Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things happen while they sleep

I got inspired by Venger's post so I decided to make my own.
Check out his original post here.

Things happen while
they sleep

This is a random chart for things occurring while adventurers get some well-deserved shut eye. Happy Swords & Wizardry appreciation day, everyone!  - Venger Satanis

Here is my take on the list:

1. Everyone wakes up to discover they have switched bodies with another player character.
2. They wake up to discover they all have a third functional eye on their forehead.  And everyone else they meet seem to be totally fine with it.  In fact, they claim, "We always had a third eye."
3. Flash flood!  The waters rise so fast, the characters are wading in five feet of water within the first thirty seconds, and it shoots up to eight feet by the first minute!
4. They share a collective dream where they are strange people gathered at a table, that share made up stories about themselves.
5. They wake up to find mounds of ash all around them.  Divination later reveals they were besieged by vampires, but the monsters argued amongst themselves too much that the sun rose in time to kill them all.
6. A notable ruler dies.  They wake up to the beginning of a massive war for power between two factions.
7. They dream they are wolves.  Only to learn their actions in the dream happen in real life.
8. A dragon coils up around them for warmth.  They wake up to find it still sleeping and coiled around them. Bonus points to have it drooling over one of them.
9. Time shifts.  They awaken in the modern era.
10.  They awake to a great booming sound.  They see two deities manifested as fifty foot giants warring above them.  But the moment any of them react enough for the deities to see, the titans vanish, as if they were never there.
11. A secret admirer leaves a dethorned rose in the hand of one of the player characters.
12. A house crashes a few yards from the camp, thrown blindly in their direction by a giant attacking a town half a mile away.
13. Their horses are found to have been marked with some strange arcane design.  None of the horses seem hurt or spooked however.
14. A strange creature visits, and they learn when they awaken that they have lost their shadows.
15. They are missing a member, NPC or not, who was clearly dragged from his sleeping place.  The trail ends as it goes straight through a massive stone formation.  On the rock face, hints of a doorway drawn with chalk can be seen.
16. The magic user's spell book has been reorganized, now arranged in alphabetical order, with an index for spell level, school of magic and "frequently used" spells.
17. Their faces are stolen.  They awaken and realize they look like featureless mannequins.
18.  The spell effect fades. They awaken now remembering their true names, allegiances and relationships to each other.  They were sleeper agents that served the enemy.  And now they realize that.
19. You wake up with loads of new gold coins added into your bags.  One NPC wakes up gagging as he realizes his mouth is filled with blood.  His teeth are all gone.
20.  You dream of a man in blood and verdant   He whispers horrible things to you, then with his hand, which has been fashioned with five sharp dirks.  He slashes at you, and you awaken screaming, as you discover the wounds are fresh and bleeding on your body right now.


So there you have it! Hope you liked the list.
Thanks again for the idea VengerSatanis!

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