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Good and Evil ep02 : Dungeon World

Good and Evil
Episode Two

"The Black Marks"

Dungeon World

New heroes gather, meeting a few old faces from the previous adventure.

Thondir the Elven Ranger is played by James.
Chaotic (Free from bonds), his Animal Companion: Pigeon (Homer) with Keen senses and was Stealthy, was trained to Search and Fight Monsters, and for a pigeon was quite Savage and Frightening

Dambrath is a friend of nature, so I will be his friend.
Bjorn has no respect for nature. I have no respect for you.

Dambrath the Elven Ranger is played by James' son Jigs.
Neutral (Help animal or spirit), his Animal Companion: Hawk (Bob) was Fast and Tireless, was trained to Search and to Scout, and was pretty Frightening.

I have guided Throndir before, and he owes me for it.
Wei is a friend of nature, so I will be his friend as well.

Wei the Human Druid is played by Vrian.
Chaotic (Destroy a symbol of civilization) from the Blasted Wasteland.  He could take the shape of beasts from the Wasteland as well as that of any domesticated animal.

Bjorn smells more like prey than a hunter.
Spirits spoke to me of a great danger that follows Thondir.

Bjorn the Dwarven Cleric is played by Koko.  He was the evil cleric who sacrificed two player characters for his evil ends in the previous game.
Evil (Harm another to prove the superiority of your church) servant of Zargbriggs : Knowledge and hidden truth.  Petition: Gaining Secrets
Having gained more power, he has learned the move, Empower.

Wilhem is a good and faithful person, I trust him implicitly.
Thondir has insulted my deity. I do not trust him.

Wilhem the Human Bard is played by Karlo.  He too was in the previous game and was entranced by Koko's evil charisma back then.
Good (Perform the art to aid someone else), knowledgeable in Lore: Legends of Heroes past
Having earned enough experience, he learned the move, Little Help From My Friends.

I sung stories of Dambrath before I met him in person.
Thondir trusted me with a secret.

Halwyr the Elven Wizard is played by Ryan.
Neutral (Discover something about magic), with Detect Magic as a Cantrip

Bjorn will play an important role in the events to come.
Wei is keeping an important secret from me.

The group had headed to a dungeon deep beneath the earth near a village where people were marked all over with black hideous scars.   The wizard told them the task was to explore and discover the truth behind a magical mystery.  But in truth, the Cleric had hoped to find a replacement for the lost Sacred Idol that was shattered in the last adventure.  The Cleric still held animosity towards Thondir, who had knocked the head of his idol off while he was communing.

Wei noticed the numerous dead animal skeletons outside the dungeon, as well as littering the floors of the tunnels.  He suspected some kind of magic was used to kill all these creatures.

The path split into two and the group divided into two groups to explore the routes.  One was a path of shadows and more bones.  The other... welcomed the heroes into its darker fangs.

As the pit trapped opened to reveal the 80 foot pit, Halwyr and Thondir fail to leap out in time.  Thondir heaves the wizard out while Wilhem realizes he's heard of this place.  A hero named Jack once fought demons of the earth in such a dungeon.  He recalled how it supposedly contained a cavern of bones just like this one.  And that he had three artifacts with him when he died.

In the other path, Wei, Dambrath and Bjorn continue deeper within.  Dambrath tears part of his clothes off to create a suitable torch, not content to trust Bjorn's light source.   There is a strange smell in the air, and as Wei realizes what killed the animals, Bjorn realizes the smell is an alchemical mix.

"A Siren's Lure!" Bjorn exclaims to warn the others, but its too late. The chemical lure snares Dambrath, who starts wanting to go deeper into the darkness without a care.   Wei is confused by the manner of death that befell the animals.  They were devoured by pirahans.

The smell reaches the other chamber as well.  Halwyr casts Telepathy upon himself and Thondir to facilitate communication even with the lack of air.    The Bard considers heading back to leave, but clearly the two others decide to press on.  When Wilhem hears the crashing noises in the other side, he makes his way there to investigate.

Wei had transformed into a bull, and using the bull's immense strength, had pushed Dambrath back outwards to keep him from being prey to the lure.  They find Wilhem waiting for them, who informs them that the two others hurried deeper within.  They choose to follow even as Dambrath rushes out of the cave for a breath of fresh air.

All hold their breath in hopes of avoiding the lure.  This becomes a constant struggle to maintain as they start doing more hectic activities.

They find a massive well in the chamber, and as they investigate it, from the well emerges a massive Purple Worm!   Even worse , the worm has a strange orb like protrusions on its face and they quickly surmise this are the source of the lure.  Thondir leaps onto the worm, stabbing it in the face with his spear.  He holds on even as it rises on a bid to throw him off.  The others spread out, striking when they have the chance, but struggling more as their lungs starve for air.

Dambrath launches arrows, striking at the worm's head enough times to knock it dizzy on key moments.  Wanting to have an edge, Bjorn settles to one corner, and uncovers the bones that may be that of the old hero Jack.  He calls upon the spirit to help.

The druid flies and gets swallowed by the worm as the lure overcomes him.  Inside the belly, however, he finds a floating body with a flask which may prove useful!

With the worm screeching in anger, Halwyr realizes this was the very creature that killed Jack.  He was still a friend of Jack's when he was young.    "The orbs!" Halwyr confirms, "Destroy them and the lure ends!"  Quickly, both Rangers alter their approach to deal with the worm.  And as Bjorn learns more from the dead Jack, he sadly fails to see the falling worm that slams into where he stands.

And sadly, Death himself at the gates is unwilling to help him out.  Worse yet, neither is his dark god.  "You've grown too proud, and have neglected to make offerings towards.  This is your final lesson."

With his death, the heroes continue the fight against the Purple Worm, and Danbrath delivers a final blow as Thondir pierces deep into the Purple Worm's form.  The monster drops dead and the heroes take the moment to search for treasures.  The find a flask which happens to be a Decanter of Endless Water, which they accidentally uncork.  The Flask floods the whole dungeon with water, and when the group realizes that was how the piraha once swam the currents, the group hurries to leave and escape their hungry jaws.

Alive and safe, save for the evil Cleric, the group simply feels thankful to have killed the massive creature.  None of them, however, are certain if their actions in any way have helped the nearby village.  But sometimes, merely getting out of a Dungeon with one's life intact is enough.

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