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Agenda e04: Adventure - Aberrant - Aeon Trinity

Episode Four
Adventure - Aberrant - Aeon Trinity

To the surprise of the players, this session was to be devoted to the future. The year is 2120, 29th of January, and the players find themselves crossing paths while on individual trips to Luna.  Dr. Sven Casperzak (played by Urim), a Corporate Doctor of the Aesculapian Order is reassigned to take part in a ground-breaking experiment.  The first six months of his new assignment has him merely receiving and replying to messages regarding shipments that were happening between Luna, the North American Arcology and a third location.   His assignment was a move initiated by Dr. Jerzy Grabowski and Dr. Malachi Ross and later, his relocation to the Beaulac Station at Luna was managed by Dr. Gustav Hans Beitz.  He begins feeling uneasy about the new assignment when Dr. Beitz demonstrates to him Subject 716, an old woman who has been given bioware grafts.  Dr. Casperzak realizes to his horror that members of his Order have undertaken human experimentation!

Elsewhere, Autumn Lacierda Wu (played by Mahar) of the Ministry has been working as the Fashion Affiliate for Vogue Magazine.  To her surprise, she is instructed to head immediately to Luna to investigate the event that had occurred at Cantor Station.  Aberrant supposedly had attacked, though witnesses claim to have seen other Aberrants emerge to fight them.  In the end, massive destruction and numerous deaths were the repercussions of the events.  As she surveys the scene, she finds a blood splattered area which hold no corpse.  She ponders on why she was assigned here as the Aesculapian Order arrives to assist.  Headed by Dr. Jerzy Grabowski, the rex informs Miss Wu that her role here is merely as a volunteer, and tha she is not to interfere with the actual investigation.  Autumn's Telepathy picks up images of a body having been earlier disposed of by Dr. Gabrowski, and so she attempts to learn more of that body.  To her surprise, they find the body in the scene, but it had been eviscerated of something that was inside of his body!  Autumn returns to the Ministry chapter house and finds Rebecca Bue Li already there.  Rebecca introduces Autumn to Marilyn Koziana, Deputy Director for Aeon Trinity, who then shares with Autumn her recovered memories of what they can only describe as a woman who had been forced to undergo some form of experiment.  Autumn realized Grabowski may be involved, and quickly maps out a plan to create some massive event to invite him and any associates to the party.  While there, she hopes to brain-skim them for information.  A pity she had no idea how bad the party's events would unfold.

And ironically, Erik Langley of Orgotek (played by Rocky) is informed by the Benefactor that he will be taking part in an investigation regarding a possible conspiracy that involves members of the Aesculapian Order and Orgotek.  Before more details can be sent, however, the Benefactor ends the transmission and warns Erik that the Orgotek Prexy will be coming to see him.  Barely second pass when the power outage happens and Prexy Alex Cassel slides into the room and tells Langley of the mission he needs him to fulfill.  Travel to Luna, keep a close eye and see if a company called Linma Telcom.  Langley's old friends, Andromeda and Patricia Willom, will be his way of entry.  Arriving at Luna, Langley which befriends the Willoms' and is introduced to a Dr. Serevitek Kriso, the current closes member of Orgotek who is working for the company.  Langley succeeds in getting the two to invite him to stay over, and while there, uses his powers to interface with the building computer. He finds numerous messages sent to someone named Miranda.  When Miss Wu's invitation arrives, Langley realizes it would allow him to get close to the Aesculapian's involved and possibly learn more.  

Dr. Casperzak is horrified by the events and shoots a message to Dr. Matthieu Zweidler in hopes of warning him of the events.  The message contains nothing but an old TwenCen song, "Help" by the Beatles.  He however fails to notice Dr. Beitz approaching him from behind and impairing his body, while another forces a drugged cloth upon his face to sedate him.  He awakens to find himself strapped as well to a machine and attempts to use Antitoxin on himself to counteract the sedative while Beitz boasts about the success of the Biorg Project.   He eventually succeeds in gaining back enough focus to disable two of his assailants with his mastery of Algesis and intimidates another to free him.  Dr. Beitz however runs off to escape. As he realizes he's back in Beaulac Clinic, he remembers that there were around 80 rooms in that very corridor.  He tries to rescue those he can, including the two newly arrivals who were about to be experimented on.  But as he directs them to hurry and escape, the eruptions begin and the Clinic begins to explode all around them.  Casperzak falls as the whole building collapses, and it is only his Psi abilities that allow him to survive.  Every one else in the Clinic finds their doom.

Erik Langley attends the party and quickly makes contact with Autumn Lacienda Wu in secret.  Langley had tapped into the Willoms' computer earlier and was now hoping for his SI, the Spider, do break the encryption of the files.  When he notices Dr. Gabrowski and Wu seemingly flirting while they drink, Langley peeks into Gabrowski's communicator and discovers two messages waiting:  "Everything is ready.  And the Biorgs are in position."  and "Best get out of there before the Demonstration starts."  Warning Wu of the possible danger, Langley heads out and learns that his messages to warn Operations had been intercepted.  Alex Cassel contacts him directly and admits he too has gone to Luna.  Receiving the report regarding the conspiracy which both Langley and Wu had gathered,  Alex suspects those guilty are enroute to the Space Station with the files.  Langley moves to intercept and this leads to his learning of what Option-8 really is.  Rumored to be an assassination/secret police of Orgotek, Langley learns it is actually an 8-minute period where a back-door is opened by Orgotek and volunteers from all over the world hack in concert to achieve greater results.  Langley tracks the two doctors at the waiting area and confronts them to claim the files.  When the two opt to fight back, Langley finds unexpected assistance from Marilyn Koziana, who happened to be in the area for a coffee date with a grey-haired man named Max.  

Autumn Lacienda Wu attempts to seduce Dr. Gabrowski in hopes of convincing him to give up the files of the project.  She knows it is only with the files that she can learn whether or not the supposed conspiracy regarding human experimentation is real.  Meeting with Langley, whom she recalled meeting before in an off-the-record investigation regarding the corpse of a supposed "Inspired" person, the two forge a temporary truce in hopes of getting more information about this conspiracy.  Autumn guides Dr. Gabrowski, whom she had utterly seduced with there powers and beauty out of the party.  The doctor insists they best leave to catch the "demonstration."  Though Langley mistakenly assumed the "demonstration" meant the building he was in was about to explode, Autumn soon discovers how much worse it gets.  The whole Clinic explodes as Dr. Gabrowski indulges Dr. Wu and tells her about their upcoming success with the Biorg Project and their work with "Miranda".  However, it seems Dr. Gabrowski himself is double-crossed, for before either of the two can do anything further, a bright white flash erupts and the very shuttle they are on explodes as well.

Back in 1924, The Shadow and Scarlet are in front of a class of young students.  They are making rounds to different schools to tell them about being a hero and about doing the right thing.  The act is a punishment for bringing Sarah Gettel to write negative things about The Aeon Society for Gentlemen.  As they head out, Maxwell Mercer meets them at the door and smiles at the school teacher who seems to be inspired by their actions.  "What is your name, Ma'am?"

"Judy Koziana," the teacher smiles.

"Lovely name," Maxwell admits, "I'll look you up some time."

Some time, indeed.

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