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Agenda e08 : Adventure - Aberrant - Aeon Trinity

Episode Eight
"True Power"

Adventure - Aberrant - Aeon Trinity

Politics is in the air at 2003 as Randel "The Fireman" Portman, the first Nova to ever Erupt, decides to try to run for office, believing that someone has to in order for the possibility of Nova Rights being acknowledged to become a reality.  Sadly, neither Richard Rayner nor his team (composed of Diane Misselthwaite-Brewster, Anthony Towers, Mary Rose Mercer Song, and Jennifer Landers) find the idea worth supporting.  The Fireman does not seem to have a clear political platform, and more importantly, none of them seem to like nor trust Portman's lawyer friend, Matthew Carter.   Anthony Towers feels for the guy's intentions however, and tries to talk the others to reconsidering.  When Rayner tries reaching out to his political ties, he learns the Democratic party does actually plan to try to find a good Nova candidate for the elections.  Congressman Laurel even suggests to Rayner that Anthony Towers, known also as The Quarterback, might be a better option.   Hands shake and the campaigning eventually begins, with Portman and his wife offering to instead help their candidacy.

This is a far contrast to the events unfolding in 1943.  As Scarlet learns that her very own long missing fiance, Eric Gardner is the man behind the finances of the Machinatrix and Baron Zorbo, she is disgusted to learn he has begun calling himself Manifest Destiny and seems crazy enough to believe the world with become a better place, "Once everything is returned to its proper place, starting with the United States being handed back to the American Indians."  The German, on the other hand, heads to Europe to seek out the Sleepwalker, and along the way, inadvertently crosses paths with Michael Donighal, who remains absolutely distraught by the loss of Annabelle Lee Newfield.  When the German finds the Sleepwalker, the Sleepwalker tracks the long missing comrade to his hidden Sanctum, a stolen submarine.  The German is invited to meet the League of Science and there receives an earful of advice from The Gray Web, who even informs him to eventually inform "A woman much like myself to trust in the information she reads," and to "Seek out Eric Langley when the time is right and he will help you do what you have to do."  After which, the man vanishes. The Sleepwalker continues to have stranger dreams, and has begun to notice that his very own physical form has begun to erode into mere shadows when he is not concentrating!

Scarlet escapes by slipping the power disruptor that Manifest Destiny slides on to her hand back onto his, not realizing his very own Inspired powers were what kept the Sky Fortress aloft.  As the place crashes around them, Scarlet leaps out into the free fall of freedom, and taps into a new power of the wedding bands that crafts an ice shelter for her to slide back onto the ground safely.  Into snow.

In 2003, the elections begin to unfold.  Switchboard learns from her massive computing that The Quarterback would have a larger chance at victory if he was shown to have a semblance of a family.  Given Slider's role in the team, the two begin posing as a dating couple, a fabricated story that drives The Persuader very jealous.  The Persuader makes the mistake of trying to get Slider jealous back by having a scandalous time with another woman.  Slider calls their relationship quits, and in a depressed and emotional moment, ends up having sex with The Quarterback.   The two very quickly spill into a relationship, and this boosts their campaigning even more.

Scarlet awakes in the snow to realize she is in Russia.  Close to where the group had their first mission, Scarlet instead finds the shack of her old Mentor, a man whom she has left behind in a bad manner.  Hoping to take shelter from the extreme cold, Scarlet finds herself facing a strange man who insists she is Anastasia and convinces her he is Rasputin himself!  As she struggles with what seemed to be new strange memories, Scarlet realizes the man is probably using some kind of Nova power to implant memories into her head.  After knocking him down, she discovers her true Mentor tied up and exhausted:  Nikola Tesla.

Back in the Philippines, some years past 2120, Rebecca Bue li telepathically chats with her chosen scion, Lacierda-Wu.  Wu understands the importance of the mission to uncover the truth of Huang-Maar and the Proxies.  Eric on the other hand, receives another visit from Alex Cassell, and instead learns the man sent to him the first ever Live Model.

In the end, the elections go to the most abhorrent and close minded jerk of all time, Mark Green.  The group, however, vows to try again next time.  For now, however, 2003 is in the hands of one of the most vocally anti-Nova person out there.

Scarlet reunites with Aeon Society, only to learn of how many are missing, if not presumed dead, and just as the story comes to a close, Maxwell Mercer finds a visitor: a Younger Maxwell Mercer, an the young man identifies himself to be Mercer's son.  Sharp-eyed people noticed that the old man Mercer himself, does not seem surprised.

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