vanishes.  Victor then directs Cosmo questions of the future, asking about the Faceless Army and the Order of Glorianna Sheeda.  Cosmo was about to answer, admitting to have heard of such an order, but suddenly the telepathic link is gone.

Kenji freaks out and rushes to the command center.


There was no sign of Cosmo in the Command Center.
The soldiers admit they did not see any dogs in the area.  One mentioned seeing a golden glow turn translucent and fade away.  Like a dog but it wore odd clothes.

Kenji looks at the others as they arrive.  "We have saved the world.. but..."

Victor turns to the closest glass surface to try and talk to his Demon.  The Demon is no longer there.


At the headquarters, Svetlana reads a telegram.  It talks about a sole survivor of the New York Chapter House - Aliester Crowley - who was able to arrive and give his final report before expiring.  The New York Chapter House Centurions discovered a Castle of Illusion.  They were annihilated.  Aleister Crowley was only able to escape by making a deal with a Water Demon.  He gave the final report in hopes to prepare the team to avenge them.

The telegram was accompanied by a film reel.
Svetlana loads the reel and watches its contents. 

Inside, images form of Aleister, bloodied and mauled, as he recounts how they were ambushed by the Count Baron von Duke and his own team.  "They are well too prepared, too coordinated.  Beware the Hound.  The Hound can read your thoughts.  The Hound is the Count Baron von Duke's Greatest Ally."

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