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I'm coming clean.

I created this site because of Blogger.  I wanted to use the Dynamic Themes that Blogger.com recently launched, but I realized I didn't want to lose the tags and existing look of my two other blogs (Garapata Can Speak and Blame it on the Rain, Bro.)  So what was a guy like me to do?  I decided the very Tumblr feel of the look can be used to maximum effect if I had a blog that focused on numerous content, with each entry having its own identifying image.

A gaming blog.  A gaming blog would love to have that.

Mind you, not just any kind of gaming blog.  But a standing, expanding, updating record of all the one-shot or limited series game chronicles that I would ever run for my friends.    What was that?  You don't understand what I mean?  Don't worry.  Many of the younger generation don't always grasp the concepts of a table top role-playing game.  After years of the console and PC gaming industry using the term role-playing game to refer to practically any game that had given your virtual character some stats you can upgrade, the more senior definition of a role-playing game has been forgotten and practically replaced with the term instead "Pen and paper role-playing game."

Taken from Journeys with Jayne  
I've been gaming for practically a third of my life.  Lemme re-share the story of how my gaming hobby began.  You can find the full narrative here.  But in brief, I was a young kid who wanted to play with a bunch of older people who gamed while we were on the school bus.  They didn't like me and gave me a game that was intended to tell me they didn't like me.  In the end, I vowed to do my best to make sure every single game I ran was fun, memorable and exciting for my players.  Whether it meant giving them the feeling of truly taking the risks necessary to accomplish a heroic goal, or tearing their own hair off as they struggled against their own fears and insecurities in fighting with an indescribable horror... I was going to make sure they loved every second of it (or at least did after the game session).   It didn't matter whether or not the game was serious, comical, action-packed or dramatic.  It didn't matter if it focused on original material, adaptations of popular fiction, or critically-panned game systems.  I promised that every game I ran was going to be a game worth experiencing.

And so far, I'd like to think I've accomplished that.

But many times I've been told by friends how they wish they could find a way to relive or remember the game sessions we had.  Back then, my solution to that was to create a Geocities.com page for each session (who here still remembers that site?)   In fact, many of my old pages were thankfully still preserved for the world to see.   Now though, in the advent of blogs and social networks being more prevalent than actual webspace, I too had to adapt.  While my main gaming group will always be spoiled and have their own main blog for every game I gave them (such as the long over The Twelve Zodiac Ministers game or the (fourth) Giovanni Chronicles game, or the Mage/Planeswalkers inspired game, or the Changeling the Dreaming game exploring the possible death of High King David and the upcoming War of Concordia) I realized I wanted to be able to preserve some memories or notes of the many one shots, game demos and introductory gaming sessions I gave others.  So why not a blog that collates all games, be it one shots or not, in one place for my gamers, and anyone else curious about gaming, to see?

So, here you have it.
With the name being an inside joke which my partner, rOckY and I share, allow me to welcome you all to Tobie Abad's Gaming Sessions or TAG Sessions.  In here, you will find the many games I have run along with most likely a synopsis of the game's story, and if the players permit, some memorable lines or moments in that session.  For those who have gamed with me, or are interested in doing so, feel free to contact me via email or by adding me up in Facebook and joining the Facebook group I've created.

Doesn't matter how young or old you are, there is no limit to exploring your imagination!
Happy Gaming!

EDIT (02/2013): Many new readers pointed out to me that while this blog was using Dynamic Themes, the ability to access the articles via mobile devices as well as leave comments suffered from huge bugs.  Given the desire for people to enter discussions about the articles, and be able to read whenever (and wherever) they want, I've decided to drop the Dynamic Themes altogether.


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