Tuesday, April 7, 2015

International Tabletop Day for 2015

For this coming Tabletop Day, I'm running for my fellow Whovians a game of Companions.  I've been wanting to run such a game for quite some time now and I feel excited at the chance to finally do so.  Even better, this is another game I can add to my 12 new games for the year.

What is Companions?

So yeah, in many ways this kinda touches on my dream of a new spin-off series called Panic Moons (which is an anagram too, like Torchwood was!) and since this is an International Tabletop Day thingie, I'm giving it a little twist.   What twist?  Can't spoil it this early can I...

That's clue enough I guess.
Anyway, our place ain't no gaming cafe or shop so we don't really have the ability to host huge events and the like.  But given our love for gaming (and the fact Rocky still has to go to work that night), here's hoping people appreciate the tiny Dr. Who celebration of gaming we're gonna throw this Friday!

Saturday, on the other hand is another dive at Ben Lehman's Bliss Stage.  So it's gonna be our second romp on teenagers attempting to save the world with weaponized love.

And Sunday is most likely a dive back into our old favorite, Houses of the Blooded.  Who knows? Maybe the whole game ends that day too.  You never know, after all, with Houses.

So, there you have it, another weekend filled with gaming.

Happy International Tabletop Day to you all!

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