Saturday, December 1, 2012

Recruitment #02 : Lacuna Part I

Recruitment #02
Lacuna Part I. The Creation of Mystery and the Girl from Blue City

The first game directly continued into the second session.  Both players had succeeded in the previous mission and so their characters gain a new Technique.   Neither had enough Commendation Points however to gain a new Talent.  The three settled down and prepared for another Dive into the Blue City.

(I shifted the music from elevator music to silence, then slowly raised the volume to a haunting low bass tone.  I then began killing the lights in the room one by one, until finally the only source of light was the screen of my laptop.)  The Mystery Agents were standing by the pier, and could hear the soft sound of water lapping against the wood.  Not that far away was a large building.  Neon lights upon its facade were in the shape of a woman that bent over every few seconds.  Glowing text spelled out "Red Light District."

A phone in front of the three Mystery Agents rang out.  Agent Springer, the Team Leader, learned from Control that the mission entailed locating and apprehending the Target Personality named Harrison Mason.  The target was said to be in the Red Light District.  And further instructions were to follow.  The three requested for Logistics; Agent Springer was able to receive a Pistol, Agent Currier failed to receive anything, while Agent Harper received a Uzi.  The three made their way to the Red Light District, keeping wary eyes open for any possible danger.  Then, in the darkness, headlights shone (I switched on a flashlight and trained it at the three players) and each quickly rolled Force to dodge out of the way and hide.  Unfortunately, Agent Currier failed to hide in time and the police car came to a stop directly behind her.  (Continued the scene with the flashlight at her face, to make it feel real.)  With the headlights trained at her, the police man inside rolled the window down and called out to her to stop.  Both Agent Springer and Agent Harper trained their guns at the car, ready to fire. Thankfully, both wisely opted to hold their fire.  Eventually, the police men left -- but not before the Agents realized one of the two policemen had inhuman features.

Arachnid features, to be more precise.

They joined the line in front of the building, and considered their options in finding their target.  Agent Currier was hoping to call Control, and tried befriending the Personality in front of them in the line, only to notice him pulling out a cellular phone and calling someone.  As she threw out some flirtatious lines to get his attention, he smiled back and agreed to lend his phone.  Before the two other Agents could notice, however, the man ducked into the building. Currier frustratingly chided the two for not grabbing Harrison that moment, and the three quickly made their way inside.  Amidst the chaos of  naked women with faceless heads (save for a gaping moist mouth) and other Personalities, it took barely ten minutes for the two to locate their target.  A total stranger approaches Agent Harper, and once again, this woman talks to him about asking him to "take her away".  Ignoring her, the group converges where Harrison Mason is, and with a forceful proclamation, join him at his table.  Harrison Mason realizes these people are Agents and tries to escape, but Agent Currier catches his motions, recognizes them, and pulls his right hand away from the left.  The target it seems has a Lacuna device as well.  Unlike theirs, his has become embedded in his flesh!  When they ask him how he has one, he ends up asking them instead how Control knows he's still here.  "I'm off the grid! I'm no longer on the Slab! How could they know I'm still here!?!"  Agent Stringer's gut feelings warn him of the presence of danger and a quick glance true enough reveals two Spider-men have entered the building.

Agent Harper contacts Control and learns the next mission step is to bring the target north to the Bridge, and not wanting to face the spiders, the three drag Mason with them towards the roof.  As they get there, they find a man waiting for them!  Dressed as well in a black suit and blue tie, the man identifies himself as Agent Granger (but is clearly not the Granger they recognize) and explains that Control sent him in as back-up.  Granger is a Caller, it seems, and is able to contact Control without needing a hard line.  They leap across a number of roof tops and move as quick as they can, but Agent Harper notices the spidermen emerge from the door they had come from as well.  "We need a faster way out," he tells them and Agent Granger smiles in response.  "Down here," he tells them, and the group looks down at an empty lot beside the building.  But Mason's struggles catch the attention of the spidermen, and they begin a more active pursuit!

On the empty lot is a military grade helicopter!  Granger steps inside and starts the engine while the rest clamber in.  Agent Harper, feeling his heart near bursting, puts on the ear muffs, locks himself onto the seat, and tries to meditate.  Agent Stringer takes charge of the machine gun and opens fire once one of the two chasing spidermen leaps out and tries to "snare" the helicopter.  The group takes to the air and finds a moment of solace as they make their journey to the Bridge, which they see in the Blue City to be a massive Bridge composed of gigantic letters that spell out "bridge"  that connects the Blue City to another city across the black bay.

Enroute however, the unexpected happens.  Agent Granger shoots Agent Currier from behind.  Currier Ejects, knowing it would be too dangerous to stay. Agents Stringer and Harper stare at the sudden traitor, who demands that Mason be handed to him.  Stringer backs off, moving to the rear of the helicopter, where he quickly requisitions for an axe.  Harper tries to negotiate with Granger, but Granger picks up on Harper's lies, informing him that he took training under Senior Instructor Snyder as well.  Harper realizes Granger too has the Judge Skill!  The helicopter lands at the Bridge and Granger mutters something about a group called the Mythography.  But knowing the spidermen were closing in, the mission was paramount.  Granger is struck down and mutters Omega before his body vanishes.  Harper and Stringer quickly drag Mason to the edge of the bridge and as per mission parameters they've just received, throw him into the black sea.  And just before the spiders arrive, the two Eject safely away from the Blue City.


Control meets with the three.  They all roughly share what they can of the mission, and this time, wisely choose what words they mention.  Not wanting to ruffle Control's feathers, the group make no mention of spidermen or of the words Granger had uttered.  But the biggest one who remains silent is Agent Currier.  When she was forced to Eject sooner, she found herself awaking far sooner than usual.  She overheard a conversation between two senior members of Control who mention things about Mythography and other things outside her clearance level.  Agent Currier decided to play unconscious and keep things to herself.

"Congratulations again on your successful mission.  I shall meet with you all again when Control requires your services.  Good day."

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