Thursday, September 3, 2020

Baduy Pride is our new vlog channel!

 My partner, Rocky, and I have decided to start doing a vlog called, "Baduy Pride" matching the name of our blog. To quote what we have on the blog:

So Baduy Pride is our way of celebrating love here on the internet. There are more than enough sites out there that bemoan the woes and pains of daily life. So we're sure there's definitely room out here for a little page dedicated to celebrating happiness and spreading a positive message of love and commitment between two men who are passionate about the things they love.
We have over twenty episodes so far, and we hope to continue making these 30-minute celebrations of geekiness and love. I'm posting here in TAG Sessions because we will also feature tabletop role-playing games in the show.  Our viewers and friends have been sending in topics and one of the topics to talk about and this episode was all about: 

Baduy Pride: Getting Into Tabletop RPGs (Ep. 17)

We got more episodes in mind, where we get to talk about games we love, systems we find interesting, and more!  Feel free to join the fun and catch us online. 

Watch our show!

Have a suggestion for future videos? 

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