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October 2015 : Dread

October 2015


Back when I was still part of Gamers and GMs Philippines, I made it a point to always run a lesser known role-playing game system for others to try.  For October last 2015, I decided it was a perfect time to run a Dread game.

For this game, I was able to get five players to try the game.  After character creation, I gave them all secret notes on what they knew about the events fifteen years ago.  With that, we began our session and this post is the transcription of that game.

Part of how I approached the game was, during the pulls, I continued to narrate the events, matching the act of pulling with the possible train of thought the character was having, or the events of the game continued on, with the narration matching the tension level of the Jenga game.  When the wobbles happen, I would narrate more dangerous things.  But when it seemed steady, I'd talk about how safe they felt in the moment.

The characters in the game were the following:

Ayie, the Nerd.  
Socially awkward who gets asthma when tense.  Always has her ultra Medicine kit with her.  Willing to do anything for Joshua, the looker, hoping he would be nice to her back.  Not really good with computers despite people thinking so.
Played by Arlene.

Edward, the Jock.
Mat wrestling athlete who suffered a really bad left knee injury.  Is secretly in love with Jake, the rebel, but desperately afraid others will find out that he likes guys.
Played by Aldrin.

Jake, the Rebel.
Got stabbed in the stomach before.  Has a concealed switchblade with him always.  Chronic smoker.  Cares for Ayie, the nerd, enough to risk his own life.
Played by Carlo.

Arthur, The Rich Kid.
Loner and an obscure trivia hobbyist.  Bought Jake, the rebel's friendship by sharing his rare and more expensive tobacco.  Hates Joshua, the looker, so much for reasons he keeps to himself.
Played by Miong.

Joshua, the Looker..
Has a huge fascination for anime magical girls, which he feels would ruin his reputation if found out.  Had a huge fight with Arthur for possible romantic related reasons.  Ayie, the Nerd knows about his magical anime girl fascination, and that freaks him out.  He always has his personal item: a smart phone, where he keeps track of his twitter followers and stuff.
Played by Jonas.


They were all school mates, and they all had a friend named Mary who had disappeared 15 years ago at All Hallow's Eve.  They received an invitation to gather in her memory.   Each player had their own secrets coming in to the story.  I prepared a bunch of possible secrets and handed them out to each player.  Ayie had seen her body and has never stopped having nightmares.  Edward remembers Mary visiting her that night, crying over something, but he sent her away.  Jake had found a bloody knife in his bag that night, and hid it away somewhere in the woods.   Arthur was once Mary's best friend, but grew tired of their friendship and the distance continued to grow.  Joshua, on the other hand, actually wanted to kill her, afters she made fun of his fascination for magical princesses.


The scene opens with lots of shadows. We can hear the rustling of the leaves.  Then footsteps closing in.  A silhouette stands in the woods.  The sounds of an argument can be heard between a guy and a woman.  The stars twinkle on in the sky.  The campsite and the tents are spread out around the fireplace.  The sound of heavy footsteps running away can be heard.  Then the sound so rustling and a distinct voice cursing in the darkness can be heard.

At the Lake, the moon's reflection can be seen.  Two people are there.  Someone mumbles, "Not now.."

Fifteen years later.

Standing at the same clearing, the group checks their stuff.  They all have envelopes inviting them to gather in memory of their dear friend Mary.  They all lied to their parents that night in their own ways, claiming to be staying over at campus for homework.  But in truth, they were planning to camp in the forest.   Something always goes bad when a day starts with a lie.  Mary was their class joker.  She loved to make others laugh and make the room brighter with her humor. She made everyone feel better and welcome.  She would paste signs on their backs as a joke.  Or do practical jokes.

Jake stands near a pile of dead cigarettes, having been waiting there for some time.  He sees someone arrive, touching his knee every now and then as if its having some kind of kink.  He recognizes Edward arrive, in his casual jeans and shirt. The two greet each other, saying hellos as they realize they know each other.  Ayie silently watches the two from her mother's car and soon sees Joshua arrive as well. Ayie chooses to stay silent.  Ayie's mother questions why she'd have to spend time with those kids again, reminding her daughter to check if she brought her antihistamine, her pills for sleeping and stuff.  She warns her that her nightmares have been getting worse.  She warns Ayie not to associate with Joshua again, given all the nightmares they had before. Ayie tells her mother she needs time away from her and walks away.   Arthur arrives soon enough, approaching the young man sitting by a nearby chair.

They all see a young man in a business suit sitting at the nearby chair, waiting with an ipad on his lap.  He greets them all by their last names, and thanks them for coming.  He identifies himself as Mary's brother and that he sent out the invites to them.  Arthur admits he was never told she had a brother.  The young man identifies himself as Joseph, and admits their parents were very religious.  He explains their parents had just passed away so he was hoping to meet the friends his sister used to have since this will be his first year of living alone.  He asks them if they all stayed at the campus that night, Joshua lies and claims they were all staying on the makeshift beds in the campus.  Joseph reveals he has the keys to the school and they make their way to the third floor of the building where their classroom used to be.   Jake feels the urge to tell the truth, his rebellious nature kicking in.  He speaks up about how this is not where things really happened.  "I'm getting tired of this lying bullshit."  Joshua tries to tell him to shut up, but Jake tells him to shut up.  Joseph asks who is telling the truth and Joshua challenges him to choose who he will believe, him or this rebel wannabe.

Ayie tries to avoid eye contact.  Her fingers fumble with the medicine kit.  She gets her nasal spray, then gives herself a dose.  "We just need to get this over with."  Joseph turns to look at someone else.  Arthur tries to explain that it doesn't really matter.  Joseph asks them if this was where she really died. Arthur breaks and admits it wasn't here.  Joshua looks away, not wanting to say anything.  Joseph begs them to show him where it really happened.  They finally choose to tell him the truth and head towards the woods.

Deeper in the woods they go.  Joseph talks to Edward, asking him if it was Joshua's idea to go to the woods.  Edward suggests its been too long to know for certain.  Joseph asks if Joshua was the one who decided to lie about them all being at the classroom.  In the story they gave the police, she left the room and was gone for an hour, then they heard a scream.  Joseph is angry, though, realizing now that back then the cops and the volunteers were all searching for her in the wrong place because of their lie.  Jake starts to feel his stomach aching from the walking.  The rebel slips a bit as he walks, but he keeps his balance.  The sun is low, almost gone, and the cold winds grow stronger.

The others start to set camp. Joseph admits he wants to know what really happened that night, and asks them to finally tell him the truth and end his nightly nightmares.  "I know knowing is easier than imagined.  No one just walks out of a classroom and never comes back."  Joseph admits tonight might be the only night they can find out the truth. Edward seems the least changed among them all.  They set up the tents and wonder about what happened fifteen years ago.  Joshua receives a call and steps aside.  He asks his assistant to cancel any meetings.  She asks if everything is alright, and he admits he is fine.  "If there's anything I can find you in campus," his assistant confirms.

They soon reveal that there was a cabin in the woods where it all happened.  They set up camp in the woods, but admit that the events really transpired somewhere else. Arthur smells like alcohol however, and Joseph chooses to dismiss it as drunken talk.

Over dinner, they talk about what happened back then.  Joshua shares that after dinner, he saw her leave the group while they were eating. Joshua insists he was at the school when it happened, insisting the lie was still the truth. Edward tells Joshua its time to end the lie.  He tells Joseph how Mary told them all there was a cabin in the woods.  She suggested they spend the night there and so all six of them went there.  Jake admits he just joined them cause he wanted to check out the cabin, but his voice trails away as he tries to explain.  Joshua once again insists he doesn't remember anything as it has been fifteen years.  Ayie admits she wasn't close with Mary and is not sure why this has to be discussed when the case is already closed.  "All we know is Mary is dead and that's it."  Joseph snarls at her for saying that, "I guess the case is closed. We should just move on right?"  Suddenly, he asks about her mother, in an almost threatening manner, speaking about her with clear suggestions that he knows more about her day to day events than a stranger should.  When she asks if he's suggesting he will do something to her mom, he throws back the accusation given he's all alone with them. Maybe they will do something to him.  He then confronts Jake, asking him if there's anything he'd like to add to the conversation.  He admits she and Arthur used to be pretty close but then something happened all of a sudden.  Joseph pulls out a ream of cigarettes and throws it into the fire to burn, asking Arthur if this would help jog his memory.  Joshua suddenly admits he did follow her and that he wanted to kill her at some point in the past, but he's being honest to god that he did not do it.  Joseph asks who else knew of this and everyone else admits none of them heard of this before.  They all sense Joshua is telling the truth.  He admits he followed her to the words, but he threw away his knife when he realized he could not do it.  Joseph noticed Jake's reaction and asks him why he reacted.  Jake claims he just found it freaky that Joshua had such thoughts.  Ayie tries diverting the narrative, asking Joshua to admit what secret compelled him to want to kill her.  Ayie almost suggests something but Joshua tells her to shut up.

Joseph then focuses on Edward and asks him again what he knows.  He shares seeing Mary walk out to the forest.  And Joshua followed her.  Joshua insists he went the opposite direction though.  The body was never found.

Joseph insists they show him the cabin.  The group looks at each other, uncertain or unwilling to do it.  Arthur finally decides to lead them there.  Joshua stares at Ayie, sensing she knows more than she has been telling.  Jake just wants to go back to the camp soon.  Ayie starts whispering to Joshua that she doesn't know what happened to Mary, and that she just wants to get out of here.  "You have to find a way or I will spill your beans. I know what your secret is."  Joshua stares at her angrily.

The cabin is soon visible.  And though it is abandoned and empty, the group feels somewhat afraid to step inside.  Mary laughed a lot while she was here.  They all start to recall what happened then. She teased then that Arthur owned the cabin, but she was joking.  She ran upstairs to choose a room.  They settled in back then.  Mary went to Joshua then, to ask him if the rumor she heard about someone about Princesses is true.  Joshua remembers slamming the door at her.  The place had water, a wooden stove, and at the back, a well. Mary wrapped her arms around Edward's waist as she tells him how Joshua is being an asshole. "So is this the night?" Edward's eyes widen as she teases, "All five of us."  But then she takes it back, claiming she was just kidding, and runs off to find Ayie.  Mary asked Ayie for the best bed, but Ayie refused to give it up until Mary hinted that Jake might be into her.  Ayie admits she rather just stay there.  As Mary sets up the bed, Ayie realizes there are cracks in the wall, allowing her to peek and see into Mary's room.

Mary eventually heads down, to ask Arthur what he brought for the trip. Arthur admits he brought only hotdogs, despite Mary teasing him about having brought steak and other expensive things.  Jake steps out to smoke.  Mary asks Arthur if he and Jake were... together.  Arthur insists they are just friends. Mary then admits she misses them, how they used to be best friends until Arthur met Jake. Jake sees the well and gets freaked out. He heads back inside, and overhears Mary saying "I miss us" to Arthur.  This bothers him since he knows she's with Edward.  Mary and Edward head down, for the well, they kiss along the steps.  Mary confesses she loves Eddie and he says the same.  As they head out, Eddie catches Jake staring at him, as if he knows something.

But tonight,  the group stares at the cottage and feels the memories becoming less and less locked.  Joseph asks Joshua to open the door and the group quietly make their way inside. With flashlights on, he confirms that they all stayed here and she just walked out in the middle of the night.   Joseph heads upstairs to look for the room Mary stayed in.  While they are gone, the others quickly start talking about what they will do. Arthur reminds Jake to calm down, but Jake is freaked out. Joshua admits there's a bid chance Joseph will report them to the cops.  Ayie admits she doesn't know what to say. Many of them keep looking at Joshua odd, though, given his admission of wanting to kill him.

But very quickly, they begin to realize something very wrong is happening.  Ayie thinks they have to keep the secret a secret.  Jake however is struggling to stay calm.  Joshua claims to not know any secret, but that he will just shut up.  They can hear sniffling sounds coming from upstairs.  Joseph might be crying. Edward decides to head up to check on him.  Arthur steps out at the back to look for the well.  Jake remembers something and heads out towards the back as well.  Ayie opts to stay with Joshua, asking him about the time at the library.  He was with the computers then and Ayie tells him she saw what he was watching.    Joshua glares at her to shut up.  Ayie starts to realize Joshua isn't lying. He does not know what happened to her.

Outside, Arthur sees the well and the door suddenly opens behind him as Jake follows outside. Arthur talks to them about how the well is a pretty deep one.  And then they see the dark woods further outside.  The well has been boarded over, however, both of them realize the wood cover seems... newer. They notice scratches on the wood, like finger nails tore at it.  Jake begins to step towards it to take a closer look.

Inside, Edward heads up the steps as quietly as he can.  He begins to overhear Joseph speaking upstairs.  "Yeah, they're all in place. This is how it is going to be..." Edward raises his hand to knock but he then hears the unmistakable sound of a gun being loaded.  "So you have the mother? That's good.. How about the brother of the other one?  Perfect.."  Edward feels his heart pounding.  He begins to try to head back down without making a sound!

Outside, Jake motions Arthur to come closer to see the scratches.  "They look like a person made them!"  Arthur thinks they should take the cover off.  Jake isn't sure that's a good idea.  But they hear a muffled sound from inside the well - almost like a hand was cupped over cloth and that face screamed as loud as possible.  Jake and Arthur stare at each other, realizing they just heard that.

Inside, Ayie and Joshua are staring at the ground, realizing there are a lot of footprints all over the dusty floor.  Has someone been here?  Ayie finds herself wondering again why Joseph knew of her mother.  What was going on!??!

The whole reunion turns out to be a trap!

Edward sees the door beginning to open as he tries to head back down, but he is forced to stop when his weight makes one step groan.  He leaps for the ground and drops near Ayie and Joshua.  He whispers to both, "Run!" as quietly but as forcefully as he can.  When Edward tries to push them to go ahead, however, they hesitate, not certain on what is going on.   Suddenly from above, a ray of light shines down as Joseph scans the room with his flashlight.  All three try to duck for cover and hide in the darkness.

Back near the well, Arthur and Jake start lifting the cover just enough to confirm that there seems to be someone inside the damn well!  Jake realizes he recognizes the hint of a jacket he can see inside. "It's my bro!"

Inside, Joseph hears Jake's voice outside.  He starts making his way to the back of the house to check.  Ayie, Joshua and Edward are staring at each other, uncertain if they should move. Or do anything.  Ayie sees Joseph has a pistol trained out with his flashlight.  Edward can barely see the two others from his position.  Joshua searches for an object that can be used and finds a bottle nearby.  He tosses it at the other direction.

Outside, Jake and Arthur hears glass break inside.  But Jake is determined to break open the well to see who really is inside the well.  Jake pulls out his knife and starts cutting at the rope.  Arthur holds the flashlight while the guy begins cutting.

Joseph hears the crash, uncertain whether to check there or the back.  He walks past Ayie's hiding place, and starts moving to the back door.  Ayie stares at the door, thinking she can make it out.  She slips out, walking across the room, reaching for the door knob.  She turns it slowly.... the door creaks.. and she runs out.  Joseph turns, but its too late, she's out.   Joshua and Edward hear Joseph mutter, "One of them got out. Its up to the rest of you to get her."

Back outside, the binding holding the well cover are finally cut free.  Jake and Arthur slide the cover aside, unaware of the two men with rifles in the darkness moving into position.  The crosshairs train at Arthur.  But the moment the shot is fired, the well cover was raised and the bullet hits the wood!  Jake sees his brother inside the well, legs and arms tied together, mouth duct-tapped closed.  He has been beaten up.  Arthur notices the splinters of wood, realizing someone had shot at them!  It was a hunting rifle.  Arthur knows they have a distance of around 300 meters. Jake slams it back shut, knowing he has to come back for him, and runs off.  Arthur breaks into a run in a different direction.

Joseph runs for the back of the house, and yells at the rifle men if they got them.  But he finds an empty backyard, no bodies on the floor.   Ayie is running full tilt, hoping to get to the camp.  But she slips and hits the ground, which luckily informs her there is a bear trap set in the grass!  There may be more!  She does not want to head back to the others, though, and wonders if she can find her way to the school instead. She takes a moment to use her inhaler.  But while hiding against a tree, she notices another flashlight in the distance, looking around.  She kills her flashlight.  She even considers using the bear trap but realizes she's never used one and isn't sure how to manipulate it.  She glances around and realizes there are now two flashlights searching.  She silently waits.

Arthur and Jake are running, though both are running in opposite directions.  Arthur keeps running, unawares that the other rifle man sees him in his sights.  But Arthur dashes behind the trees and is gone.

Edward and Joshua realize Joseph has walked out of the house.  They can still hear him talking outside, saying they're to make them suffer.  That this is for Mary.  That they have been tagged.  Joshua motions for Edward to slip out.  Edward however decides to slip back towards the kitchen hoping to find something he can use.  Joshua reaches the door and finds Joseph still there outside. He overhears Joseph say, "We don't kill the others. The bargaining chips. We only kill them if they escape."

Hearing that, Joshua looks back to find Edward and barely sees him in the kitchen.  Edward considers pulling open the drawers to find anything useful.  The wood creaks slightly, but so far nothing useful.  Joshua quietly makes his way back to Edward while Edward searches more drawers.  Edward slides one open and finds a well-oiled drawer.  Inside, there are photographs, maps, and record entries of each of them.  They are pictures of their homes, their family members, and their lives.  Joseph, it seems, has been monitoring their lives for quite some time. Joshua quickly whispers to Edward how their family members may be captives.  That moment, however, Joshua's cellphone begins to start ringing!  Joshua sees it was his assistant calling.  He kills the call, and hopes no one heard it.

The phone starts buzzing again.  Edward watches the door.  Joshua hears his assistant state she's at the campus right now, because she received an urgent message that he might be in danger.  But there's no one there.  She doesn't know where to find him.  Edward sees someone peer in from outside, having heard the mumbling voice.  "We're in a cabin. Please send the police.."  A creaking sound emits as the man moves towards Joshua's position.  Edward sees the other man closing in, rifle in hand.  "Just track my GPS," Joshua mutters to his assistant and closes the phone.  The man with the rifle is now stalking closer to Joshua's position.  Edward breaks into a run to grab Joshua, hoping to pull him into safety.  The rifle is raised towards the sudden burst of movement.  The thunderous clap of the gunshot fires!  They are out the doorway.  As they continue running across the field, the hunter attempts a second shot.  Edward drops to one knee as he trips, left knee screaming in pain, but he keeps running.

Ayie hears another gunshot in the distance.  She feels her asthma hitting again.  She reaches for the inhaler but then hears the voice of one of the hunters not too far away.  The hunter hurries off away from her.  She notes the direction they are going and continues to very carefully go back towards the camp.  She reaches the camp without incident, seeing the bonfire still burning.  As she gets to the camp, she sees two people hurriedly digging through the tents, searching for something.  She crouches down and thinks she can hear Jake's voice.  Is it Jake?

Jake and Arthur are grabbing stuff and searching for whatever they can use.  As Jake pulls the tent open to rush out, he nearly yells as he sees Ayie standing in front of the tent.  Arthur emerges from the other tent.  Jake is insistent he has to go back for his brother.  Ayie reminds him there are killers back there.  "Are you even sure your brother is still alive?"  Ayie feels her phone suddenly ringing.  She looks and the label shows it is her mother.  She takes the call and hears her mother breathing heavily.  Crying.  "Ayie... help me..." her voice utters from the other end of the line.  Ayie tries to ask where she is, but the call gets cut.  Ayie wonders who they are and Jake suspects its some kind of twisted revenge act.  Jake doesn't think running away will make this end.  Ayie considers calling for help and upon dialing 9-1-1 she tells the operator what she knows.  Arthur's phone begins ringing.  He hears Joseph on the line, "So I guess its clear why I called for this reunion, Arthur.  You can always call emergency services but I can't wait to see what you'll tell the cops. I just want whoever caused her to die.  And it seems none of you are willing to tell me the truth, so I just have to make sure all of you pay."  Ayie starts describing the location, the place where they can find the cabin.  Jake watches the two on their cellphones and he sees the tent meant for Joseph. He runs inside and finds military grade survival stuff among his stuff, implying he's preparing for some kind of twisted war game.  Jake grabs the stuff, shoving them into his pockets, but as he does so, he realizes there's someone already at the corner of the tent.  He turns and sees a woman sitting on the floor, hugging her knees, head buried against her arms.

Jake gasps as he begins to realize she looks familiar.  He shines the flashlight and sees, of all people, Mary.  She's naked and clean - too clean. No dirt, no scratches, nothing.  Jake sees Mary staring at him and she whispers, "I am sorry."

"So yes, by all means, call emergency services.  Maybe if they searched the woods they will find her body!"  Arthur hears Joseph growling on the line.  Arthur tries to explain if there's anyone to blame it would be Joshua.  Joseph however tells them they all had their chance to try and tell the truth.  "Oh  and you can tell Ayie she can put the phone down now."  Arthur realizes Joseph can see them!

Ayie sees Arthur looking at her, shaking his head.  He mumbles, "Its too late."  She feels too confused to act.  She stares at him for guidance.  Arthur admits he believes Joseph can see them all.  Jake bursts out of the tent and tells them, "We have to finish this.  For Mary. Either we leave here alive, or we all die."  Arthur kills the call and pockets his cellphone.  Ayie closes her phone too.  The three decide to head back towards the cabin.

Back outside, Edward and Joshua are running through the woods, approaching the area of the bear traps!  Their feet pound the grass.  At one point, they nearly hit the trap and it snaps shut with a terrible sound!  They see the three walking back from the camp and Joshua's phone begins to buzz.  He takes the call and hears Joseph on the line, telling them the others have decided to cooperate.  Joshua agrees to do everything he asks just not to hurt his daughter.  Joshua asks Edward if he knows about Joseph has held a loved one hostage.  He hands the phone to Edward.   Edward hears Joseph admit he knows that they were not together, since Mary knew his secret from the start.  "That's why I don't think it is you. But if you don't get the four to finally admit the truth, I am sorry man but you're gonna go with them."

All five slowly walk back to the cabin.  The men with the rifles are silently waiting, flashlights trained at them.  Joseph waves at them and tells them that they should just end this.  He will ask them a question, and if they answer with a lie, they die.   The five silently nod.

Joseph asks Edward why his sister needed him.  Edward tearfully admits she needed someone to make Arthur jealous.

Joseph asks Arthur if he knew his sister was in love with him.  Arthur admits he did.  Joseph asks if that's why he became distant.  Arthur admits he did not think a relationship would work out, so he did his best to make her realize they were just friends.

Joseph asks Ayie why she can't sleep at night. He even adds he knows she has been visiting the shrink and has been taking sleeping aids.   She takes a deep breath and admits she's been having nightmares.  But she starts asking for information on what happened to her mother and why she has to be involved in all this.  Joseph admits it would only be fair.  He informs her that an associate of his has broken into her home.  "She hasn't been threatened with anything but rudeness. But that will get worse very quickly without her cooperation."  Ayie claims the nightmares are dreams since October 2000 because she can still remember Mary's face when she saw her dead body.    Joseph seems angered to know there was a body.  All this time, all he knew was Mary's body just disappeared.  But as it turns out there was a body.

Joseph demands Joshua explain if he killed her.  If he used the knife.  Joshua again admits he never did!  And that he threw the knife away.  But Joseph is not convinced.  He asks Joshua if Mary was stabbed and Ayie admits all she can remember is the blood.  So much blood all over.  Her eyes were still open and white.  There was blood everywhere.  Joseph asks one last question, "Whoever held that knife, admit it now or everyone dies."

He counts to three, with the intent to kill everyone on the third count.  Joshua asks if the hostages will be let go and Joseph reasserts they're only there to keep them from escaping.   As he counts one, two.. Joshua steps forward and asks for the others to be set free.  But Joseph doesn't respond well to Joshua's false admission.  He knows its a lie and gives a signal.  A thunderclap sounds as a rifle is fired.  Joshua's shoulder explodes as the bullet lodges there.  "If you already know the answer, why are you even asking us!!?"  Joseph mutters he wants to hear it from the murderer.  He counts off again and Ayie asks if Joseph wants to see where Mary's body is.  She can show it only to him. "Then that just proves you didn't kill her. Cause I will need you to see the body."  He looks at the remaining guys and before anyone else can act -

At this point, Aldrin, the guy playing Edward, shoves his hand through the tower causing all the pieces to drop!

"She came to me crying.  She knows Arthur doesn't love her.  We were drunk. I wanted to tell Jake everything but she insisted she ... I'm sorry... I said not now... She wanted to... to.."  Edward falls silent.  Joseph motions at the men with rifles and they approach the others to escort them back to the campus.  "Let them go home."

Jake stares at Edward, shaking his head.  "Why?"  The escorts shove the others away.  Joshua tells Edward, "This makes us even.  Are we clear on that?"  Arthur, Ayie and Jake nod in silence.  Joshua does too. "This never happened. If any of you or your family ever talks about October 2015, we will meet again."  Jake sees one of the rifle men guiding his beaten up brother out of the well.  They head off.

Joseph confronts Edward, admitting this could have been so much simpler from the start if he was just honest about everything.  He asks Edward to come close to him for a hug.  Edward feels Joseph wrap his arms around him and press his face against his ear.  Joseph whispers, "Mary really did care for you.  She did love Arthur, but she cared so much for you.  But I am Joseph.  She should have loved me."

Edward's eyes widen in horror as he realizes it was really Joseph who did it.  Joseph fires a shot into Edward's stomach.  Then fires a second shot into his face.  "So much for that," Joseph tells him and bends down to touch Edward's face. "At least I am leaving you with him, Mary.  My last act of love for you."


At the campus, the sounds of the gun shots reach the others.  Ayie closes her eyes and allows the tears to fall.  The others know those were shots that killed Edward.  A police man is at the campus gates, rushing to them asking what had happened.  Joshua looks around and sees his assistant waiting there.  He rushes to her.  Jake hurries walks away, choosing to be silent.  The police man rushes to Ayie, saying she was the one who called, and asks her what is going on.  Arthur claims they just survived an accident and leaves.  In shock, Ayie mutters to the police man that one of them is still in the cabin in the woods.  The cop shakes his head, "I see. I guess you can't keep your mouth shut."

Credits roll.

(L-R: Carlo (played Jake), Jonas (played Joshua), me (seated in violet), Alfred (not in the game but a great friend of ours), Miong (played Arthur), Arlene (played Ayie) and Aldrin (played Edward).

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