Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A Second Moment is now available

We have come a very long way to get this book out. With over 150 pages of content, including:
  • "Director's cut" styled write ups on what was going through Tobie's mind when he designed portions of the game.
  • Rules on how to approach the game as a solitaire rpg, or as a group rpg system.
  • New playsets created by a host of Filipino creators including:
    • Card Flippers by Mon Macutay
      Both of you have prepared for this day with blood, sweat and tears. It is the World Championships for the most popular Trading Card Game (TCG) on the planet. From thousands of aspirants, it has come down the two of you. You both have different and distinct play styles and have risen through the ranks. After the dust has settled, only ONE will be World Champion! And it all comes down to this Single Moment... 

    • The Final Ball by Rocky Sunico 
      The crowd roars as the music picks up. The emcee shouts over the din to announce “The category is…” Welcome to the 1980’s New York ball scene as immortalized in the documentary Paris is Burning or celebrated in the recent television series Pose. Players represent rival houses, these being alternative families for Black and Latino gay, gender nonconforming and transgender youth who regularly meet at balls to compete in different categories. After all the drama that has happened outside the ball itself, it’s time to settle things once and for all.

    • Lovecraftian by Lanz Frago-Crisostomo
      We are but specks of dust passing by, toiling every day in hopes to leave a mark in this universe, hoping to leave evidence that we once existed, once we’ve passed. The elder evils are awake, and all is lost--all we’re doing is pushing back the inevitable, just for one more day

Grab a copy of the game today!
Discounted price for the next 44 days (since its launch) as part of celebrating Tobie's 44th birthday.


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