Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thank you, GoshDarnGeeky for featuring Speak to Me....

Thank you for featuring my game, "Speak to me. The voices are far too loud." The game is quite a personal important one for me and it means a lot that you're helping it reach a wider audience.

From the article:
Embracing hopeSpeak to me. The voices are far too loud.’s message is particularly relevant in today’s world.
“Both in the net and the real world, there has been a rising tide of dominating behavior being imposed on others simply for being different, or disliked,” said Abad. “And given my passion towards gaming, I felt creating a game which helped bring some thoughts into communication was in its own way an important stand to take.”
The complex issues Speak to me. The voices are far too loud. touches on take the form of the “secrets” and the “truth” explored in each play session. Abad incorporated such issues in the game design due to the “capacity of role-playing games to be avenues of exploration and introspection.”
Read the entire article here:

Monday, October 28, 2019

Thank you for the fantastic days, ESGS 2019

Still recovering from four days of Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit (one for Business, and three for the public). Thank you so much for making these last few days so special. Tremendously grateful for the opportunity to reach out to the public once more and offer them my new released game, Cat's Dream. Ran so many demo games for my little solitaire game, including sessions for people who never even played an RPG in the past.

First of all, I want to thank Rocky, my partner and my heart, who was such an amazing trooper and made sure I stayed hydrated and had time to eat and use the bathroom. I love you so much.

Then, I want to thank Gwen, Flip, and Francis, who are the people who make Indie Fiesta happen every single year. Your dedication to helping others have a chance to showcase their work and feel welcome is simply priceless and empowering beyond belief. Thank you so much.

Then, I want to thank Urim for checking on me and keeping me company for some of the days as well. And I envy all the awesome swag you got at the event.

My love then goes out to my fellow creators. I was not able to meet you all, but I remain extremely impressed and humbled to see all your incredible works.

Nathan Briones and Project Tadhana's wacky Larp/Strategic Game, TYLZ.

Alexis Dela Cuesta's beekeeping inspired and educational game, Sting-A-Win.

Juan Rafael Escolar's tactical card game, No Savior's Day.

Thomas Regala of the The Epic Gaming Regiment working with Mirai Pyon of Hello, Mirai and their introspective and revealing game, Love's 5 Languages.

Maisie Tan and Crystal Tan of Play Platter's Space Dogs.

Fred Tay's cyberpunk card game, Manila 2076.

Tony Pena's suspenseful game, Espionage.

Yves Suiza's wacky cat inspired game, 9 Lives.

As well as other digital games such as:

Lawmage Academy by Gian Miko Arabejo.

The many emotive games by Artsybarrels by Jem Sarmiento.

Acadmia: School Simulator by Squeaky Wheel Studio Inc.

Yellow Boat Reimagined
by Patri1e Adela and her team.

Unconditional by Mira Arguelles.

Good Knight by Alex and Zaid.

Deadline by Kismet Trails Studio and Team Theta.

Couch Fightato by Dan Liamco and Vaughn Pinpin.

Let' Eat Pare by Chikon Club.

...and many many more.

Thank you so much!
Hope to see you all again next year.

(Sadly, we had to leave before the picture taking happened. But yeah, so many new creators this year!)

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