Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A Second Moment in print!

 Well, sadly, not yet.  But I received a lovely email one day from Oren who was kind enough to ask permission to make a personal printed copy of my book. Additionally, they had a number of questions about how the game worked and why certain design decisions were done with A Second Moment.

With his permission, I can show the images of the printed personal copy here:

For those who don't know, DriveThruRpg does allow independent publishers to have work in their print on demand options.  However, it does mean needing to have your document laid out to work for print which in itself requires certain considerations.   (If you look at the pic, I messed up in the back cover, not leaving adequate space for the ISBN bar code!) They also allow a test printed copy to be sent to you for checking. 

However, that means spending a larger amount of money for layout which is sadly beyond my grasp.  And given I'm based in the Philippines, this means a much greater cost implication for having the test print shipped to me.  I did have a possible publisher before for this edition, but well, life happened.  And so, I resigned myself to the thought of never seeing this book reach print.

Thank you to Oren and his wife for being kind enough to allow me to see photos of what the book could have looked like!  It truly brightened my day.

A Second Moment is available at DrivethruRpg.
Grab it today if you haven't! 

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

6x6 TRPG challenge!

Being part of a community of table top RPG gms in the Philippines, it is nice seeing different initiatives that emerge to encourage others to play more as well as share their gaming knowhow.  I doubt anyone would take a stab at my personal goal of hitting 12 New Games Each Year, but it was fun seeing @JodTheCod start a 6x6 TRPG challenge.

My first encounter of this kind of challenge was actually from boardgames, with an annual 10x10 boardgame challenge showing up online where people were to play ten different boardgames ten times, tracking who won the most by the end of the year.  

For the tabletop RPG one, I'm still in the process of mapping out the sixth game, but this is what I have so far:

That is composed of three currently ongoing campaigns:
The Great Pendragon Campaign is a game we started way back in 2017.  We have Rocky, Adrian, Flip, and Urim in that game, and we're currently on our third generation of knights as we play through the Romantic Era and learn the unfolding story of Tristam and Isolde.

Horror on the Orient Express, Call of Cthulhu, started back in April, 2022, with Rocky, Adrian, Jonette, and Lanz in the game.  I foolishly opted to skip NOTHING in the campaign, so we're taking our sweet time indulging in the horror.  We even played through Reign of Terror, and for those who are familiar with both books, you know why.

A Door Opens, The Invisible Sun started more recently.  Started last Sept, 2023, this game has Rocky, Lanz, and Deano, play Vislae who have just returned from Shadow and are realizing they are in the heart of a massive scheme which they themselves may have created and forgotten. 

Of the new mini-campaigns, we have:

Changeling the Dreaming will be the next mini-campaign. As a request by @denmotherplays, the game is intended for them to try my take on the game system.  

Mythic Japan: Ukiyo-E
is the fan supplement for VAESEN set in a mythic period of Japan.  For this one, Lanz and Emman are the main players, with a rotating guest list for the six sessions.  This will allow more people to try the game system, and since its a mini-campaign mode, allow us to even try using the Upgrades system for the game.

Still need to think of one last mini-campaign. Hmm!

Salt and Sass Games plays Cat's Dream

Very thankful that this year started with Salt and Sass playing, Cat's Dream.
I loved how they were able to share how to play the game while playing it! And I really enjoyed listening to the unfolding story. 

I also love the fact you don't use the do-over approach! I too love seeing where it goes!

Thank you for creating the video and I hope you enjoyed the game.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Goodbye 2023. 2024 must be a productive year.

Kinda shaky year, this 2023 was. I feel it started out strong but then just.. somehow lost its way. But I like to believe it still ended strong.

Not much work done this year.  Written projects include:

 Among this year's 12 New include:

And of those three, only two were ever released for public purchase. That's terrible. Very terrible.
I need to be much more productive this coming 2024.

As to my annual 12 New Games Challenge, I thankfully hit it this year.

12 New Games this 2023
1. Delta Green
2. Regency Cthulhu
3. The Ward
4. Blade Runner
5. Die the RPG
6. Forget Me Not
7. Praxis: Black Mon, Book 4 - Sunrise End
8. The Invisible Sun
9. One of Us Will Die
10. Blue Rose
11. Vaesen
12. Host and Hostility: Regency Cthulhu
13. Vaesen: Fear the Evenfall
14. Stalker RPG

That's a wonderful collection of games there.  And highlights include The Invisible Sun which now has an ongoing campaign as wellas Die the RPG and Vaesen, both of which are tremendously tight worlds and amazing game systems.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

When emotions are difficult, game and be well


Was having a tough day today, dealing with a loss in the family. Was barely sleeping, barely eating, and in many ways, barely productive despite forcing myself to slug through work and responsibilities. I just.. wasn't in the right headspace.   I had scheduled a few games post work hours to help me find my center.  And while the first one was a great way to recalibrate, the second one had a player drop out and that - while I understand was fair and totally understandable - did a number on my mood and mental state. 

I cancelled the game and wanted to just curl up and sleep.
And yet, even while in bed, I couldn't sleep.

Thankfully, these set of friends reached out and checked on me and kept me company, virtually as it was, and it was enough. I started to feel myself again. I started to feel like I was a person and not just a reaction.

And I realized I felt centered enough to try running a game.
And boy, did that really shoot my recalibration back on track.

Thank you, Lanz, Niccolo, and Emman for helping me through today.
Thank you for the fun game as we explored the world of VAESEN.

Thank you.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

A wonderful stream at the end of the year

 To complete my 12 New Games for 2023, I was able to run Host & Hostility, a Call of Cthulhu Regency module for a few friends.

Got to run it for Denmother (twitch.tv/denmotherplays), and a number of other friends and boy was it a blast! Not sure how long the game session will be online, but you can click the link and check it out.

But yes, happy to report I was able to maintain my 12 New Games Each Year personal goal.   The list of games for 2023 breaks down to the following:
1. Delta Green
2. Regency Cthulhu
3. The Ward
4. Blade Runner
5. DIE the RPG
6. Forget Me Not
7. Praxis: Black Monk, Book 4
8. The Invisible Sun
9. One of Us Will Die
10. Blue Rose
11. Vaesen
12. Host and Hostility: Regency Cthulhu

Not a bad exploration of games this year.  And there's still the possibility of one or two more games before the year ends.   So crossing my fingers for that. 

But yes, will be posting my year in review in a few weeks.  So far, it does seem to be ending in a happy note, despite the lower productivity this year.

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Seed: Book one of One World Jungle for Tiny Wastelands

The Wilds were always about survival. In a world where mankind was ended, every animal seeks to survive for the coming day. But not even the animals anticipated that a new predator would emerge in the absence of humanity: the Greed.

The Seed is suitable for three to five Animals. This campaign expects that the Animals are all familiar with each other and have reason to trust one another, despite being of different species. The simplest could be they’ve learned to trust in each other and jointly protect their shared territory. But when some of their Young discover the presence of the Greed, none could have anticipated this was just the beginning of a growing threat whose influence would be felt across generations.

This is a campaign written for Tiny Wastelands: The Wild micro-setting.
This is book one of three.
Created by Tobie Abad

Saturday, November 4, 2023

One of Us Will Die: In Nomine Filii

A good friend of mine, Titus, has finally taken the plunge and CREATED HIS OWN RPG!!!! The game is called, One of Us Will Die, and you can learn more about it here:

In brief, the game is designed as a one-shot, zero-prep game with people playing various archetypes.  But in each game, one of the player characters is the Mark, a person who is destined to die in the story. And one of the other characters MIGHT be the Traitor, who hopes to kill the Mark before the story ends.   

The game is an incredible mix of great ideas and draws huge inspiration from games like Praxis and a few other indie games.  I'm just super proud of my friend finally going for this as he has always been one of those friends whom I felt deeply had their own stories and game experiences to share. 

For this game, Titus had asked me to give him the chance to try playing his own game.  It is not an uncommon problem where a game you create is something you only experience as the one running it for others to try.  So this was quite an exciting thing for him too. To better give him the experience, I opted to create a wholly new scenario for him to play in, that way he too didn't know what to expect.  The scenario will never see the light of publication, which is for the best, really. But it explores folk horror set in the Philippines and has a bunch of former schoolmates gathering for a reunion after the loss of a mutual friend.

Tremendously happy to know it was well received. All the players had fun and boy did we make sure to use all the safety tools necessary to ensure we were all in a safe place. But I promise you all, the game is amazing and if you get a chance to back if (once it hits Kickstarter) or try it (when Titus offers more online and face-to-face sessions to try it), do it! 

And yes, this was also a game for my 12 New Games this 2023. And boy was sooooo worth it!


Thursday, November 2, 2023

The Invisible Sun campaign: A Door Opens

 Been running a mini-campaign of The Invisible Sun for the last few weeks with a few friends.  The campaign is called, A Door Opens.  Drawing inspiration from shows such as The Magicians, Legion, and movies like Mirror Mask and comics such as Enigma, Sandman, and Mind MGMT, the stories revolve around the concept of doors and the possibilities they offer.

We've been recording the audio of each session just so I can review how I am handling things. The game is NOT livestreamed, and really only shared here so people who are interested in my gaming style can see how I navigate through the system. And to be honest, we're still learning. The Session 0 and first game are filled with lots of attempts to grasp the system and get used to it. But that's how best to learn any new game system, in my opinion.

This is also a game I've decided to dive into and try as one of the twelve new games I try to learn each year! And so far the players are having a great time! So I guess, double win!

It goes without saying, the personalities and characters presented in the game are not reflective of the real personalities and morals of the players and the GM.  But I hope you enjoy a glimpse of how our games are going as well.

For those curious about the game system, The Invisible Sun is back! A new release of the game is coming this 2023.  While I don't think I can afford its hefty price tag, I do recommend it is a game system worth exploring (I was able to afford the digital version only).  If you want to check it out, you can check out this link: https://www.montecookgames.com/announcing-invisible-sun-return-of-the-black-cube/

Let's explore the Actuality!

Monday, August 21, 2023

Night's Black Agents: Sus Specks


Just finished a year-long mini-campaign of Sus Specks, a mystery romp inspired by the likes of Killing Eve, Utopia, SE7EN, Legion, Mind MGMT, and, yes, Only Murders in the Building.  The game started with two players, Lanz and Vannie, who played intelligence officers who were pulled out of duty for different reasons.  But by the time the campaign ended, a third player, Emman, joined the fun.  

The game had them exploring murders that happened around the vicinity of their condo complex. What started as a strange possible serial killer with inclinations towards using medieval torture devices as murder methods eventually was revealed to have ties to a mission in Afghanistan which all three of them had been part of.  Eventually, the truth was uncovered and the roots of the events were traced back to the escaped captive, Metatron, who was a prisoner of something known as the Monarch Project.  The game ended with a building exploding, a showdown at an emergency room, and a bitter sweet realization that when push comes to shove and human compassion is the only thing that separates us from monsters, we will all remain suspects in our own cruel crimes.

Thank you for playing, Lanz, Vannie, and Emman.
Until the next TAG Bites mini-campaign!

Thursday, May 18, 2023

KNIGHT deserves its GLORY


When I first heard about Mark Beren's upcoming game, KNIGHT, I was definitely intrigued.  As someone who has been a fan of Greg Stafford's King Arthur Pendragon and is currently still running The Great Pendragon Campaign for his gaming circle (the campaign started back in 2017!) I've always been fascinated with games that tried to capture the glory and tragedy of Arthurian tales in one form or another.  

In KNIGHT, you play a heroic, glory-seeking knight in service to your Queen. The game drew inspiration from Pendragon, Into the Odd, Forged in the Dark, and Powered by the Apocalypse games, and offers a tight game experience with collaborative storytelling is supported with a solid system.  Each game has three phases; the Quest phase which is goal-oriented, the Fief phase which explores advancement and decision-making, and the Free play phase which grants even more flexibility on your play options.   Dice rolls are resolved with the use of a standard twenty-sided die, with complications arising if the roll is higher than the attribute being used that moment. Adding to the fun is the Effect Die which measures the effectiveness of one's action and determines when a situation or activity has been successfully overcome. Luck plays a part in the game too, especially during the Fief phase of the game, offering favorable results even in scenes where the character has no direct control over the events. Endurance tracks one's ability to stay active, which nicely allows the story to carry on and not focus solely or character mortality. 

The game also has Glory, which represents power, wealth, and influence with the populace.  Even the passage of time is part of the experience, with players creating their own Avalon by drawing a map, then later showing its development and change with later updates.  This adds for a cool cooperative extra experience which reminds me of games like The Quiet Year.   Generational play is also built into the system with the player having to retire their Knight once certain conditions are met. 

The author was very generous in working on this game too, with practically fifth pages of world-creation thoughts, role-playing tips, and game atmosphere considerations offered to help new players embrace the intricacies of a knight's life.  Lots of alternative rules are also provided to help groups tailor fit the experience to what works better for them.  Given the setting is not your standard Arthurian fare, there are lots of new names and places offered for the game's "baseline" setting. This is where, I feel, I struggled a bit as I have always had trouble with names. While some names are probably common or accurate to the setting, I will confess finding myself unsure how to pronounce some of them. And it was curious to see how the game tried to mix enough influences and imagination -based material to form something familiar but new.  Especially with the game offering a campaign framework (called the Three Ages) to give groups a nice jumping off point for a long term campaign session. 

The game has a sleek character sheet design, and even a section to track your family tree (something with I think King Arthur Pendragon could have benefited from having as part of their main sheet).

All in all, I'm extremely excited to find a chance to try this system out.  Mark was kind enough to offer me a chance to see the book (and in return I sent him a copy of my other game, The Cat's Dream) and I definitely look forward to supporting this game once it is formally available. But even this early, I am already seeing this game finding a spot on my virtual shelf for awesome games that offer Arthurian /Arthur-inspired experiences.  

Learn more the game today at

Monday, January 30, 2023

Regency Cthulhu was amazing!

 The second game among my 12 New Games this 2023 was a session of REGENCY CTHULHU!

Got to run this with a bunch of good friends.  Originally meant to be a two-player game, I bumped it up to four players only cause the response was quite touching.  Claire, Trina, Henry, and Titus each grabbed a seat with my best friend, Flip, taking a final fifth seat.   We had a quick run down on the Regency world, drawing inspiration from movies like Little Women, Emma, and shows like Downton Abbey and Bridgeton.  Last minute, Titus had a small thing to handle which took him from his seat.  But we still got to explore the various themes safely and disturbingly well in a fun way.

Loving the small adjustments to the system that suit this game world.  I do wish there was a section dedicated to work as a quick guide for players and GMs to get the feels a bit more, but I guess the idea was a person who would get the book would have had a better idea of what the setting was already like.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The Lying City Mysteries are complete

The Lying City Mysteries are finally complete!

All five books are now available on Drivethrurpg.

Book Five, The Door is Open is at PAY WHAT YOU WANT so people can check it out without having to spend.  This book is best for the GM, btw, so please don't spoil it for yourself.  But you can download this, share it with your GM who can then read it and decide if they want to invest on the four other books, or simply use this summarized campaign for free!

Five books, each one can work somewhat as a standalone mystery for Tiny Cthulhu, but overall work best as a campaign for your group.

The Sleep Experiment (Book One)
The Man At the Foot of the Bed (Book Two)
The Beached Thing (Book Three)
Drawing the Silver Key (Book Four)
The Door is Open (Book Five)


Each book touches on a different idea that i wanted to explore:
The Sleep Experiment drew inspiration from the "Russian Sleep Experiment" creepypasta stories.
The Man At the Foot of the Bed explores the concepts of bangugot and death via sleep.
The Beached Thing is a survival horror story.
Drawing the Silver Key is an isekai horror story.
The Door is Open is the finale, tying things together, but also explores the memetic nature of rituals.

Hoping you all like it as much as I did writing them up.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

TAGBites #038: Delta Green - Loop

Got to play DELTA GREEN as the game session for the year as well as the first item for my 12 NEW GAMES EACH YEAR challenge!  We've been fans of Call of Cthulhu and Pendragon for quite some time, so it wasn't too much a leap to switch to this game.  Getting used to Will Power Points and Bonds was a tricky thing but definitely nothing too hard to navigate.

Had four players: Titus, Lanz, Jin, and my life-partner, Rocky.  It was officially Jin's second RPG game ever, so I felt quite honored and happy to be able to run this for him.  For the rest of us (perhaps save Lanz, I could be wrong) it was our first foray in trying this game system.  I cobbled up a story by combining elements from the module The Observer Effect with the concept of Global Frequency (comic) and had them handle a strange time-loop incursion as a one-shot story.  Personally, I loved how it turned out!

You can watch the session here:

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Thank you, jim

This is a moment for me.

Nothing big.
Just happy to hit a personal milestone.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Ending 2022 and welcoming 2023

Looking forward to a good year this 2023.
While generally 2022 was not that bad, there were still those moments that were just exhausting and trying - including a time when this blog, TAG Sessions, was shut down after certain "complaints" and "violations" were cited (and later overruled) - which nearly had me calling it quits on the entire thing. Thankfully, I continue to be surrounded by awesome friends, kind gamers, and critical individuals who handle events in a clearer and more rational manner.

Completed my 12 New Games personal challenge again!  This year, was able to play/run new game systems as well as expand on having some of them as multi-session mini-campaigns to provide a better fulfilling story and experience.  Summaries of such sessions are usually shared in the TAG Sessions Facebook Group (feel free to ask for membership, but please do be sure to answer ALL the questions properly) to be part of the fun.    This year had two mini-campaigns (Pendragon and Night's Black Agents)

Among this year's 12 New include:
1) Praxis: Our Lost Way
2) Star Trek Adventures
3) Praxis: Lambs
4) The Hunted
5) Mashed
6) Hearts of Wulin
7) Horror on the Orient Express
8) Savage Worlds
9) Golden Sky Stories
10) Trail of Cthulhu
11) Reign of Terror 
12) Avatar: Legends
13) Alas for the Awful Sea
14) Cairn

Very happy to have such a robust list of systems and books to have explored.

Targeting a good selection of possible games for this year, including stuff like INVISIBLE SUN which keeps touting itself as a very unique game system (I'm not convinced quite yet) and DIE RPG (which was an amazing comic, but I have no comments for now on the game system). 

Sadly, though, this year, was definitely not as productive as I wished to be. With the blog being shut down for a while, lost tracking some of the stuff I released this year.  But among them are:

The Lands of Voce Luminare - Book 01: War of the Widows Supplement

Buy it at DriveThruRPG: War of the Widows: Book 1: Lands of Voce Luminare

The Sleep Experiment - Lying City Mysteries - Book 01 for Tiny Cthulhu
Buy it at DriveThruRPG: The Sleep Experiment

The Man At the Foot of the Bed - Lying City Mysteries - Book 02 for Tiny Cthulhu
Buy it at DriveThruRPG: The Man At the Foot of the Bed

The Beached Thing - Lying City Mysteries - Book 03 for Tiny Cthulhu
Buy it at DriveThruRPG: The Beached Thing

Drawing the Silver Key - Lying City Mysteries - Book 04 for Tiny Cthulhu 

Buy it at DriveThruRPG: Drawing the Silver Key

Faith Heal Her - Bow Your Heads - Book 01

Buy it at DriveThruRPG: Faith Heal Her - Bow Your Heads

50 Mortal Musings

Buy it at DriveThruRPG: 50 Mortal Musings

And sadly, that was it. 

I did a lot of work on a few other books, including rewrites of the book formerly known as Once Upon a Time in Jianghu, book 4 of Sid's Real Life, unHuman (a Changeling the Dreaming supplement), Bulong (a Changeling the Dreaming novelette), Mythography (a Trinity campaign), Blazing Hearts Revolt, book 3 of the Reconquista Vampire novelette, Diliman the RPG, Dreamscrapers, and even a MODELS quickstart

I have no idea if I will succeed in finishing any of them this 2023.
But at least, this year, the Pandemic seems to have giving us all some breathing room.  We have gained some space to reconnect with friends and to find opportunities to step outside beyond our prison-sanctuary rooms.

Here's hoping it goes well.

Monday, October 17, 2022

The Man At The Foot Of The Bed : Book 2 of the Lying City Mysteries now available

The Man At The Foot Of The Bed
Book 2 of the Lying City Mysteries
for Tiny Cthulhu

One of the Investigators learns of a strange thing unfolding in their apartment building – people have started to report of sleepless nights and terrifying moments of seeing a stranger standing at the foot of their bed. Somehow, this event seems to be affecting only people in their building. And worse, slowly they begin to see the man too. When the deaths start, the Investigators must act fast to uncover the secret of this quiet observer, to save not just the unfortunate residents of the building but also themselves.

The Man at the Foot of the Bed is suitable for three to five Investigators. This adventure is broken down to different scenes. But it is up to you how the story unfolds. This is the second of the Lying City Mysteries, a series of mysterious events which have been written up for Tiny Cthulhu, set in the modern day.

Grab the book today:


Monday, October 10, 2022

The Sleep Experiment : Book 1 of the Lying City Mysteries now available

The Sleep Experiment
Book 1 of the Lying City Mysteries
for Tiny Cthulhu

When the Investigators learn that one of their friends is currently participating in a university sleep study, the group soon realizes that there is more to the experiment that initially believed. Somehow, the participants have gotten trapped in a shared dream, and something stalks their psyches. Can the Investigators find a way to save their friend and the other participants before it is too late?

The Sleep Experiment is suitable for three to five Investigators. This is the first of the Lying City Mysteries, a series of mysterious events which have been written up for Tiny Cthulhu.

Grab the book today:

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Miskatonic Repository - Halloween 2022 Collection is live!

This year's Miskatonic Repository Halloween Collection is available!

This year's collection contains 13 titles by various authors and, till Halloween, is on a -60% sale: $19.99 instead of $50.92! You can find the 2022 Halloween Collection in this link:

Grab it today! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

A session of Praxis: Of the Flesh with Denmotherplays!

Was very happy to have been invited to help Denma and friends play jim pinto's PRAXIS: OF THE FLESH, which is an incredible game system with a very different approach to tabletop roleplaying games. Thank you for having me!

Watch the entire episode here:

Stay updated with Denma, here:

And learn more about Praxis: Of the Flesh here:

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Arj's Game Room plays Cat's Dream

 Was tremendously touched that awesome GM Arj decided to try playing my little game, Cat's Dream. 

The game was one of the few games that found an audience and I honestly wish it was able to get the recognition it deserves. But alas, life has other plans, it seems.  Anyway, here's his take on the game and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did!

Despite it being your first game, Arj, watching you go through the rules has actually opened my eyes to some adjustments I should consider in future books.  I loved how you approached the game and I was happy you chose Rupert for your character name.  Thank you so much for playing!

Catch more of Arj's game sessions at 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Busilak on the map!

 Miskatonic Playhouse was awesome today and has released Scenario Map tags for practically all the Miskatonic Repository locations.

Currently, my Philippine myth inspired one, Busilak is listed as one of the two Philippine set mysteries. Davao has the second one, by the fantastic @Denmotherplays who wrote The Durian Hotel.

Here's hoping for more to be featured here.

Saturday, July 23, 2022


 The Black Monk

Had a fantastic game session with Den Mother Plays, Titus, and Lanz.
We had a tale of friendship, of deception, of transformative fire, and of hunger.  Such a wonderful experience and was so happy to have this chance to introduce the game system to more people.  The Praxis system is such a well-done engine that empowers people to tell stories.  Few rpgs are as story-focused and narrative-empowering as this.
Watch the Stream here!

Grab the game today!

Thursday, July 21, 2022


 Shared a tale of horror and mystery with some friends as we played, ALAS FOR THE AWFUL SEA.
For our game, we opted to draw inspiration from movies like, The Lighthouse, and games like The Sunless Sea.  

Thank you to Titus who opted to livestream our session.  Thank you as well to Lanz and Aina for playing the game with us.
You can watch our session here:

And grab a copy of the game here:
Alas for the Awful Sea

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Ran Blood & Honor for a livestream!


Thank you so much for inviting me to run a game for you all.
Had a LOT of fun getting you to try BLOOD & HONOR
Thank you so much for having me, ARJ's GAME ROOM.

For those curious about the game system, check it out:

Thursday, June 2, 2022


Once we lived in cities.  Once we lived in a world where people resided in villages. In subdivisions. In condominiums. The old folk tell stories of how cities were bright and loud places that were visible even from the stars. How great concrete roads stitched the world together and allowed people to travel vast distances without ever fearing the Ferrex.

Prior to the Gathering, the People were not united.  The world was broken up into nations. And while the Ferrex had shattered most of the world apart, there are still fragments that remain out there.  These are some of the places which the Voce Luminare protected. 

Discover how these locations are unique. Each location is described in two ways: As It Was and As It Is.  Each one provides possible plot threads, and story hooks with you can use in your games. This is the first of numerous supplements planned to futher fleshout the Legacy: War of the Widows microsetting.

Book One: The Lands of Voce Luminare is a  supplement for Legacy: The War of the Widows microsetting.  Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition.

This book requires Tiny Dungeon 2e.

Grab the book today:

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Faith Heal Her : Bow Your Heads

 Now available on Drivethrurpg

Coming Soon: Faith Heal Her - Book 1 - Bow Your Heads

Book one of the Faith Heal Her story should be available online very soon.

Bow Your Heads
A sinister thing is using religious fervor to lure prey into its web of lies. Only a young woman and her ghostly companion, her deceased aunt, are aware of the predator in their city.

The search for the Guest continues. The world grows darker. When facing threats that can accomplish the impossible, how long would it take before one considers finding others to join their cause?

Intended For Mature Readers
Content Warning: Sudden Death, Religion, Possession, Children, Parental Death

Available soon on Drivethrurpg.

Check out the Pay What You Want
Faith Heal Her : Prologue

Currently at

Monday, May 23, 2022

50 Mortal Musings


Mortals don't realize how much fun they are having. Or how much more meaning ordinary things can be when looked at through the lens of immortality. Whether it is to relive the mortal moments, or deal with mortal matters, see which ones work best for your group.

Check it out here:

Monday, April 25, 2022

Phaedra Keeps an Eye is out: Round6

Had a tremendously generous and in-depth review of ROUND6.  Was very grateful to see all the detail in the review and the constructive feedback that was shared to help me make the book (and even future books better).   

Check it out now!

Thank you, Phaedra!
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