Gaming Tools

What are Gaming Tools?
Gaming Tools are everything from articles to downloadable pdfs and other resources that can be used to enhance a table-top game.  While admittedly most of my stuff were originally written with White Wolf Gaming Studios classic and new World of Darkness games in mind, the concepts and ideas presented in the articles can be applied to virtually any other game by a creative storyteller/game master.

Not to mention, I have also been writing a host of new articles to further share ideas and concepts that I use/explore or throw in for fun into my games.  Admittedly, some ideas may be rough, other ideas may be silly, and occasionally there are ideas that may be pure gems worth exploring.  I offer them all to you gamers out there to explore and enjoy as you see fit!

I'm still working on finding a way for Blogger's Dynamic Themes to have the labels as a column visible on the main page.  But since that's not happening yet, you can also see all the existing Game Tools by choosing this link:

Edit (03/2012): Google has just activated some gadgets for Dynamic Themes! Hurray! So yes, you can now check out the Labels list as well by clicking on the grey/black dock on right side of the blog.  Hurray!

Edit (01/21/2014): Our latest addition to the site, Evolve Your Game, is here!

Evolve Your Game
Here, I feature website, web tools, or stuff I have created (such as pdfs, etc) which you can you to add more fun or interesting twists to your games.   A similar tag I used to use for this was Downloadable Files.  But I decided to give a more interesting name for this section.  Check them out here:

Game Mastery
Articles to help you be a better Storyteller or Game Master.  I have a healthy mix of articles online, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned GM so feel free to dive in and check them out.   The label gathers them all here:

In the Mood for Mood?
You'll find articles and ideas on how to approach building mood in your games here too.  Trust me, they can really add to the game experience if you put some effort into it.

Playing Tips
Sometimes, I try to also write articles that are more player-centric.  I might not play as much as I used to, but I personally feel when I run games I am always playing (and I get to play hundreds of characters at that.)  Check them out and feel free to draw inspiration from them.

What about Soundtrack Suggestions?
A new addition I've decided to bring to the blog is the category for Soundtrack Suggestions.  I've always loved how music adds a new level of depth to any game.   So I've opted to make articles that feature the soundtracks I use and how they can be best utilized in your own games.  Check them all out here:

Downloadable Files
For downloadable files that you can use to enhance or add new twists to your game, try this link:

What about System Shopped?
Lastly, the latest addition to the blog are what I refer to as System Shopped articles.  Each entry is intended to offer a small tidbit, or game fragment, optional system, or pre-written mini-module that you can 'shop (from the term, "Photoshop") into your currently running games.   These entries will be marked here:

And finally, Game Ideas?
Game ideas are kinda like mini-modules or sub-modules which gamers can try adding to an existing game or building a whole new game chronicle around.  Think of them as "Why not try doing this..." sort of ideas that can give your group a whole new world of experiences to explore.  Granted, they aren't for every gaming group - I would still love to hear from any groups who try them out!
These entries can all be found over here:

Maybe someday in the future, I can compile many of these into a pdf and sell them in drivethrurpg or something.  One can hope, eh?  Til then, enjoy the fact that I offer everything posted here for free.  Hope you find something that helps make your games even more fun!

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