Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Speak to me. The voices are far too loud.

Prisoners both, you find strength in the act of communication. But one of you might be lying and the other might lead astray. 

This game was written as a statement against bullying and against hate. This game was inspired by a powerful scene from writing legend Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V for Vendetta. This game was also written as a protest and as a defiant stance against the hate which seems to currently fuel the world. We must embrace love. And this game hopes to allow opportunities to find that despite the bleakness the surround us.

This game might not be for everyone.

Now available on Drivethrurpg

Sunday, October 6, 2019

GMAnews features Cat's Dream - a Pinoy-made RPG

From the article:
Inspired by Studio Ghibli’s beloved films, “Cat’s Dream” is a single-player RPG that lets you create your own adventure with the help of a deck of cards, a six-sided die, and a few other things.
It was recently released through Abad’s TAG Sessions platform with the book of basic rules now available in PDF format on the DriveThruRPG online store
Your own Ghibli adventure

“Cat’s Dream” is designed to give you that Studio Ghibli-esque experience. While the events that follow your meeting with the cat will depend on your choices, you can expect magic, wonder, and everything in between. You can even have a game with an emotionally heavy and thematically complex story, or one that’s lighthearted and exciting yet moving.

Read the complete article here:

Thank you again so much for the feature! And for the support!

Friday, October 4, 2019

2019 October : TAGBites : Lords of Gossamer & Shadow

Inspired by Roger Zelazny's The Chronicles of Amber books, the Lords of Gossamer and Shadow is a diceless tabletop role-playing game that has players portray almost godlike entities who are involved in vast intertwined machinations and political maneuvering.

Learn more about Amber here:

Cat's Dream featured on

Tremendously grateful for the article on my latest game, Cat's Dream.
The game was written by me and features fantastic artwork by Ivan Frani.

Freedom to dream
Cat’s Dream’s mechanics gives players an extraordinary amount of freedom to create any kind of story they desire.

“I love how the game unlocks creative ideas in its players and opens their eyes to the potential wealth of choices and narrative twists one can embrace in a tabletop role-playing game,” said Abad.

“I also love seeing players realize how many other kinds of entertaining stories can be told in role-playing games beyond the usual fight and tactic-focused scenes. I do hope it also inspires some players to check out Ghibli movies.”

What would eventually become Cat’s Dream was born in 2013, “when I opted to be part of the Creative Pay It Forward event and my dear friend Jovan asked if I could create a game inspired by the [Ghibli] films,” said Abad.

Link to full article here:
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