Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Update, and it is still March!

So I'm doing wonderful progress in exploring twelve new systems this year.   I have to admit, each and every system I get to try has given me new insight on various gaming options and approaches.  

So here's the update on my Twelve New Systems for 2013.
Of games I've run:
Houses of the Blooded: Wilderness
Our Best Last Hope
Blood and Honor
The Aegis Project
Wilderness of Mirrors
Castle Falkenstein

Games I have played in:
Shadows of Esteren

The write-ups for the Wilderness of Mirrors, Kult and Castle Falkenstein games are on their way.  While I originally was posting daily updates for the blog, some people in the Google plus Circles complained about getting overwhelmed by the number of updates.  So I decided to slow the release of the posts instead and stagger them to an every-other-day flow.

But man.   Nine games out of twelve.  And it is only March!  I haven't gotten around to running Google Hangout games though.  But man, there are still so many games to try!  I still have a bunch of Kickstarter games I'm hoping to have released soon, from FATE Accelerated to Heroine to Alas Vegas there's that hope of having them come out soon so they can be part of the twelve.  But frankly, I'm seeing the twelve get completed with games like Itras By, Sea Dracula, Cthulhutech and probably even Mouse Guard.

But yeah we currently have the following ongoing Chronicles (mini-chronicles I suspect):
Recruitment : Lacuna
The Riddle of Blood : Houses of the Blooded
In Flux : The Shadows of Esteren
Blood and Silk : Blood and Honor
Significators: Kult

We have the ongoing weekly one-shot games at the Gamers Meet at Eastwood.  And I am foreseeing a sixth mini-chronicle with the acquisition of new players, and since one of them is a game master, I can even foresee myself playing more too!  

Finally, my order for Vlaada Chvatil's Space Alert has arrived.  I've been anxious for this game ever since I read a review online about it having an accompanying music CD for real-time moments of panic... oh wow.  That would be the closest to experiencing how I run my own games!  Hhehehe so yeah, here's to hoping some miracle happens and days suddenly expand to forty hours each day hehehe.

Oh the joys of being a geek.
Life is good.


  1. This is a great list of games. We played a lot of Kult back in the day - never with the rulesets, though. We always ported elements of the setting over to our Shadowrun and WOD games. I remember our runners being, well, on the run through a building, opening a roof hatch, and finding ourselves in Metropolis.

    I am going to have to go through some of your recent posts to see what you've been doing with that and other games such as Shadows of Esteren.

    1. Thanks for commenting John.

      On Kult, I've been wanting to run it for years its good to finally be able to. Sadly though, it might be a short run given one of the players might have to step out due to real life responsibilities.

      Thanks for perusing the blog more too. As to Esteren, I play in, not run, the game so the entry might not be as informative as you hope. But yeah, I've made it a point to track and record every game I run/play in from the day I opted to do this blog.

      Hope to hear more from you! Cheers!

  2. Hi Tobie !
    We really hope you enjoy Esteren, it is always a pleasure so see that people all around the world enjoy this world.

    Cheers from France!
    The Esteren team

    1. OMG. Hello and yes I'm anxious for the next session. We might be having it this Sunday, which would be the day after Table Top Day. :-)

      Here's hoping it pushes through! Thank you so much for leaving a comment.


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