Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Coming this 2019 - Cat's Dream

From what started as just a Creative Pay it Forward challenge I embraced last 2013, the game is finally ready for release.  Cat's Dream is a solitaire tabletop rpg adventure that invites you to follow a cat and see where the story leads you.

This initial release is the Basic Journey Rules, with a small collection of optional rules you can use to enhance your game.   I am still looking at ways to have a limited run of the book printed and available for purchase.  But one thing is certain, this year the PDF shall be available for all of you interested in trying the game.

Thank you again to everyone who made this game possible, with special thanks to Jovan who requested for a game inspired by Studio Ghibli, and to my TAG TEAM SUPPORTERS (To my Tag Team Supporters: Rocky Sunico, Mina Sunico, Rob Abrazado, Lemuel Herman, David Korabell, and Tania Arpa, as well as the  other supporters who were there when I began this project; Ryan Schoon, Rob Deobald, Riverhouse Games , Karlo Licudine, David Harrison, Che de Leon, and James Lo.) who helped finance the creation of this game.

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