Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dynamic or Back to Basics

As I mentioned here, I actually wanted to have a blog that played around with the Dynamic Themes that Blogger added to the blogs.  Now, however, I've received some feedback from some readers that they have trouble accessing the website whether it is in regards to using certain browsers or accessing it via a mobile device.

So I guess I should just throw the question out here and ask you all:  Should I give up on the Dynamic Themes or keep it?

To be frank, I like being able to shift the look of the site at a whim, but if it makes it less accessible for you guys out there, then I don't mind dropping things back a notch to a more traditional look.  It has been quite a while since I actually played around with HTML or CSS though, but hey, I just want to make sure all my readers have an easy time accessing the contents of the blog.

Hope to hear from you guys out there!


  1. Yes, I think you must give it up.
    I want to read your articles via Instapaper. When I see a long article on my PC, I click on "Read later" to read it later on my iPad. With this dynamic theme, the "read later" button doesn't work and I can't save your articles to read them later offline on my tablet...

  2. I like the idea but I think something basic would be better.
    People are not used to dynamic themes and it can make it hard or impossible to access the blog from a smartphone or tablet.


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