Monday, March 11, 2013

Just an update for March 2013.

Just opted to post some update (rather than my usual articles and content) since I feel it would be nice for my readers to also have an informal glimpse on what else I've been up to.  Who knows, this may encourage you guys to write in and chat and stuff.

So first off, my Twelve New Systems for 2013.
As some of you readers are aware, I had this promise to learn a new game every month.  Given the excitement of playing games, however, its transformed to just promising to learning 12 new games in this year.

My current list of games I've run remains at:
Houses of the Blooded: Wilderness
Our Best Last Hope
Blood and Honor
The Aegis Project

I have, however, also started playing:
Shadows of Esteren

So officially, I'm already half way there.  :-)  On my waiting list are games such as Alas Vegas, Apocalypse World, Cthulhutech, Dogs in the Vineyard, Fate Core, Itras By, Kuro, Heroine, Leverage, Maid, The Farm, Wilderness of Mirrors...

In the near future, I foresee co-running and playing in an upcoming table-top game which my partner, Rocky, is hoping to get off the ground.  He's been excited at the prospect of actually running his first ever game and plans to use a wonderful story setting he's had in his head since high school.  Given how its partly inspired by Magic the Gathering, we're moving in the direction of adapting the Houses of the Blooded approach to Virtues and Aspects to portray the game, and who knows maybe we can release it on the blog as a free fan thing (with John Wick's blessings, of course.)  I also have another player who is hoping to run Remnants for us soon.  And finally, I've a Kult game scheduled this weekend with my long-time gamer friends whom I haven't been able to play with for years due to real life issues and distance.  

Four Chronicles Ongoing. Oh my...
Man, looking at it from this perspective, I realize I currently have four ongoing chronicles (Recruitment : Lacuna, The Riddle of Blood : Houses of the Blooded, In Flux : The Shadows of Esteren and Blood and Silk : Blood and Honor) and the upcoming Kult sessions would mark my FIFTH.  Given the weekend sessions for gaming, I also have the weekly one-shot gaming nights at Eastwood with other friends, and the occasional table-top game session with my office mates at Indio-Entertainment.

And that's considering I haven't actually decided to dive in an start running Google Plus! Hangout sessions.

Boy!  I definitely am enjoying a life that's celebrating the geekdom I love.  The only real thing missing now is being able to attend conventions (if not host one), and finally finishing and releasing my own table-top game system (Muses) and my first role-playing book (TAGSESSIONS vol 1) for others to enjoy out there.  My earlier attempts at creating games (such as Studio Ghibli-inspired Cat Dreams, the Adventure Time rpg system, the Survivor rpg system and the Bleach-inspired Black/White game) were well-received and I honestly feel very thankful that many of them even garnered some Actual Play posts out there.  (Thank you again guys!)  It does encourage me to go for it and keep writing and get the books out.  It tells me that yes, I do have some cool ideas to share and an audience who will appreciate it.
Yes, our geekdom doth grow much.

Pacing my Posts.
Also, while I was updating on a daily basis for some time, I have shifted my stuff to be on an every-other-day basis instead as a response to some negative feedback from some Google Plus groups about too much stuff coming from my blog.   While there were many who defended my posts, seeing more value in my shared articles compared to others who might post merely some in-joke or statement others cannot relate to, learn from or draw ideas from, I decided to just reduce the frequency of the releases and at times even opt not to share the link to all the groups on the same day.  I don't like the idea of choosing some groups not to have the link, even if the link is perfectly in tune with the groups' objectives, but I rather try to reduce the negative feedback.

So yeah, TAGSESSIONS is moving forward with great strides and leaps into more and more gaming happiness.  And I am very happy so many of you out there are being supportive of this wonderful adventure. Here's to meeting more of you, virtually or in person, someday!   I used to run games at Strategicon at Los Angeles and we do travel to Singapore every now and then to visit Paradigm Infinitum.  So if by any chance you guys see me, do feel free to say hello!

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