Monday, September 17, 2018

The Syrneth Codex

Warren Cassaday, Archæologist from Avalon, has been travelling around Théah for the last fifteen years, in search of Syrneth Ruins. This Codex is the first collection of the items and places he has found.


keywords: Syrneth Artifacts, Explorer’s Society, Invisible College

The North Sea Epilogues RPG on Kickstarer

Very happy to be part of this new project.

Garphill Games and Dice Up Games are proud to bring you The North Sea Epilogues. This is a new roleplaying game, designed by Tim and Kristin Devine and set in the North Sea universe of games, including the award-winning Raiders of the North Sea.

I am honored to be listed among amazing creators and writers here.
I do hope you all check out the Kickstarter and support it!

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