Thursday, September 14, 2017


Proud to announce that TAGSessions will be partnering with Gallant Knight Games!
To quote Alan Bahr, "Tobie is a repeated collaborator and one of my favorite and go-to creators when I have a challenging project I need eyes on." Alan Bahr, Producer and Lead Designer of Gallant Knight Games. "Working with Tobie sets the bar for our products at a higher level, because Tobie is a rising tide!"

Gallant Knight Games will be my partner and all of the co-produced games with be co-branded with Gallant Knight Games and TAGSessions.

A release schedule for TAGSessions and GKG products will be announced in the near future, but one of the first plans is a deluxe re-release of A Single Moment.

So yeah, this is going to be an incredible moment. I can't wait to see the wonderful things I will be able to create with Gallant Knight Games alongside me.   As I have put it:

"It isn't often that a new voice in an industry finds another who shares the passion just as, if not even more intensely, as one's own." Tobie said. "Being invited to partner up with GKG is both an affirmation that I must be doing something right, and an opportunity to share creative juices and resources to make more awesome games. And reach as well a larger audience. I feel tremendously humbled and honored to be part of the growing Gallant Knight family and I can't wait to see what games his partnership will produce in the years to come."

Here's to more games!

Read all about it here:

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