Tuesday, April 2, 2024

A Second Moment in print!

 Well, sadly, not yet.  But I received a lovely email one day from Oren who was kind enough to ask permission to make a personal printed copy of my book. Additionally, they had a number of questions about how the game worked and why certain design decisions were done with A Second Moment.

With his permission, I can show the images of the printed personal copy here:

For those who don't know, DriveThruRpg does allow independent publishers to have work in their print on demand options.  However, it does mean needing to have your document laid out to work for print which in itself requires certain considerations.   (If you look at the pic, I messed up in the back cover, not leaving adequate space for the ISBN bar code!) They also allow a test printed copy to be sent to you for checking. 

However, that means spending a larger amount of money for layout which is sadly beyond my grasp.  And given I'm based in the Philippines, this means a much greater cost implication for having the test print shipped to me.  I did have a possible publisher before for this edition, but well, life happened.  And so, I resigned myself to the thought of never seeing this book reach print.

Thank you to Oren and his wife for being kind enough to allow me to see photos of what the book could have looked like!  It truly brightened my day.

A Second Moment is available at DrivethruRpg.
Grab it today if you haven't! 

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