Friday, May 10, 2013

Game Idea: They Have My Face

They Have My Face
by Tobie Abad

It begins with individual stories.  Each player has their own beautiful life and narrative.  The detective who solves crimes well.  The white collar worker who just finally earned his first million.  The tortured artist who feels his loneliness and turmoil pushes his passions forward.  The soldier who just got back from an extended engagement in the Middle East.  The high school teacher who once had dreams of becoming a baseball player.

Each one lives their wonderful distinct lives.  Each one has their host of stories to share:  of lost loves, of happiness, of sacrifices, of anger and pain, of loneliness, of orgasmic bliss, of financial woes, of dumb luck, of sheer dedication, of hope.    Each one is unique.

Until one day, they find each other.

The detective's lead brings him to where the high school teacher plays baseball on weekends.
The white collar worker buys a car where the tortured artist showcases his latest installation piece.
The soldier breaks down, hates the government for not taking care of his family, and appears on nation-wide news as he holds a government building hostage.

They all have the same face.

Down to the last mole.

And yet, each one has distinct and clear memories of who they are.  Each one has photographs of their childhood.  Of family members who would attest to their lineage.  Each one has proof of their lives and individuality.

Are they clones?  Are they from parallel worlds, and have these worlds somehow collapsed into one?  Are they distant relatives who just so happen to look like you?  Is the world we live in really just a 3D projection from a 2D source of information?  And if that is so, then are they a glitch in what was once a perfect system?

They have your face.
Five people in different parts of the world.

Are there more?

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