Sunday, April 29, 2012

World of Darkness : Newbie Sheet

When breaking in players who have NEVER played a role-playing game before, it can help greatly to reduce the systems they have to learn to the essentials and have them focus instead on experiencing the act of role-playing.   The mere act of embodying the role of a character, then thinking and talking like the character, can be quite demanding to a new player.  Breaking past shyness and the inherent self-conscious mindset is critical to helping the new player enjoy the experience.

So to facilitate this, I created a simplified version of the World of Darkness sheet for my new players.   Given how I love running World of Darkness games, creating a sheet for this game seemed apt.  I've used this kind of a sheet for many games now, even for games as "out there" as Zombies, Harry Potter or "Disney Princesses."  The sheet reduces the information to focus on the concept of the character, the strengths and the weaknesses.  You'd be surprised how many new players find the idea of thinking of what they are good at, or bad at, daunting.  But personally I've always found this sheet to speed up the process of coming up with what to play, and getting the actual game going.

Hope you find it as useful as I have.
Download the sheet here.

Keep gaming!

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