Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm on Storium

When I first heard of Storium, I was uncertain if I wanted to get into it.  The project was on Kickstarter and what made me uncertain if I was interested was the fact it had a membership fee.  Admittedly, given the amount of money I invest in game books (PDFs and actual purchases), I wasn't too keen on trying an online gaming service that required fees.    Curious to how it works?  Check out this link.

Then it all changed when through Ben Woerner started posting about it as well.  I consider Ben to be a great judge of geekdom and I realized if he found it worth the attention, maybe I should give it a second look.  So I dove back into the Kickstarter and started reading more about how games in Storium are done and what to expect.   I was incredibly excited by the prospect as I read more about it and found myself wishing I had backed it.

That's when Rob Justice came into the picture.  The man is amazing.  I don't know him personally, nor have we exchanged messages before, but lo and behold, he was willing to invite me into Storium to give me a free taste of what it was like.  I jumped in and found myself reliving the excitement I used to feel back when I was hunting for play by post games on BBS.  I found myself remembering the joys of old haunts like Nocturn Ex Libris and others where we used to run games via forums.  I joined a few games.  I played with a few groups.

And I realized, free just wasn't enough.

I went for paid membership.
And I started running my own games.

Currently, I have a few ongoing games.  One based on Jared Sorensen's Lacuna game.  Another was inspired by Neil Gaiman's Sandman.  And finally, one which explores the stories of what happens among the veth and ruk servants of one of the Ven of John Wick's Houses of the Blooded.  I'm really enjoying the chance to run games for people in a manner which feels very shared in terms of narrative control and creative potential.

And I do hope more people check Storium out!

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