Monday, July 23, 2012

Cruel Cruel World : cWOD

Cruel Cruel World

Had a super short session with some friends using the infamous Black Dog Productions book, Freak Legion: A Player's Guide to the Fomori.  The book was released as a supplement for White Wolf Gaming Studios' tremendously popular game, Werewolf: The Apocalypse.  Why is it a Black Dog Productions book?  Because Black Dog is the line they used to release many of their more mature lines.  Think of how dark and frightening White Wolf games are as a norm.  Can you imagine what kind of content it would need to have a "For Adults Only" tag?

Anyway, it was going to be a very quick session, with JP, Tofie and Ryan playing.  Ryan went for a wall flowering kind of guy who happened to be a Federal Agent.  Tofie was a Crime Investigations Forensic expert who knew Ryan back from the academy.  JP opted for a high society hooker.  And yes, he decided to have fun by being a female character.

All three of them were on a bus headed home when the bus met an accident that was to change their lives forever.  A truck owned by a company called Pentex slammed into the bus and all of them were hurriedly gathered and taken away.  Very quickly, the three began to experience things shifting or changing within them.  All felt themselves changing in various ways.  And what first seemed like the emergence of super powers very quickly became something much more horrible as they realized what taints they were to carry with them as a price.  Worms.  Vomit.  Claws.  Blood.  Oh yes.

Here's one bitter gross example:  Ryan, after finding love and making love at last, kills his partner as his sexual member engorges to almost nineteen inches long, and rips her apart from within.  And yes, that is a power in the book called Savage Genitalia.

One thing is for certain, this taste of the World of Darkness was one which the players were going to have to remember each time they ask me to run them, "Something gross and gory!"


Admittedly, my recap of the game is spotty.  Having barely slept the previous night, I was literally falling asleep at times.  Ironically, it made certain scenes work, however since one of the players had a form of psychic hunger, which had any NPCs he was talking to slip into a coma.   Or at least, nearly into one.

But yeah, this could have been a better game.  Given how it ran for only an hour, I really just needed to get a dose of gaming into me.  It has been weeks since my last one and trust me when I say, I am feeling very very hungry for more.

Oh wait, was that a Bane spirit talking?
Pentex... Oh you....
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