Friday, June 8, 2012

More Scenes to Throw at your Players - Houses of the Blooded

Here are a few more scenes/scenarios to throw at your players for your Houses of the Blooded games.  While these can also be adapted to work with many other game systems, I felt Houses of the Blooded was the best system to relate to these because of the way the system celebrates player interaction more than tactics or other gaming themes.

And yes, do check out the influential movies or sources to enrich your ideas on how to approach these scenes!

A brother (or Friend) lost his wife, and has taken Revenge a tad too far.  Rather than petition to the Senate, he has begun killing all the vassals, lords and ladies of a rival Baron over the course of a few Seasons.  Thankfully, his acts of vengeance have yet to be noticed by the Senate.  Will you help him hide it?  Try to convince him to stop?  Or bring it to the Senate to be dealt with properly?
Inspirational source:  Sweeney Todd: The Demon of Fleet Street

You have decided to investigate on those who worship Fashuva, hoping to learn more about them and how to detect their influence in your Domain.  But the man you've come to learn from might just be a servant himself!
Inspirational source: The Rite

Your favorite Vassal has been spirited away by another Ven.  You've heard rumors that she now toils under her domain as a slave and while most veth are meaningless, you cannot help but want to find a way to steal her back.  How do you?
Inspirational source:  Spirited Away

You awaken to find yourself in a different room, in a different Region, served by Vassals you do not recognize. They, however, recognize you.  Soon you realize why:  a rival Baron somehow has switched places with you.  He is in your body, and you are in his.  What his plans are and what can you do to get your body back?
Inspirational source:  The Change-Up

Similar to the one above, but you've switched bodies with the most disappointing child you have.  And yes, that child is starting to relish being in control.
Inspirational source: Freaky Friday

A vicious group of Foxes has taken it upon themselves to always malign, insult, and embarrass you during Parties.  You are tempted to call for Insult, but you're not sure if that is better than winning them over and getting them to side with you instead.
Inspirational source: Mean Girls

In this world where words can be louder than actions, you embark on using the rumors and whispers others share to further your advancement among the Ven.  But what if you bite more than you can chew?
Inspirational source: Easy A

You and your husband hope to gain more respect from other Ven during Parties and other events.  But they all seem aloof, if not condescending of you two.  You find a mentor who is well respected and in some ways even feared and offer to be her Vassal to learn from her.   But will you learn to become like her?  Or learn to see how you have always been better than her?
Inspirational source:  The Devil Wears Prada

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