Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May 2018 Report

May has been a tremendously busy month. I seem to be having more busy months this year than expected. And that's a good thing.

Worked on two projects for 7th Sea 2nd edition Kithai and I'm eager to know how the people will find them. The first is a take on the islands of Kiwa, which is the setting's take on the Polynesian Islands + the Philippines. While I personally would have wanted to have the Philippines as a standalone location in the setting, there is research that backs up a connection between both the Philippines and aboriginal Taiwanese, as well as with the Polynesian wayfarers. I hope I did the write-ups justice in allowing enough familiarity to exist but at the same time inject a creative dose of awesomeness that would be perfect for Kithai.  The second project is an adventure that will find some play at an upcoming major convention. I won't be able to fly over to attend it, but it does kinda sound insanely super that some adventure I wrote will be played at that event. If I'm lucky, maybe some reviews might come out regarding it.

Then, there's a lot of projects from other companies. I've got some writing to do for Familiars of Terra, the Elizabeth Chaipraditkul role-playing game where everyone in the world has an animal familiar. It's like next level Pokemon, which really works and offers so many roleplaying opportunities.

There's a project with Eloy Lasanta's upcoming Sins of the Father book. I don't know how much I can say about it, but I will say I'm a bit nervous working on this one as I feel I really need to brush up on my familiarity with the product line to give it my best. I have been doing my reading, of course, but there's always that fear of nothing doing something good enough that can make things feel harder to do. I know I had that failing with some games already, so I hope I make up for it soon enough.

Then there's Josh Jordan's John Silence which is a game unlike anything I've ever worked on before. It is kooky and sublime and I'm hoping I am able to craft the kind of confrontations he's hoping to have for the game. 

There are a few more stuff in the pipeline, but I think I'm spending too much time writing this post that I should be getting back to work.  With June came the end of our duo-campaign, 7th Sea: the Guissola.  The duo-campaign was the stories of two groups, Alas such Fates and The Nisab Diaries. The campaign was inspired by an Italian painter and Fringe, and the whole story reached its finale with all seven players having one joint session.  There were deaths, there were victories, and in the end, there were Heroes.

It is officially also a year since my trip to Strategicon where I got to hang out with more friends. My other geeky family across the sea. On nights like tonight when I can see shadows of those who very calculatedly bullied me once more proudly talking about acceptance and diversity and respect (despite never truly offering me the same), I find myself wishing I was there instead of here again.  They've successfully traumatized me enough to be afraid of engaging online or of participating in a lot of the local gaming community events and I hate how that victory seems to be one I can't easily overturn. Each year is that feeling that people are getting away with what they did to me, and I think its about time I just accepted the fact that justice really won't come. 

So yeah, there are wins.
There are losses.
All I can do is write.

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