Friday, November 4, 2011

Princesses : Scion

Before 2009

This was a small quick game I ran during one of the Open Gaming meets for a few friends (to my recollection, Mark's daughter Sam and my other dear friend Mara) who both learned as the game progressed that they were actually modern day incarnations of the beloved Princesses of the Disney universe.  The game was quite a hoot, given for both players, it was their first time to EVER play a role-playing game.

Of course, we had to make changes to the myths to make it even more interesting.  So Sam, whose character happened to be the incarnation of Cinderella, learns that she has magical feet, able to cause localized earthquakes when she stomps them against the ground.  Mara, on the otherhand, being the older player, was tasked with dealing with a stalkerish villain who wanted to take her away (a demented Prince Charming so to speak).   I was tempted to throw in Malifecent into the game, but given it was a one-shot game at a public venue with a really young player, I had to end it sooner than I hoped to.

Still, it was pretty fun!  I recall Sam proclaiming at the end of the game, "This is awesome.  I have to play again."  And true enough she did later on.  Taking a role which shocked a lot of players for doing it pretty well: River Tam in this game.

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