Wednesday, July 31, 2019

North Sea Epilogues: Thank you!

Was tremendously grateful and appreciative of being given the chance to write for The North Sea Epilogues.  I have been quite a fan of the board games that use this intellectual property, so to be able to write up an adventure for it was just fantastic. 

Thank you so much to Garphill Games, Dice Up Games most especially Tim and Kristin Devine and I do hope to work with you again soon!

Monday, July 29, 2019

2019 August: TAG Bites : Tiny Frontiers

Inspired by shows such as Firefly, the Expanse, and Leverage, this is a heist and gunslinging science fiction action opera using Alan Bahr's amazing Tiny Frontiers Revised system. The game was a request by a dear friend, Arj, who was hoping to get a chance to play with us again (schedules must align!)

Currently, the game has two open seats for anyone out there interested in trying out this elegant and super easy to learn system.

2019 July: TAG Bites : Vampire 5th edition

Praxis is a Wednesday nights Vampire 5th edition game which was requested by a group of friends. Quite anxious to run this game and see how many sessions we will get to explore before real life forces us to reconsider the schedules!

Sorry, no available seats!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

TAG Sessions response to the joint statement of Gallant Knight Games & WunderWerks regarding the OUATIJ investigation

TAG Sessions response to the joint statement of Gallant Knight Games & WunderWerks regarding the OUATIJ investigation [LINK]

This statement is made solely on behalf of Tobie Abad, and does not speak for anyone who works alongside him, with TAG Sessions, or our partners in the game industry.


First, I would like to thank Gallant Knight Games and WunderWerks for all the work we have done together and appreciate their patience with the difficult position this whole situation put them in. I am also thankful for the level of professionalism demonstrated by how this was handled with the evaluation of the situation being conducted by a third party to remove any possible bias in the final findings. This has been a long, taxing and unfortunate affair for all concerned and I am grateful that we at least have reached the end of this phase of the tribulation. I hold no ill will towards both Gallant Knight Games and WunderWerks and the decision made. While I do wish it did not lead to this termination of our professional working relationship, I completely respect and thank Gallant Knight Games for the manner in which the entire 2-month investigation was objectively handled.

I reiterate that I apologize that I was not able to do more to address the unpleasant experience that certain people had in the past and I once more express how I truly wish things were handled better regarding the cited game experiences. I am thankful that the investigation was able to see how the events cited did not “qualify as harassment or abuse under any legal standard”. As echoed by the investigation results, I attest that there was no malice or intent on my part regarding how those sessions ultimately turned out and I hope the investigation's results help put things into a better perspective to allow us all to focus on moving forward.  I also apologize for any pain that may have been experienced not only in those said sessions, but to everyone else drawn into this whole debacle; such negative experiences will always be the furthest thing I would ever want anyone to ever experience in a tabletop RPG or in life in general.

Part of learning from the mistakes of the past is finding ways to avoid repeating them, and thus I shall continue to strive for better communication not just before or during the game but even after the game sessions to make sure all have a chance to unpack their feelings on how the session/s turned out. I will also continue to use safety tools such as the X-card, Lines and Veils, and others during sessions to ensure there are always avenues for communicating and discussing personal comfort levels at the game table.

I am also aghast at the mention that there were death threats directed at Gallant Knight Games and the third-party investigators and sincerely hope such practices would come to an end. I believe in the hobby and I believe in the community. I know we gamers are a creative and passionate people. And I hope those who made such threats realize the damage and shame they bring to our community as a whole.

Role-playing games is and shall always be my passion. And thus I shall continue to create games, tools, and opportunities (whether it be through talks, panels, guestings, or even free  open table game sessions) to help others explore tabletop RPGs and enjoy the diverse number of ways gaming can be celebrated.  It is only in being willing to reevaluate one's actions and acknowledge one's failings can one take the necessary steps to bettering oneself. I am hoping this is seen as an opportunity for everyone as well to reflect on how they can serve the community better. I definitely will.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

ONGOING : The Great Pendragon Campaign

The Great Pendragon Campaign. This is one of the most incredible books ever written for role-playing games. Comparable to the Masks of Nyarlathotep (for Call of Cthulhu) or the Darkening of Mirkwood (The One Right), this is a meaty tome with adventures and story for players willing to go through its amazing pages.

I am lucky enough to have four players who are ready to take on that challenge! Thank you to Rocky, Urim, Adrian, and Flip for choosing to be the Knights whose lines and fates will soon be intertwined with that of King Arthur himself.

Closed game. No available seats.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

ONGOING : This Block of Ours - Changeling the Dreaming 20th edition

In our desire to have a street level Changeling the Dreaming game, we ended up having a game where each player is still a student trying to balance the Dreaming and its mysteries with the need to finish school and graduate.  Sort of a mix between Buffy the Vampire slayer and Steven Universe.

Admittedly, I really miss the Changeling the Dreaming of the World of Darkness. Most thought it was out of place and too colorful. In truth, it was one of the darkest as you played characters who might need to literally disbelieve in their own existence to save their lives.

Currently closed. No new available seats.

Friday, July 5, 2019

2019 July : TAG Bites : Kult Divinity Lost

Some old friends reached out with the request that I run a horror game for them and a new player! After debating between this, Alien the RPG, and Wraith the Oblivion as the game to run, this kinda won out. Anxious to see how the game will turn out this coming July 13.

So, to Jonas, Nicole, Alfred, and Rocky are going for a spin at the dark illusion that is the world of Kult: Divinity Lost.  And even more awesome, the game is now Powered by the Apocalypse! (I do still own the old Kult books though haheheeh)

Sadly, no seats available.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

NEW DISCORD Play by Post Offering : Harrowing the Dead - Wraith the Oblivion 20th anniversary

This is a Discord play by post game which I hope to run for up to three players. As with previous Discord games, a dice roller will be used to resolve dice rolls, and all posts will be done in the third person, to make the stories easily accessible for others to follow.  This game will be using the Wraith the Oblivion 20th anniversary edition rules.

The game will be set in the modern day, in a fictional version of Los Angeles. All players will start as mortals, alive and happy to help get a sense of what they will be losing.   This game will touch on dark mature themes and thus is only recommended for players who can handle and enjoy such stories.

Up to three players will be accepted.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

ONGOING : Exalted 81:18

Inspired by the Mahabharata, I've decided to run an Exalted campaign for Rocky and Urim which draws parallels to its amazing story. Even more awesome was the tremendously inspiring artwork by Mukesh Singh, whose artwork can be found here:

With it being a two-player game, this allows us to tell a story with a different pacing compared to other campaigns. Even better, it gives us more breathing room in trying to grasp the new 3rd edition of the Exalted game.

Currently closed. No new player seats.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Twitter Open Table Board Game Nights

Starting every Friday this month onwards, we are now opening Open Table Board Game Nights for our twitter friends and contacts. This is to encourage and share our love of gaming to even wider communities and non-gamers.

Interested in joining? Just let us know and shoot us a Direct Message on Twitter!
Let's play!

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