Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jianghu Hustle ep14: Tobie as guest!

Episode 14 is ready for your ears! and chat with special guest watch the 2001 Tsui Hark film, The Legend of Zu, to chat about a super-power subgenre of wuxia called xianxia. Thanks for chatting us us, Tobie!


Listen to me stumble and chew!  Hahahah!  This was me coming from a long rpg session and hitting over 24 hours being awake.  So I was kinda having trouble with some words in my head.
In all seriousness, I'm tremendously grateful to have been invited to be in this podcast.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Now Live on Kickstarter: Tiny Supers!

Gallant Knight Games is happy to present the latest genre-book for our TinyD6 minimalist roleplaying system: Tiny Supers!

Using the rules in this book, you'll be able to play superheroes of all types, from paragons and exemplars, to super-science heroes of the future or past, to cosmic guardians defending the far-reaches of the galactic civilizations from untold threats!

And even more awesome:
For the first time ever, a TinyD6 game will have its own detailed setting, as we bring the GallantVerse to you!

You can read more about the GallantVerse below!

Now Live on Kickstarter: John Silence

John Silence

The John Silence universe is about black, indigenous, and/or people of color (BIPOC) psychic detectives. It is set in the United States at some time between 1938 and 1998. TV shows like The Dead Zone and Heartless fit the tone of this game, but we want a more diverse cast of characters.

A complete rpg plus a shared-universe story/poetry anthology about psychic people of color saving the Earth from invisible monsters

Kickstarter us now live!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

12 new games a year update, July 2018

As I continue my 12 New Games Each Year challenge this 2018, I find myself still moving slower than expected.  With the lack of conventions and time to run TAG Bites sessions due to all the writing gigs and projects I have on my plate, I'm definitely at a delayed pace in getting more games in.

For the 12 New Games Each Year tally so far.1) Pasion de las Pasiones2) Protocol: Virtuax
3) Protocol: Dead Things in the Walls

4) Tiny Dungeon 2e - Legacy: War of the Widows
5) Tadhana
6) Once Upon a Time in Jianghu
7) Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition
8) Changeling the Dreaming, 20th anniversary
9) Itras By

There were plans to try Call of Cthulhu for the first time but sadly that got cancelled due to real life rearing its terrible head.  We finally wrapped up the super 7th Sea campaign we had and in its place started a Changeling the Dreaming 20th anniversary campaign which has been very fun.

Oh and I might as well mention here that I've realized tracking summaries for every game session might not be something I can do anymore. Writing takes time, and more so when you want to write good. Transcribing games that ran for 4 to 8 hours tends to require more or less the same amount of time, and I don't really have that much time to waste.  So, this sadly does mean I might not be able to track every game I run nowadays.  Or just have some kind of TV Guide summary for each one.  

TAG Sessions Discord Offering: Discordia

Celebrating the excitement of the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade, 5th edition is the goal of this modern horror sandbox game. Given most of the rules aren't quite out yet, a lot of creative licenses is being embraced here. But we're having quite a blast in playing through the various stories.

The game has 9 players.

Enjoy reading their stories here:

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