Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Chosen Lord: A Single Moment Actual Play

Chanced upon another Actual Play of A Single Moment. This game was quite remarkable as it also educates the listener to a lot of interesting tidbits of information that can enrich their own games in the future.

 And very insightful chatter here.

Admittedly, the structure is designed to make the "underdog" have the bigger chance of getting a better "ending" at the end of each Chapter. It feels odd at first, but it actually works as you get to it with more games.

Thank you for playing!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Un Momento Unico!

Finally received my own copy of the Spanish edition of A Single Moment.
The book is just beautiful and I do hope it finds a larger audience there as well. Grab a copy of this here:

So far, I found one Actual Play of the game in Youtube! I do hope to find even more people playing this version of my humble game.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

2018, your 12 new game challenge is complete!

So this 2018, I finally completed my 12 New Game Challenge! And to be honest, that was just an awesome thing to feel. Despite the lack of huge events or monthly mini-conventions, I still find ways to introduce more people to different game systems as well as new people to the hobby.

For the 12 New Games for 2018
1) Pasion de las Pasiones
2) Protocol: Virtuax
3) Protocol: Dead Things in the Walls
4) Tiny Dungeon 2e - Legacy: War of the Widows
5) Tadhana
6) Once Upon a Time in Jianghu
7) Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition
8) Changeling the Dreaming, 20th anniversary
9) Itras By
10) Eclipse Phase
11) Call of Cthulhu
12) Bluebeard's Bride

2017 New Games
1) Pugmire
2) Monster of the Week
3) An RPG Musical, using Scion
4) Black Stars Rise
5) jim pinto's soon to be announced game
6) Carcass: Exodus
7) Praxis: Black Monk
8) Forget Me Not: Florida
9) "Microscope": Star Wars
10) The Quiet Year
11) Forget Me Not: Murderhobos
12) Praxis: The Black Monk - Chapter 1
13) Praxis: Odin's Eye

2016 New Games
1) Pocket Odyssey
2) Marvel Heroic Role-playing Games
3) Fiasco: Bookhounds
4) Wield
5) #TagRPG
6) Mutant City Blues
7) 7th Sea, second edition
8) Curse of the Yellow Sign #3
9) Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine
10) Inspectres
11) A Single Moment
12) V20

2015 New Games

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