Thursday, October 4, 2018

Big Books Coming Your Way...

Been quite productive this year with two major releases currently in its final stages of writing.
The first, is the long-awaited next chapter of A Single Moment.  At long last, the book is coming out with a new edition with lots of playsets, as well as a few new rule options that many have been clamouring for!  A Single Moment remains my baby, being the first ever solo indie release I formally created and despite the rough waters it plowed through, it has now reached a whole new level of awesomeness. I do hope you like it!

Second, my upcoming wuxia inspired game, Once Upon a Time in Jianghu has just found its editor and we're working on tightening the flow of the text. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say who it is already, so I'll wait for Gallant Knight Games to make the formal announcement.  But yeah, this Powered by the Apocalypse game has a few new tricks up its sleeve, including allowing GMs to roll dice when the bigger bad guys come into the scene, four ranges of results, and a complete absence of "stats" which might raise some eyebrows.

Then there are the minor stuff.   Released a few more 7th Sea community creators stuff, such as another one page sourcebook for Obscure Objects that Heroes might uncover, and a first part book on Syrneth Artifacts found by my Indiana Jones analog character.

On the Vampire side, I just released the second part of the Reconquista Saga, as the vampire narrative set in Manila continues to draw blood.  Blood Red Pearls is out and I do hope people like it. A cool RPG club in Daytona State has copies of the first book for their club activities. I do hope they enjoyed it.

Lastly, the preview for 7th Sea: Khitai came out and I was floored to see the sections I wrote for it in the doc! So happy to have a greater presence of the Philippines in the setting and I do hope people like my take on the Kiwa  Islands and the role Tawalisi plays in the region. I even got to add a Manananggal to the setting, which is just awesome!

So yeah, lots on the plate and I am very thankful that my Patreon Backers continue to help fund my exploits!

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Syrneth Codex

Warren Cassaday, Archæologist from Avalon, has been travelling around Théah for the last fifteen years, in search of Syrneth Ruins. This Codex is the first collection of the items and places he has found.


keywords: Syrneth Artifacts, Explorer’s Society, Invisible College

The North Sea Epilogues RPG on Kickstarer

Very happy to be part of this new project.

Garphill Games and Dice Up Games are proud to bring you The North Sea Epilogues. This is a new roleplaying game, designed by Tim and Kristin Devine and set in the North Sea universe of games, including the award-winning Raiders of the North Sea.

I am honored to be listed among amazing creators and writers here.
I do hope you all check out the Kickstarter and support it!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Tadhana is now available digitally worldwide

Yes dear friends! Tadhana has a digital version available online now and you can grab it to experience a fantasy world inspired by Filipino mythology.  The bundle includes the rulebook, starter module, and character sheet. This is almost 500 pages of fantastic concepts, wonderful magic, and interesting locations to explore.

Set in the universe of Kalawakan, Tadhana is an adventure tabletop role-playing game inspired by Filipino folklore, urban legends, and mythology. Featuring an uncommon take on fantasy, players can experience a world full of magic and encounter creatures, deities, and the supernatural previously only found in Filipino stories, epics, superstitions, and legends. The game is powered by a dice-less, card-based resolution system and features flexible and dynamic attribute resource mechanics.

Grab the bundle today!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Young Heroics on DrivethruRpg for 7th Sea 2e

In the tradition of movies such as The Wizard of Oz, The Goonies, Harry Potter, Spy Kids, Young Indiana Jones, The Hunger Games and television series such as Stranger Things, this supplement offers 30 New Advantages, 3 Arcana, and 6 Stories for 7th Sea Heroes to happen to be younger than usual. Sometimes, the big heroes are just too busy to notice the things the kids do.

Young Heroics is now available on DrivethruRpg.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Single Sheet Sourcebooks: 7th Sea

I've started releasing Single Sheet Sourcebooks, my one-page GM tool for 7th Sea 2nd edition. Currently, I have three online right now and they seem to be receiving some modest attention.

Single Sheet Sourcebook 01: Fifty Unexpected Events
The first of many "Single Sheet Sourcebooks" for 7th Sea, 2nd edition. This one offers ideas and prompts useful when struggling for a good scene. Just roll and listen to what the players have to say. Your sessions story lies in their ideas. These events can be for one-shot games, filler sessions when the main Story needs a breather, or even jumping points for a whole new campaign. Have fun!

Single Sheet Sourcebook 02: Fifty Unexpected Events
The second of many "Single Sheet Sourcebooks" for 7th Sea, 2nd edition. This one offers ideas and prompts useful for adding family-related moments to the game. These events can be for one-shot games, filler sessions when the main Story needs a breather, or even jumping points for a whole new campaign.

Single Sheet Sourcebook 03: Fifty Disturbing Dievai

The third of many "Single Sheet Sourcebooks" for 7th Sea, 2nd edition.
This one offers visual ideas for disturbing and remarkable concepts for dievai in your game.
Use this table to randomly choose a dievai for your game, or just choose the one whose description calls to you the most.

Monday, August 6, 2018

INDIE SUPPLEMENT OF THE YEAR, 2017: Itras by: Menagerie

This Sub-Award honors the best supplement for an existing Independent RPG. It is judged on the same standards as the Indie Game of the Year, but applies to game supplements rather than games themselves. This can include additional rules, setting information, or anything that enhances an existing game. The supplement may be for purchase or free.

The Indie Supplement of the Year FOR 2017 IS...

Itras By: The Menagerieby Ole Peder Giaver et al. / with 21 points

Whooo hoooo!
So happy to be part of this project!

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