Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Coming this April: A SECOND MOMENT


A Second Moment offers a glimpse into the creative direction behind the creation of the game, A Single Moment. This book contains a lot of the published content from the main book and the other expansions, but also contains all-new material by Filipino creators which was written for this compilation.

A Single Moment started as a love letter to the samurai genre and the intensity of the duels shown in popular media. But the game system has proven to be effective in celebrating the drama that is born when two powerful opposing forces meet head on.

This book is a thank you to everyone who enjoyed the game when it was released.  Hope you enjoy discovering your own single moment experiences! 

This book contains:
a) Behind the scenes content on A Single Moment
b) 20 Classic Playsets (from the main book, Ten More Playsets, and the Five More Playsets book)
c) 11 new Playsets (from Totally Epic Gaming Resource)
d) 8 new playsets including
- The Final Ball
- Lovecraftian
- Man versus Monster
e) Solitaire rules
f) Group play rules

Coming this April, 2021.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

MODELS excerpt: Style


MODELS use an in-game currency called, Style Points.  Players earn Style Points for their M.O.D.E.L.S. by acting in ways that celebrate their two natures: their super model and their super spy sides.   All M.O.D.E.L.S. have Style points which can be used to activate different awesome things in the game. 

Style Points are an in-game currency which the player earns in the following ways:

       Be Super Extra

By choosing to indulge in fun distractions, such as going out for a night of dancing or having a mocha Frappuccino with the guys, the player earns one to three Style Points for their respective M.O.D.E.L.S.  If the action stresses on your needs as a super model, or delays or distracts you from your Mission, then it is an action where you are being super extra. You can only Be Super Extra once per scene.

Alternately, instead of Style Points, you can also use this moment to describe how it “fixes” or “heals” an appropriate Injury.

The GM has the final say on what reward you can avail when you Be Super Extra.

       Being Stylish

Stress the rarity, cost, or beauty of your current outfit during a scene. Highlight why the outfit is notable, whether it is because it was by a name in the industry, or because it is one of a kind. Stress how your outfit bounces the spotlights as you come into view. Or how the world seemingly moves in slow motion as you turn to throw the security guards a smile. Celebrate your style and you are rewarded a Style Point in return. Being Stylish is highly recommended, and if the GM does not reward you with a Style Point, another player might.

       Accepting Failure

Rather than rolling to see if you succeed in a Risky Action, you can earn two Style Points by declaring how – despite your proficiency and reputation – things go awry, and you fail in an action. This is perfect for mid-game scenes where the enemy seemingly gets the upper hand before the heroes, at the end, save the day. You do not suffer Injuries when you choose to Accept Failure.  However, it would be only fair to roleplay how the failure affects your agent appropriately.

       Getting Hurt

Pain is a powerful motivator. Whenever your character gets hurt from forces outside of their control, such as from the hands of a nonPC, or from the environment, or events, the player instantly earns a Style Point.  



All M.O.D.E.L.S. can store a number of Style Points equal to their X Factor plus 2. Any Excess Style Points are lost at the end of a game session. 



Given this is a game about super styling fashionable spies, players are encouraged to come up with ways their M.O.D.E.L.S. act fabulous and amazing.  

Once per game session, each player can award one other player a free Style Point (taken from the supply, and not from their own M.O.D.E.L.S. Style Points). This is a good way to reinforce fun role-playing, or to award the player for coming up with something pretty cool for the story.

It is completely up to the awarding player to decide why the other player deserves the free Style Point.  Award away and have fun! 


Handling missions all around the globe, the M.O.D.E.L.S. will engage in various espionage missions that combine the thrilling tradecraft drama of spy stories with irreverent humor and stylish over-the-top action.

Available now on Drivethrurpg:

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