Monday, February 25, 2019

2019 Feb Tagbites: Curse of the Yellow Sign - Act 3

A huge thank you to Titus and his friends for enjoying a TAG Bites session this February 2019. This session was Act 3 of The Curse of the Yellow Sign, which completes their journey through John Wick's Curse of the Yellow Sign Collected three-act adventure which uses the BRP (Basic Roleplaying).

In this game, the group were passengers in the Archimedes 7 Colony Ship which encountered some form of radioactive field that disrupted its many functions and awoke some of the passengers too early. This was a five-hour one shot session with six players. I am extremely grateful that the players were all very appreciative and happy with how the game turned out. Of the six, there were only two clear deaths (one from a selfish plan to stay alive, while the other in a suicidal bid to save the rest) while the remaining four may have condemned themselves to a slow and horrific death in order to save the world and take the terrible smiling god away from ever hurting anyone ever again.

The game had a lot of drama, a good dose of laughs, and a deep and intimate honesty in touching fear, anger, and despair.  Thank you, John Wick, for creating such an amazing game.   

Again, thank you to my wonderful players (clockwise from left): Titus, CJ, Lorenzo, Hannah, Reyo, and Sophia.  You were all amazing fantastic players.

Til the next TAG Bites, thank you and keep playing!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A new year, a new 12 games

It is 2019 and so far, I've hit TWO new games for this year's 12 New Games Each Year.
The games were:
1) Bubblegumshoe
2) Headspace

Bubblegumshoe was played last January at Taktyl Studios, where I got to introduce the concept of tabletop RPGs to a few new players. The game was an fun quirky session with each player choosing one of the key character types from the book (to speed up play). There was Valerie  who had a Tight Family relationship, Chandler the Maker, Cash the Loner, Selena Ford the Leader and her protege, Danica.  The group finds the police at the school grounds the night after they were decorating the gymnasium for the upcoming school dance. The janitor was found dead in the gym. They  quickly learn that the Principal, Roberts, was hiding a hairy screaming thing in the basement which turns out to be some kind of orangutan. As the Animal Services takes the beast away, and the kids congratulate themselves on making the school safer. Valeria, however, remembers much later the photographs on the basement wall which reveal that orangutan wasn't just an animal, but an animal with a human brain, and it was that human side that killed the janitor due to the provocative choice of school dance decor.

Bubblegumshoe was written by Emily Care Boss, Kenneth Hite, and Lisa Steele. The game was the Winner of the 2017 Gold ENnie for Best Family Game!

You can check out Bubblegumshoe here:

Headspace, on the other hand, was played in the early part of February.  For this game, we originally were going to have five players but one had to cancel due to familial emergencies. So we ended up with four players: Tech, Handler, Infiltrator, and Ronin. The group had a fantastic plan on how to bring down Disney Bezos by attacking their virtual spokesperson, SAM, cutting their funding from a corrupt rich philanthropist named Adam, and by destroying the mainframe for the chips that were keeping people from entering the flooded areas and seeing the truth on how much destruction hit the coastal areas.

As they proceeded in the Mission, however, they quickly discovered things went sideways with the realization there was a SECOND team targeting the same things they had in mind. Worse, this second team thought they were the agents the corporations sent to stop them.  Thankfully, in the end, the operatives were able to accomplish their mission with the help of Angel, the Ghost operative still in their Headspace.

Headspace is written by Mark Richardson.
Learn more about the game here:

Why not start your own 12 New Games Each Year challenge?
Tell me about it if you ever do!

For the previous years lists, check them out here:
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