Sunday, December 1, 2013

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Least Favorite Entity Over-all

Vampire 30-Day Challenge : Least Favorite Entity Over-all

Given the various things in the World of Darkness, I think the one I should vote for my least favorite entity would be the Garou.  I really liked the idea of making werewolves something far more than just cursed victims of a werewolf attack.  But I wasn't too keen on the weird Greenpeace-sort of heroes they were made to be.    I was inspired by the idea of them being the anti-bodies of the world itself, given their duties by the Wyld to hunt down the wicked and insidious agents of the Wyrm.  I liked how the world was struggling against a supernatural disease and it had no choice but to pull unsuspecting people into the battle.

Some tribes explored the unwilling hero concept.  Others celebrated their heroic roles as a reason to be proud and focused.  The variety it offered was pretty interesting!  But when the books seems to explore the Wyrm as some kind of pollution monster, the excitement started to wane.  The animism approach was interesting for me, but to tie it into environmentalism kinda turned me off.

And I will confess to being turned off as well due to how the community approached the Garou concept.  I know I am over-generalizing, but the majority of Werewolf fans I met seemed to just see the thrill of uber violent combat as the draw of the game, instead of the meta-physical and philosophical concepts that could be explored.

So sorry, but the Garou would be the creatures that I'd ignore from the World of Darkness.  I'd actually rather explore a game with Souleaters than them.
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