Saturday, June 4, 2022

Ran Blood & Honor for a livestream!


Thank you so much for inviting me to run a game for you all.
Had a LOT of fun getting you to try BLOOD & HONOR
Thank you so much for having me, ARJ's GAME ROOM.

For those curious about the game system, check it out:

Thursday, June 2, 2022


Once we lived in cities.  Once we lived in a world where people resided in villages. In subdivisions. In condominiums. The old folk tell stories of how cities were bright and loud places that were visible even from the stars. How great concrete roads stitched the world together and allowed people to travel vast distances without ever fearing the Ferrex.

Prior to the Gathering, the People were not united.  The world was broken up into nations. And while the Ferrex had shattered most of the world apart, there are still fragments that remain out there.  These are some of the places which the Voce Luminare protected. 

Discover how these locations are unique. Each location is described in two ways: As It Was and As It Is.  Each one provides possible plot threads, and story hooks with you can use in your games. This is the first of numerous supplements planned to futher fleshout the Legacy: War of the Widows microsetting.

Book One: The Lands of Voce Luminare is a  supplement for Legacy: The War of the Widows microsetting.  Tiny Dungeon: Second Edition.

This book requires Tiny Dungeon 2e.

Grab the book today:

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