Thursday, December 15, 2016

Syrinscape: Making Games Better

If you've gotten the hang of using music to make your role-playing game sessions or board game nights more awesome, then allow me this moment to recommend to you Syrinscape.   Available on both iOS and Android, Syrinscape is an app designed to allow dynamic audio additions to your favorite games.

And boy, does this app allow you to do things very well. There are multiple tracks available for a variety of scenes and moods, with tracks easily set to loop, or to be tweaked to work with other audio elements.  There are also hot key buttons to add specific sounds for key moments. Want to surprise the group by letting them know the monster has arrived?  Tap the button to trigger the growling sound before you tell them its upon them, for that added OMG moment!  The app is free to try out, and there are loads of available soundscapes to add to it if you find it fun to use.

Even more awesome, they're not limiting themselves to role-playing games!  There are sound boards for some of your favorite board games.  My special love goes to their Catan and their Chess soundboards.  There's a lot of fun in using the ticking-clock sound of the Chess game for tense scenes, and the Catan one just makes production of Wool, Wheat, Stone and Wood so much more fun!

In full disclosure, they sent me a copy of the app to try with some free tracks a LOOOOONG time back, but I have been so used to using my own tunes and stuff that I completely neglected to try the app.  Literally a few years down the line, I remembered having it, tried it out and had such a fun time using it I feel bad that I didn't try it sooner.

So if you ever want to add more music to your games, and you don't think you have the time to dig through a variety of movie scores and the like, then this app is a great way to do it without having to spend too much time searching for stuff.  The site currently boasts a healthy collection of sound options, and the subscription choices are actually pretty well priced for what they offer.

Check out Syrinscape today!
Download options for both PC and mobile devices available here.

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